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Cities in Greater China cover the cities under the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau) and the cities under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The top twenty populous cities under the jurisdiction of both governments are listed; see each main list for detail.

 People's Republic of China
Rank Name Chinese Type Population
Mainland China
1 Chongqing 重庆 重慶 Municipality 28,846,170[1]
2 Shanghai 上海 Municipality 23,019,148[1]
3 Beijing 北京 Municipality 19,612,368[1]
4 Chengdu 成都 Sub-provincial-level city 14,047,625[2]
5 Tianjin 天津 Municipality 12,937,954[1]
6 Guangzhou 广州 廣州 Sub-provincial-level city 12,700,800[2]
7 Baoding 保定 Prefectural-level city 11,194,379[2]
8 Harbin 哈尔滨 哈爾濱 Sub-provincial-level city 10,635,971[2]
9 Suzhou 苏州 蘇州 Prefectural-level city 10,465,994[2]
10 Shenzhen 深圳 Sub-provincial-level city 10,357,938[2]
11 Nanyang 南阳 南陽 Prefecture-level city 10,263,006[2]
12 Shijiazhuang 石家庄 石家莊 Prefecture-level city 10,163,788[2]
13 Linyi 临沂 臨沂 Prefectural-level city 10,039,400[2]
14 Wuhan 武汉 武漢 Sub-provincial-level city 9,785,392[2]
15 Handan 邯郸 邯鄲 Prefectural-level city 9,174,679[2]
16 Wenzhou 温州 溫州 Prefectural-level city 9,122,100[2]
17 Weifang 潍坊 濰坊 Prefectural-level city 9,086,200[2]
18 Zhoukou 周口 Prefectural-level city 8,953,172[2]
19 Qingdao 青岛 青島 Sub-provincial-level city 8,715,100[2]
20 Hangzhou 杭州 Sub-provincial-level city 8,700,400[2]
Special administrative regions
 Hong Kong 香港 Special administrative region 7,061,200
 Macau 澳門 澳门 Special administrative region 568,700
 Republic of China (Taiwan)
Rank Name Chinese Type Population
1 New Taipei 新北 Special municipality 3,941,239[3]
2 Kaohsiung 高雄 Special municipality 2,778,798[3]
3 Taichung 臺中 台中 Special municipality 2,687,052[3]
4 Taipei 臺北 台北 Special municipality 2,675,033[3]
5 Taoyuan 桃園 桃园 Special municipality 2,056,273[citation needed]
6 Tainan 臺南 台南 Special municipality 1,881,905[3]
7 Hsinchu 新竹 Provincial city 425,450[3]
8 Keelung 基隆 Provincial city 377,021[3]
9 Chiayi 嘉義 嘉义 Provincial city 271,256[3]
10 Changhua 彰化 County-controlled city 236,633[3]
11 Pingtung 屏東 屏东 County-controlled city 208,361[3]
12 Zhubei 竹北 County-controlled city 153,069[3]
13 Yuanlin 員林 County-controlled city 125,041[3]
14 Hualien 花蓮 花莲 County-controlled city 108,031[3]
15 Douliu 斗六 County-controlled city 107,781[3]
16 Taitung 臺東 台东 County-controlled city 107,698[3]


1. Population data are the populations under the respective administrative divisions.
2. If the Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters are different, the first one is the officially used name.


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