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This is a list of notable content management systems that are used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation. Many of them are built on top of separate content management frameworks.

Open source software

This section lists free and open-source software that can be installed and managed on a web server.


Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
Apache Roller Java HSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, Apache Derby 5.1.2 Apache 2.0 License 2015-03-01[1][2]
OpenCms Java HSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL 9.5.1 LGPL 2015-03-02
Ametys CMS Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, JCR, Apache Derby 3.7.1 Apache 2.0 License 2015-04-27
Liferay Java HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Apache Derby, Informix, InterBase, JDataStore, PostgreSQL, SAP, Sybase 6.2.2 LGPL 2015-01-15
eXo Platform Java HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Apache Derby, PostgreSQL, Sybase 4.0.4 LGPL 2014-01-25
DSpace Java Oracle, PostgreSQL 5.0 BSD License 2015-01-16
Enonic Java Embedded NoSQL based on Elasticsearch 6.2.0 AGPL 2015-11-09
Fedora Commons Java MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mulgara (MPTSTore RDF Semantic Triplestore) 4.1.0 Apache License 2015-02-04
Dotcms Java MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL 3.0.1 GNU GPL v3 2014-12-18
LogicalDOC Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server 7.1.3 LGPL 2015-01-15
Nuxeo EP Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL, MongoDB 7.3 LGPL 2014-11-12
Alfresco Community Edition Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL, DB2 5.0.c LGPL 2014-12-04
Hippo CMS Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL, JCR 7.9.7[3] Apache 2.0 License 2015-03-04
OpenWGA Java MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, HSQLDB, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM Lotus Domino, CMIS 7.1 GPL & proprietary 2015-02-25
Jahia Community Distribution Java Apache Derby, JCR, MySQL, PostgreSQL 7.0.0 GPL 2014-04-01
OpenKM Java MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, HSQLDB 6.3.0 GPL 2014-05-21
Thingamablog Java 1.5.1 (dormant) GPL 2009-11-23
XWiki Java MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, HSQLDB 7.0.1 LGPL 2015-04-30

Java packages/bundle

Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
Apache Lenya Java, XML, Apache Cocoon 2.0.4 (dormant)[4] Apache License 2011-03-14
Daisy Java, XML, Apache Cocoon MySQL 2.4.2 (dormant) Apache License 2011-02-21

Microsoft ASP.NET

Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
Composite C1 ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC) XML, SQL Server 4.2.1 Mozilla Public License 2015-03-18[5]
DotNetNuke ASP.NET (Web Forms) SQL Server 07.03.04 MIT License 2014-11-12[6]
Kooboo ASP.NET (MVC) SQL Server, XML, MySQL, SQLite, RavenDB, MongoDB 4.0 BSD License 2014-02-03[7]
mojoPortal ASP.NET SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird, SQL CE CPL 2015-04-29[8]
Orchard Project ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC) SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite 1.9.2 New BSD License 2015-10-15[9]
Umbraco ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC) SQL Server, MySQL 7.2.8 MIT License 2015-07-15[10]
BetterCMS ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC) SQL Server, SQL Azure [11] 1.10.5 Better CMS Licence agreement 2015-10-20[12]


Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
blosxom Perl Flat-file database 2.1.2 (dormant) MIT 2008-10-02
Bricolage Perl on mod perl MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 2.0.1 (dormant) BSD 2011-02-09
EPrints Perl on mod perl MySQL, PostgreSQL 3.3.13 GPL 2015-01-08
Foswiki Perl Flat-file database 2.0.2 GPL 2015-09-30[13]
Ikiwiki Perl Git (software), Apache Subversion, Mercurial 3.20150107 GPL 2015-01-07[14]
Movable Type Open Source Perl, mod perl, FastCGI, w/PHP MySQL 6.0.6 GPL 2014-12-09[15]
TWiki Perl Plain files (under version control) 6.0.1 GPL 2014-10-05[16]
SPINE Perl, mod perl MySQL, PostgreSQL 1.2.2 (dormant) GPL 2006-12-27
WebGUI Perl on mod perl MySQL 7.10.29 GPL 2014-11-17[17]


Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
ATutor PHP MySQL 2.2 GPL 2014-10-09[18]
b2evolution PHP MySQL 6.6.6 GPL 2015-11-17[19]
BEdita PHP MySQL 3.5 AGPL 2015-01-19[20]
CMSimple PHP Flat-file database 4.5 GPL 2014-11-28[21]
CMS Made Simple PHP MySQL 1.12 GPL 2015-01-10[22]
concrete5 PHP MySQL MIT 2015-01-09[23]
Contao PHP MySQL 3.4.3 LGPL 2015-01-30[24]
Cotonti PHP MySQL 0.9.18 BSD 2015-01-15[25]
DokuWiki PHP Flat-file database 2015-08-10a "Detritus" GPL 2015-08-10[26]
Dotclear PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 2.8.2 GPL 2015-10-25}[27]
Drupal PHP MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Percona Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite[28] 8.0.2 GPLv2+ 2016-01-06[29]
DynPG PHP MySQL GPL 2014-07-22[30]
Exponent CMS PHP MySQL 2.3.5 GPL 2015-09-18[31]
eZ Publish PHP5 MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 5.4 GPL 2014-12-02[32]
Geeklog PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2.1.0 GPL 2014-07-12[33]
GetSimple CMS PHP Flat-file database 3.3.7 GPL 2015-08-23[34]
Habari PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL,[35] SQLite 0.9.2 Apache License 2014-09-16[36]
ImpressCMS PHP MySQL 1.3.8 GPL 2015-07-21[37]
ImpressPages PHP MySQL 4.6.1 GPL MIT 2015-03-28[38]
Jamroom PHP MySQL 5.2.22 MPL 2015-01-21[39]
Joomla! PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite 3.4.8 GPL 2015-12-24[40]
Kajona PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, Oracle 4.6 LGPL 2014-12-18[41]
Known PHP MySQL, MongoDB 1.7.6 Apache License 2015-03-31[42]
Magento PHP MySQL OSL Ver. 3 / AFL Ver. 3 2015-08-04[43]
Mambo PHP MySQL 4.6.5 (dormant) GPL 2008-06-01
MediaWiki PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 1.25.1 GPL 2015-05-25[44]
MiaCMS PHP MySQL 4.9 (dormant) GPL 2009-07-29[45]
Midgard CMS PHP (Midgard framework) MySQL (dormant) LGPL 2012-09-26[46]
MODX PHP MySQL 2.3.3 GPL 2015-01-29[47]
Moodle PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, or Oracle 2.9.1 GPLv3+ 2015-08-04[48]
Novius OS PHP MySQL 5.0.1 (Elche) AGPLv3 2014-07-08[49]
Nucleus CMS PHP MySQL 3.64 (dormant) GPL 2011-03-14[50]
Ocportal PHP MySQL 9.0.16 CPAL 2014-12-18[51]
OctoberCMS PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 271 MIT 2015-06-20[52]
Onxshop PHP PostgreSQL 1.7.5 BSD 2015-10-09[53]
papaya CMS PHP5 MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 5.5.2 GPL v2 2013-02-12[54]
pH7CMS PHP 5.4+ MySQL, MariaDB 1.2.8 GPL 3.0 2016-01-05[55]
Phire CMS PHP 5.2.6+ MySQL 1.1.2 New BSD License 2011-07-07[56]
PHP-Fusion PHP MySQL 7.02.07 (dormant) AGPLv3 2013-06-18[57]
PHP-Nuke PHP MySQL 8.3.2 GPL 2014-01-30[58]
phpWebLog PHP MySQL 0.5.3 (dormant) GPL 2001-10-31
phpWebSite PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 1.9.0 (dormant) LGPL 2013-10-17
phpWiki PHP MySQL 1.5.5 GPL 2015-12-11[59]
pimcore PHP MySQL 3.0 BSD 2015-01-15[60]
PivotX PHP MySQL, Flat-file database 2.3.11 GPL 2015-06-21[61]
Pixie (CMS) PHP MySQL 1.0.4 (dormant) GPL 2010-03-21
Pluck PHP Flat-file database 4.7.3 GPL3 2014-12-08[62]
PmWiki PHP Flat-file database[63] SQLite[64] 2.2.79 GPL 2015-08-27[65]
Prestashop PHP5 MySQL 1.6.0 Open Software License 3.0 2014-06-20[66]
ProcessWire PHP5 MySQL 2.7.2 MPL 2.0 2015-12-11[67]
RavenNuke CMS PHP MySQL 2.51.00 (dormant) GPL 2013-02-17
SMW+ PHP - MediaWiki MySQL 1.7.0 (dormant) GPL 2012-04-24[68]
Serendipity PHP + Smarty MySQL, PostgreSQL, MySQLi, SQLite 2.0 BSD 2015-01-23[69]
SilverStripe PHP 5.3.2+ MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle 3.2.0 BSD 2015-10-12[70]
SPIP PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 3.0.17 GPL 2014-08-13[71]
TangoCMS PHP MySQL 2.6.1 (dormant) GPL v2 2010-11-29[72]
Textpattern PHP MySQL 4.5.7 GPL 2014-09-21[73]
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware PHP MySQL 14.0 LGPL 2015-05-23[74]
TYPO3 PHP MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL 7.6 GPL 2015-11-10[75]
Wolf CMS PHP 5.3.0+ MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite GPL v3 2015-08-10[76]
WordPress PHP MySQL, MariaDB 4.4.1 GPL 2016-01-06[77]
Xaraya PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 2.4.0 GPL 2013-02-23[78]
XOOPS PHP MySQL 2.5.7 GPL 2014-06-16[79]
Yellow PHP Flat-file database 0.5.33 GPL 2015-09-06[80]
Zenario PHP MySQL 7.0.6b BSD 2015-08-04[81]
Zikula PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle 1.3.9 GPL 2014-08-22[82]


Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
Django-cms Python/Django PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite 3 and Oracle 3.0.9 BSD 2015-01-12
Mezzanine Python/Django PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite 3 and Oracle 4.0.1 BSD 2015-07-26
MoinMoin Python Flat-file database 1.9.8 GPL 2014-10-17[83]
Plone Python/Zope MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, ZODB, via Zope 5.0.0 GPL 2015-09-28[84]

Ruby on Rails

Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
BrowserCMS Ruby on Rails MySQL, SQLite 3.5.7 (dormant) LGPL 2013-07-05
Radiant Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2[85] 1.1.4 (dormant)[86] MIT 2013-09-24
Refinery CMS Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 2.1.5[87] MIT 2014-11-07
Typo Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 6.1[88] MIT 2012-03-17

ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)

Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
ContentBox Modular CMS Lucee / Railo / Adobe ColdFusion MySQL/Microsoft SQL Server/PostgreSQL/HSQLDB/Apache_Derby 2.1.0 Apache_License or proprietary 2015-05-05[89]
Mura CMS Lucee / Railo / OpenBD / Adobe ColdFusion MySQL/Microsoft SQL Server/Oracle 6.1 GPL or proprietary 2014-01-07[90]
FarCry CMS Lucee / Railo / OpenBD / Adobe ColdFusion MySQL/Microsoft SQL Server/Oracle/Postgres 7.0.7 GPL or proprietary 2015-01-14[91]


Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
Ghost NodeJS (JavaScript) SQLite 0.7.1 MIT 2015-09-27[92]
TiddlyWiki JavaScript Flat-file database 5.1.8 BSD license 2015-02-08


Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
OpenACS Tcl AOLserver PostgreSQL/Oracle 5.9.0 GPL 2015-12-01[93]
Zotonic Erlang PostgreSQL 0.13.5 Apache 2015-10-27[94]

Software as a service (SaaS)

This section lists proprietary software that includes software, hosting, and support with a single vendor. This section includes free services.
Name Licensed version available Last stable version Web Content Management Group Content Management Enterprise Content Management
easyDITA Yes 2015 Yes Yes No
Contentful Yes 2014 Yes Yes Yes
Huddle Yes 2012 Yes Yes Yes
Accrisoft Freedom Yes 10.2 Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Business Catalyst V4 Yes Yes Yes
Alfresco Cloud Yes (Alfresco Community & Enterprise) 2012.05 No Yes Yes
Polopoly Web CMS 10.2 Yes Yes No
Cascade Cloud (Cascade Server) Yes 7.10[95] Yes Yes Yes
Enonic Cloud Yes 6.2.0 Yes No No
eXo Cloud Yes 2014.01 Yes Yes Yes
Clickability (Limelight Networks) No Yes No No
Content SORT Yes 2013.11 Yes Yes Yes
CrownPeak CMS (CrownPeak) Yes (Multi-Tenant SaaS) 4712a Yes Yes Yes
DotNetNuke Yes 7.1 Yes Yes Yes
Frontis Archive Publishing System Yes V3.12.01.11 Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Office 365 Yes (MS SharePoint, MS Lync, MS Exchange, MS Office) 2013 Yes Yes Yes
nuBuilder Yes 2014 Yes Yes Yes
Windows Live No 2011 No Yes No
Worldnow[96] Yes (Multi-Tenant SaaS) 2014 Yes Yes Yes
OU Campus Yes 10.2.4 Yes Yes
XaitPorter Yes 4.9.6 No No Yes
uCoz Yes Yes No
O3Spaces Yes 3.2.1 Yes Yes No

Proprietary software

This section lists proprietary software to be installed and managed on a user's own server. This section includes freeware proprietary software.

Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date Web Content Management Group Web Content Management Enterprise Content Management
Alfresco (Enterprise & Community Edition) Java Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 4.0.2 Enterprise, 4.2.c Community Open Source 2012-08, 2012-12 No Yes Yes
Altitude3.Net ASP.NET SQL Server 2015.07.14 Proprietary software 2015-7-14 Yes Yes Yes
Cascade Server Java MySQL (5.6, 5.5, 5.1)

SQL Server (2014, 2012) Oracle (12c, 11g)

7.14.1 Proprietary software 2015-05-18 Yes Yes Yes
Contentverse Java Oracle, SQL Server 8.1 Proprietary software 2014 Yes Yes Yes
Contegro ASP.NET SQL Server 4.0.0 Proprietary software 2010-17-11 Yes Yes No
CoreMedia WCM Java JDBC-compliant databases 8 2015-03-19 Yes No No
DotNetNuke ASP.NET SQL Server 7.0 Proprietary software 2012-11-27 Yes Yes Yes PHP MySQL 5.4 Proprietary software 2014-01-01 Yes Yes Yes
Ektron CMS ASP.NET SQL Server 8.7 Proprietary software 2012-06-30 Yes Yes Yes
Elcom CMS ASP.NET SQL Server 9.0 Proprietary software 2011-02-15 Yes Yes Yes
EMC Documentum ECM Java Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 7.2 Proprietary software 2015-02-10 No No Yes
ExpressionEngine PHP MySQL 2.9.0 Proprietary software 2014-07-15 Yes No Yes
Hyland OnBase ECM .NET SQL Server, Oracle Yes Yes Yes
IBM Enterprise Content Management Java Oracle, DB2 8.5 Proprietary software 2013 Yes Yes Yes
Autonomy Interwoven Teamsite CMS Perl, Java Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL 7.4.1 Proprietary software 2013 Yes Yes Yes
Jadu PHP MySQL, SQL Server Continuously Released Proprietary software Yes Yes No
Jahia Enterprise Distribution Java MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server Proprietary software 2013-12-20 Yes Yes Yes
Kentico CMS ASP.NET SQL Server 8.1 Proprietary software 2014-08-22 Yes Yes Yes
Librex Java SQL Server 4.5 Proprietary software. Free and Enterprise versions 2015-02-18 No No Yes
Movable Type Perl MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server 6.0.1 Proprietary 2013-11-15[15] Yes Yes Yes
nuBuilder PHP, Javascript, SQL, AJAX, jQuery and JSON MySQL pro (3, previously the version system was numeric) Open source 2014-2 Yes Yes Yes
XaitPorter (local license) PHP Oracle 4.9.6 Proprietary software 2013-04 No No Yes
OpenText ECM Suite .NET, Java SQL Server (2000, 2005 or 2008), Oracle 2010 Yes Yes Yes
OpenText Web Experience Management
(formerly Vignette Content Management)
.NET, Java Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 8.5 Yes No No
OpenText Web Site Management
(formerly RedDot)
ASP.NET, Java Oracle, SQL Server 11 Yes Yes No
Oracle WebCenter Content
(formerly Universal Content Management)
Java Oracle 11g Yes Yes Yes
OU Campus Java MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Sybase ASE 10.2.4 Proprietary software 2015-06-24 Yes Yes Yes
PageFramer PHP MySQL 4.4 Proprietary software Yes Yes Yes
Percussion Software CM System Java Oracle, SQL Server 7.2 Proprietary software 2012-09-21 Yes Yes Yes
Percussion Software Percussion CMS Java MySQL, Derby 3.3 Proprietary software 2013-10-29 Yes Yes No
Pulse CMS PHP Flat-file database 4.5.1 Yes No No
SharePoint ASP.NET SQL Server (2005, 2008 or 2012), SQL Express 5.0 (15.0.4551.1508) Proprietary, Open API 2014-04-22 Yes Yes Yes
Sitecore ASP.NET (Webforms or MVC) SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2012), Oracle 8 Proprietary software 2014-12-19 Yes Yes Yes
Sitekit CMS ASP.NET SQL Server 9.5 Proprietary software 2012-02-01 Yes Yes No
Solodev PHP MySQL, SQL Server 8.0 Proprietary, Open API 2012-09-15 Yes Yes Yes
Telligent Community ASP.NET SQL Server 5.0 2009-06-26 Yes Yes No
TerminalFour Java Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g & 11g, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 & 2008, Postgres Enterprise DB 7.4 Proprietary software 2013 Yes Yes No
Webnodes CMS ASP.NET SQL Server 2005+, SQLCE, MySQL 3.6 Proprietary 2011-06-30 Yes Yes Yes

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