List of defunct airlines of the United States

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This is a list of defunct airlines of the United States. However, some of these airlines have changed identities and/or FAA certificates and are still operating under a different name (e.g. America West Airlines changed to use the identity of US Airways in 2005 - which itself also changed identity to American Airlines in 2015).

Defunct airlines

Airline State Image IATA ICAO Callsign Commenced Ceased Notes
AAXICO Florida 1946 1966 Sold to Saturn Airways
AccessAir Iowa ZA CYD Cyclone 1998 2001
Aero Commuter Florida De Havilland Canada DHC-6-100 Twin Otter, Aero Commuter JP7317011.jpg 1967
Aero Union (Aero Union Corporation) California Douglas C-54A-DO N11712 Aero Union Chico CA 071092.jpg 1961 2011
Aero Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands 1977 1990
Aeroamerica Washington Aeroamerica BAC 1-11 N5016 1N.jpg 1973 1982
Aeromarine West Indies Airways Florida Rc11086 Aeromarine 75 aka Curtiss F5L flying boats 1922 Miami.jpg 1920 1924 Reorganized as Aeromarine Airways in 1921
Aeromech Airlines West Virginia Embraer EMB 110 N620KC Aeromech DCA 26.06.82 edited-2.jpg 1951 1983 Merged into Wright Airlines
AeroSun International Florida 1981 1982 Formerly Red Carpet Airlines[1]
Air 1 (airline) Boeing 727-51, Air One JP5950376.jpg
Air America (airline) Air America Pilatus PC-6 in flight.jpg 1950 1976 Owned and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency in Southeast Asia
Air America (charter airline) California Air America Lockheed L-1011-385-1-14 TriStar 150 Silagi-1.jpg GM AMR - 1986 1990
Air Atlanta Georgia Boeing 727-22, Air Atlanta AN2094907.jpg CC CRB Airlan 1984 1987
Air Bahia California 1979 1980
Air Berlin USA Oregon Air Berlin USA Boeing 707-300 Manteufel.jpg 1979 1990 Reconstituted as Air Berlin GmbH & Co. Luftverkehrs KG under German company law in 1990
Air California California Air California Boeing 737-200 Silagi-3.jpg OC ACL AIRCAL 1967 1981 Name changed to AirCal in 1981. Operated as such until 1987, to American Airlines
Air Caribbean (Puerto Rico) Puerto Rico 1975 1979
Air Carolina South Carolina 1967 1980s Originally Florence Airlines, absorbed into Atlantis Airlines[2]
Air Chaparral Nevada CPL Maverick 1980 1983
Air Cortez California N712AB (cn 91) Fairchild F-27A Untitled (Air Cortez International). (5896732647).jpg 1977 1986
Air Florida Commuter Florida 1984 A system of affiliated commuter carriers that fed traffic into Air Florida
Air Florida Florida Air Florida Boeing 737-200 Muijnmayer.jpg QH FLA PALM 1971 1985 Air Florida Commuter was an affiliate[3]
Air Hawaii Hawaii Air Hawaii McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 Groves.jpg AHC Air Hawaii 1985 1986
Air Illinois Illinois Air Illinois DHC-6 Twin Otter N659MA.jpg UX ILLINOIS 1970 1983
Air Indiana Indiana Active in the 1970s
Air Kentucky Kentucky 1970 1989 Also called Owensboro Aviation
Air L.A. California Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23, Air LA AN0208096.jpg UE UED 1982 1995 Purchased Conquest Airlines
Air Miami Florida 1977 1980s Purchased Shawnee Airlines in 1978, to North American Airlines[4]
Air Micronesia Guam Air Micronesia Jet aircraft at Guam Airport.jpg AIR MIKE 1968 Rebranded as Continental Micronesia
Air Midwest Kansas Beech Model 99.jpg 1967 2008
Air National (United States) Air National Boeing 727-200 Silagi-1.jpg
Air Nevada Nevada Cessna 402C Businessliner, Air Nevada AN0209001.jpg 1974 1998 To Pacific Wings
Air New England Massachusetts Douglas DC-3A N18141 Air New Engl MIA 17.04.72 edited-3.jpg 1970 1980s
Air New Orleans Florida 1981 1988 Later based in Alabama
Air Niagara New York 1978 1984
Air North Vermont 1963 1984 To Brockway Air
Air Oregon Oregon 1978 1981 To Horizon Air
Air Pacific (United States) California Air Pacific Twin Otter Silagi-1.jpg IK 1979 1981 Founded as Eureka Aero in 1970, to Golden Gate Airlines
Air Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1976 1982
Air Rajneesh Air Rajneesh Big Muddy Ranch Airport Quackenbush.jpg
Air Resorts Airline Air Resorts Airlines Convair 580 Silagi-1.jpg UZ ARZ 1975  ? [5]
Air South (Florida) Florida 1980 1985 As Bahama Caribbean changed to Bahamas Caribbean in 1981 then Aero International in 1982 and Air South in 1985[6]
Air South (Georgia) Georgia Fairchild F.27J N2706J A.South ATL 21.04.74 edited-2.jpg 1969 1978 To Florida Airlines
Air South (South Carolina) South Carolina Air South Boeing 737-200 Maiwald.jpg 1994 1997
Air St. Thomas United States Virgin Islands ZP STT 1975 2005
Air Taxi International Convair 240-4, Air Taxi International AN0252331.jpg
Air Vegas Nevada Cessna 402C, Air Vegas Airlines JP6246225.jpg 6V VGA Air Vegas 1971 2004
Air Vermont Vermont 1981 1984
Air West California Fairchild F-27A N755L Air West SFO 19.09.70 edited-3.jpg RW 1968 1970 Formed by merger of Bonanza Air Lines, Pacific Air Lines and West Coast Airlines in 1968; name change to Hughes Airwest in 1970
Air-Lift Commuter 3L WPK 1976 [7]
Air-Speed Inc Massachusetts 1974
Air21 California Air21 Fokker 28 Silagi-1.jpg 1995 1997
Airborne Express Washington Airborne Express 767-200.jpg 1943 2003
AirCal California AirCal Boeing 737-200 N466AC Marmet.jpg OC 1981 1987 Merged into American Airlines
Airlift International Florida Fairchild FH.227C N374RD Airlift FLL 13.11.89 edited-2.jpg RD AIR Airlift 1945 1991
Airmark Aviation Boeing 737-219, Airmark Aviation AN0198205.jpg
AirNow Vermont RLR RATTLER 1957 2011
AirTran Airways Texas AirtranJet.jpg FL TRS CITRUS 1997 2014 Started in 1993 as ValuJet Airlines, integrated into Southwest Airlines in 2014
AirTran JetConnect Wisconsin FL TRS Citrus 2002 2004 As Air Wisconsin
Airways International Florida 1981 1999
Alaska Air Transport Alaska 1935 1939 To Alaska Coastal Airlines
Alaska Coastal Airlines Alaska Alaska Coastal Airlines CV-240 N196N.jpg 1939 To Alaska Airlines, also operated as Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines
Alaska International Air Alaska IK 1972 1984 Founded as Interior Airways in 1946, rebranded as Markair
Albany Air New York 1979 1979
All American Aviation Pennsylvania 1939 1949 Became All American Airways in 1949, Allegheny Airlines in 1952, USAir in 1979, and US Airways in 1996. Now American Airlines
Allegheny Airlines Pennsylvania Allegheny Airlines CV-580 N5828.jpg AL ALO ALLEGHENY 1949 952 Became USAir in 1979, and US Airways in 1996. Now American Airlines
Allegheny Commuter Pennsylvania DH.114 Riley N15FB Fischer edited-2.jpg 1969
Aloha Airlines Hawaii Aloha Airlines Boeing 737-200 Silagi-1.jpg AQ AAH ALOHA 1946 2008 Passenger operations ceased, now a cargo only airline as Aloha Air Cargo
Alpha Air (United States) Alpha Air N1568W-TVL-July1993.jpg
Altair Airlines Pennsylvania Nord Aviation N-262.jpg 1967 1982
Ambassadair Indiana Ambassadair Boeing 720-025 Silagi-1.jpg
America West Airlines Arizona America West A319.jpeg HP AWE CACTUS 1983 2005 Merged with US Airways, which merged with American Airlines
American Central Airlines 1980 1985 [8]
American Eagle Airlines Michigan N386AEatLAX.jpg WX 1998 2014 Now Envoy Air
American Export Airlines New York Vought-Sikorsky VS-44A American Export Airlines (15954834667).jpg 1937 1945 Merged the transatlantic division of American Airlines to form American Overseas Airlines
American Flyers Airline Oklahoma American Flyers Airline Boeing 727-185C at London Gatwick Airport.jpg 1949 1971 To Universal Airlines
American International Airways Michigan Boeing 727-223(F), American International Airways AN0207787.jpg CB CKS 1967 2000 Rebranded as Kitty Hawk International
American Overseas Airlines New York Boeing 377 Stratocruiser (B-29) American Overseas 1949-50.jpg 1945 950 Merged into Pan American World Airways
American Trans Air Indiana Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 50, American Trans Air - ATA AN0221016.jpg TZ AMT 1973 2003 Formed as Ambassadair, rebranded as ATA Airlines
American Trans-Oceanic Company New York Rc15190 Aeromarine 75 biplane flying boat.jpg 1916
AmericanConnection Illinois Embraer EMB-135KL (ERJ-140LR) American Connection (Chautauqua Airlines) N299SK (7295779272).jpg 2001 2014
Apache Airlines Arizona De Havilland DH-104 Dove, Apache Airlines JP7385916.jpg 1971
Apollo Airways Handley Page HP137 Jetstream (4933971282).jpg 1978 1985 Rebranded as Pacific Coast Airlines
Appalachian Airlines Tennessee 1977 1980
Arctic Circle Air Alaska 1973 2009 Bought by Era Alaska
Arctic Transportation Services Alaska 7S RCT 1950 2010 Rebranded as Ryan Air Services
Arista International Airlines
Arizona Airways (1993–1996) Arizona Beech 1900C, Arizona Airways AN0208098.jpg 1993 1996 To Arizona Airways Express
Arizona Airways Arizona 1946 1950 To Frontier Airlines
Arizona Helicopters Arizona Operated in Laos during the 1970s
Aroostook Airways Maine 1969 1972
Arrow Air Florida 375ae - Arrow Air Cargo DC-10-30F; N524MD@MIA;01.09.2005 (8507027472).jpg JW APW BIG A 1947 2010
Aspen Airways Colorado Convair 580 N5818 Aspen Aws DEN Stapleton 20.07.86 edited-3.jpg AP ASP Aspen Air 1952 1990 Merged into Air Wisconsin
Aspen Mountain Air Aspen Mountain Air Dornier 328-110 Silagi-1.jpg 1996 1998 See Lone Star Airlines
Astar Air Cargo Florida N873SJ Douglas DC-8F ASTAR (8971219778).jpg ER DHL DAHL 1969 2012
ATA Airlines Indiana ATA Airlines Boeing 737-800 KvW.jpg TZ AMT AMTRAN 1973 2008 As Ambassadair
ATA Connection Illinois 1983 2008
Atlantic Coast Airlines Virginia EM N325UE (3284088468).jpg 1989 2006 To Independence Air
Atlantic Gulf Airlines Florida 1983 1986
Atlantic North Airlines New Jersey 1993 1993 Merged to Ocean Air Tradeways
Atlantic Southeast Airlines Georgia Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante, ASA - Atlantic Southeast Airlines AN0067395.jpg EV ASQ ACEY 1979 2011 To ExpressJet
Austin Express Texas 1997 2000
Av Atlantic Florida Boeing 727-277-Adv, Av Atlantic AN0200762.jpg G6 KYC 1989 1997
Bar Harbor Airlines Maine Convair CV-600, Bar Harbor Airlines JP5946198.jpg QO AJC 1950 1971 Merged into Continental Express
Barnhill & McGee Airways Alaska 1931 1932 Forerunner of McGee Airways
Bay Valley Air Service California Bay Valley Air Service JRF-6Bs in San Francisco Bay.jpg
Best Airlines Kentucky Model of Best Airlines DC-9-10.jpg 1982
Big Sky Airlines Montana Big Sky Airlines Beech 1900D.jpg GQ BSY BIG SKY 1978 2008
Bimini Island Air Florida BMY 1993 2010 AOC removed by the FAA 2011
Bluegrass Airlines Kentucky Mr. Charles Gartrell, member of Kentucky aeronautics commission, arrives at Bowling Green, Kentucky, to speak at an aero club meeting..jpg 1944 1946
Boeing Air Transport Boeing Air Transport B-40.jpg 1927 1930 To United Airlines
Bonanza Air Lines Nevada Fairchild F-27A, Bonanza Airlines JP6837551.jpg 1945 1968 To Air West and then Hughes Airwest
Boston-Maine Airways New Hampshire E9 CXS CLIPPER CONNECTION 1998 2008
Braniff (1983–1990) Texas Braniff Airbus A320 Maiwald.jpg BN BNF BRANIFF 1984 1989
Braniff (1991–1992) Texas BE 1991 1992
Braniff International Airways Texas Boeing 707-327C N7097 BN HNL 21.04.71 edited-3.jpg BN BNF BRANIFF 1930 1982
Britt Airways Indiana N376NE Fairchild FH.227 Friendship Britt Airlines ORD 24DEC86 (12714608443).jpg RU BTA 1956 1985 To People Express Airlines (1980s)
Brockway Air Vermont 1960s 1989 To Metro Airlines
Brower Airlines Iowa 1969 1979
Burlington Air Express California 11at - Burlington Air Express DC-8-71F; N824BX@FLL;30.01.1998 (5326722493).jpg 1986 1997 To BAX Global
Business Express Airlines Massachusetts Saab-Fairchild SF-340A, Delta Connection (BEX - Business Express) AN0215742.jpg HQ GAA BizEx 1982 2000 Merged into American Eagle Airlines
Cal Jet Air Minnesota 2010 2013
Cal Sierra Airlines California Convair 440 Metropolitan, Cal Sierra Airlines AN1895759.jpg 1980 1981
California Air Shuttle California California Air Shuttle Swearingen SA-226TC Metro II Silagi-1.jpg
California Central Airlines California Martin 2-0-2 (4563917854).jpg 1947 1954
CalPac (California Pacific) California 1993 2005 To Mesa Airlines
Cape Smythe Air Alaska 1975 2005 To Frontier Flying Service
Capital Airlines Washington, D.C. Vickers Viscount 745D, Capital Airlines JP7167210.jpg 1948 1961 To United Airlines
Capital Cargo International Airlines Florida 429aq - Capital Cargo International Airlines Boeing 727-200F, N286SC@PHX,05.10.2006 - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg PT CCI CAPPY 1996 2013 Merged into ATI – Air Transport International
Capitol Air (Capitol Airways) Tennessee Shannon Airport.jpg 1946 1980s
Cargo 360 Washington GG GGC LONGHAUL 2005 2008 To Southern Air
Caribair (Puerto Rico) Puerto Rico N967PR Douglas DC-9-31 Caribair Puerto Rico KIN 18JAN71.jpg 1939 1973 To Eastern Airlines
Caribbean Sun Florida Caribbean Sun Airlines De Havilland Canada DHC-8-103 Dash 8 Jurado.jpg 2002 2007 To World Atlantic Airlines
Carnival Air Lines Florida 11dx - Carnival Airlines Boeing 737-4Q8; N404KW@FLL;30.01.1998 (5327337470).jpg KW CAA Carnival Air 1988 1998 Merged into Pan Am (1996) , to Boston-Maine Airways
Cascade Airways Washington Beech 99 N954SM Cascade LAX 13.10.73 edited-2.jpg CZ CCD CASCADE 1969 1986
Casino Express Airlines Nevada Casino Express Boeing 737-200 Silagi-1.jpg CXP CASINO EXPRESS 1987 2005 Rebranded as Xtra Airways
Catalina Air Lines California 1940 1969 As Catalina Air Transport, then Avalon Air Transport (1953), then Catalina Air Lines (1963), acquired by Golden West Airlines
CCAir North Carolina Carolina 1987 2002
Centennial Airlines Wyoming BE CNL Wyo-Air 1981 1987 Merged into Mesa Airlines
Central Airlines Texas Convair CV-600, Central Airlines JP6936719.jpg 1949 1967
Chalk's International Airlines Florida Grumman G-73T Turbo Mallard, Chalk's Ocean Airways AN0171402.jpg OP CHK CHALKS 1917 2007
Challenge Air Cargo Florida Boeing 707-330C, Challenge Air Cargo - CAC AN0195821.jpg WE CWC 1985 1990 Rebranded as Centurion Air Cargo
Challenger Airlines Wyoming 1947 1950 Merged with Monarch Airlines (1946–1950) and Arizona Airways
Champion Air Minnesota Champion Air 727-2S7 LAS N682CA.jpg MG CCP CHAMPION AIR 1995 2008 Formed from MGM Grand Air
Chautauqua Airlines Indiana N294SK Embraer ERJ.145LR Chautauqua Airlines (9317948974).jpg RP CHQ CHAUTAUQUA 1973 2014 To Shuttle America
Cherokee Airlines CherokeeAirlinesSkyvanN3419SAN4-69.jpg
Chicago Air Illinois CH CHGO WildOnion 1985 1986
Chicago and Southern Air Lines California Douglas DC-3 NC25626 C&S 09.50 edited-3.jpg CS CSA C & S 1933 1953 As Pacific Seaboard Air Lines, rebranded Chicago and Southern Air Lines (1935), merged with Delta Air Lines
Chicago Express Airlines Illinois C8 WDY WINDY CITY 1993 2005
Chicago Helicopter Airways Illinois Sikorsky S-58C, Chicago Helicopter Airways JP7386310.jpg
Cochise Airlines Arizona DP 1971 1982
Colgan Air Tennessee ColganSaab340BIAD20060101.jpg 9L CJC COLGAN 1991 2012 Originally an FBO (1965), flights began 1970, sold to Presidential Airways (1986), restarted as National Capital (1991), merged to Pinnacle Airlines
Colonial Air Transport New York 1926 1930 To American Airlines
Colonial Airlines New Jersey Douglas C-54A NC93266 Colonial Als 05.47 edited-2.jpg 1928 1956 Began as Canadian Colonial Airways, merged with Eastern Air Lines
Comair Kentucky Embraer 110P1 N64CZ Comair CLE 24.06.82 edited-2.jpg OH COM COMAIR 1977 2012
Command Airways New York Short 330, Command Airways JP5954377.jpg DD CMD 1965 1988 Renamed Flagship Airlines
Commuter Airlines New York 1964 1984 Began as Broome County Aviation
Conner Air Lines Florida N2816J C-118A Hill Air Co Inc FLL 07DEC82 (5575536964).jpg CS 1948 1992
Connie Kalitta Services Michigan Hamilton Westwind II (Beech 18), Connie Kalitta Services AN0252983.jpg 1967 1984 To American International Airways
Conquest Airlines Texas 1988 1997 Purchased by Air L.A.
Conquest Sun Airlines Conquest Sun Airlines Boeing 737-200 Bidini.jpg 1994 To AirTran Airways
Continental Air Services, Inc Nevada DSCF2213.JPG 1965 A subsidiary of Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines Texas Continental Airlines B737-200 N7381F.jpg CO COA CONTINENTAL 1937 2012 Merged into United Airlines
Continental Connection ContinentalConnection.jpg 2012 Included Cape Air, Colgan Air, CommutAir and Silver Airways, merged with United Express
Continental Lite 1993 1995 Airline within an airline, brand of Continental Airlines
Continental Micronesia Guam ContinentalB737800Cipher.JPG CS CMI AIR MIKE 1968 2010 Subsidiary of Continental Airlines and merged with them
Contract Air Cargo Michigan Convair CV-340, Contract Air Cargo JP6562683.jpg TSU TRANSAUTO 1983 2005 Rebranded as Gulf and Caribbean Cargo
Cordova Airlines Alaska 1934 1968 Purchased by Alaska Airlines[9]
Corporate Airlines Tennessee 1996 2007
Cosmopolitan Airlines New York 1978 1980
Crown Airways Pennsylvania Henson Airlines Shorts 330 at Baltimore - 11 September 1983.jpg 1969 1994 Began as Allegheny Commuter, to Mesa Airlines
Curtiss Flying Service
Custom Air Transport Florida N1279E Boeing B.727 CAT Custom Air Transport (7379442054).jpg 5R CTT CATT 1985 2008
DayJet Florida DayJet - Air Taxi Service - Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet (545248173).jpg DJS DAYJET 2002 2008
Delta Express Georgia Delta Express Boeing 737-200 KvW.jpg DL DAL DELTA 1996 2003 Replaced by Song; folded back into Delta Air Lines
Denver Ports of Call Colorado Convair 990A (30A-5), Ports of Call Denver AN2193846.jpg PC POC 1967 1992 Rebranded as Skyworld Airlines
Desert Commuter Airlines De Havilland DH-104 Dove, Desert Commuter Airlines JP6982153.jpg
Desert Sun Airlines Arizona America West Express (Desert Sun Airlines) Fokker 70 (F-28-0070) Silagi-1.jpg 1995 1996 Merged to America West Express
DHL Airways, Inc. (1979 – 2004) Florida 1979 2004 Renamed Astar Air Cargo
DHL Airways Kentucky Douglas DC-8-73(AF), DHL (ASTAR Air Cargo) JP7008721.jpg ER DHL 1983 2003 Rebranded as Astar Air Cargo
Direct Air South Carolina Boeing 737-400 (Xtra Airways) N43XA 02102007.jpg 2006 2012
Discovery Airlines New Jersey Sky Trek International Airlines Boeing 727-251 Silagi-1.jpg 1996 2000 Formed as Sky Trek International Air Lines
Discovery Airways Hawaii DH DVA 1990 1990
Dorado Wings Puerto Rico 1964 1982 To Crown Air
Eagle Airlines Georgia McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (DC-9-82), Pegasus Airlines (Eagle Airlines) AN0062232.jpg V9 VIK 1993 1995
Eagle Wings Convair 240-4 AN0198829.jpg
Eastern Air Lines Shuttle Virginia 1961 1989 To Trump Shuttle
Eastern Air Lines New York/Florida Eastern L-649 Constellation.jpg EA EAL EASTERN 1926 1991 Founded as Pitcairn Aviation
Eastwind Airlines New Jersey 10ai - Eastwind Airlines Boeing 737-200, N221US@TPA,27.01.1998 - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg W9 SGR STINGER 1995 1999
Ellis Airlines Alaska 1936 1962 To Alaska Coastal Airlines
Emerald Air (United States) Texas OD 1978 1991
Emery Worldwide California Emery Worldwide Douglas DC-8-73CF PER Wheatley-1.jpg EB EWW EMERY 1946 2001
Empire Airlines (1976–1985) New York Fokker F28-4000 N119UR Empire.Piedmont LGA 27.04.86 edited-4.jpg 1976 1985 To Piedmont Airlines
Empire Airways New York JKR JOKER 2004 2012
Empires Airlines 1946 Merged with Zimmerly Airlines to form West Coast Airlines
Eos Airlines New York 100px E0 ESS NEW DAWN 2004 2009 Formed as Economy Helicopters, bought by Frontier Alaska, name change to Era Alaska and now Ravn Alaska
Era Aviation Alaska Era Aviation plane landing at ANC.jpg 7H ERH ERAH 1948 2014 Rebranded as Corvus Airlines
Essair Airways Texas 1939 1946 Renamed Pioneer Airlines
Eureka Aero California 1970 1979 Renamed Air Pacific (United States)
Evergreen International Airlines Oregon Evergreen B747-200F EDFH.jpg EZ EIA EVERGREEN 1975 2013 See also Evergreen International Aviation
Evergreen International Aviation Oregon Hughes 369D N11035 at Evergreen Museum by Rob Bixby.jpg 1960 2014 Formed as Evergreen Helicopters, see also Evergreen International Airlines and Intermountain Aviation
Exec Express Texas Exec Express Dornier 228.jpg 1984 1998 See Lone Star Airlines
Executive Airlines Puerto Rico OW EGF EAGLE FLIGHT 1986 2013
Express.Net Airlines Florida XNA EXPRESSNET 1972 2008 Formed as Transcontinental Airlines
Falcon Air Express Florida N125MN McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Falcon Air (7474842064).jpg 6F FAO PANTHER 1995 2015
Family Airlines Nevada Family Airlines Boeing 747-100 Maiwald.jpg 1992 1992 Never started operations
Farwest Airlines Arizona NAMC YS-11, Far West Airlines JP6551301.jpg FRW 1995 2003
Fina Air Puerto Rico 2003
Fine Air Florida McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61(F), Fine Air AN0174898.jpg FB FBF FINE AIR 1989 2002 To Arrow Air
Flagship Airlines Tennessee 1991 1998 Formed by the merger of Command Airways into Nashville Eagle, merged with Simmons Airlines and Wings West Airlines to form American Eagle Airlines
Florida Aircraft Leasing Florida Douglas C-54A Skymaster (DC-4), Florida Aircraft Leasing AN0216731.jpg
Florida Airlines Florida FE Florida 1960 1981
Florida Airways Florida Florida Airways.jpg 1923 1927
Florida Coastal Airlines Florida PA FCL FLORIDA COASTAL 1995 2010
Florida Commuter Airlines Florida FCA 1980 1981 To Southern Airways
Florida Express Florida 1983 1988 Merged into Braniff (1983–1990)
FloridaGulf Airlines Florida 1991 1997 To Air Midwest
Fly Guam Guam Fly Guam Boeing 737-400; N238AG@HKG;06.08.2011 616am (6297959649).jpg 2008 2012
FlyHawaii Airlines Hawaii 2005 2005 Never started operations
Flying Tiger Line California Boeing 747-249F-SCD, Flying Tigers AN1826867.jpg FT FTL TIGER 1945 1989 To FedEx Express
Focus Air Cargo Florida Focus Air Boeing 747-200 KvW.jpg F2 FKS FOCUS 2004 2008
Fort Worth Airlines Texas 1985
Four Star Air Cargo Puerto Rico FourStar N135FS STT 14Aug2009.jpg HK FSC FOUR STAR 1982 2009 Started in the United States Virgin Islands
Freedom Airlines Texas F8 FRL FREEDOM AIR 2002 2010
Freelandia 1973 1974
Friedkin Airlines California Predecessor to Pacific Southwest Airlines
Frontier Airlines (1950–1986) Colorado Frontier Airlines Boeing 737-200 N7382F Marmet.jpg FL FRONTIER 1950 1986
Frontier Horizon Airlines Boeing 727-23, Frontier Horizon Airlines JP5894695.jpg
Galaxy Airlines (United States) Florida 1986
Gem State Airlines Idaho Gem State Airlines Convair 580 Silagi-1.jpg 1978 1980 Merged with Air Pacific (United States) to become Golden Gate Airlines
Gemini Air Cargo Minnesota Gemini Air Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Bidini.jpg GR GCO GEMINI 1995 2008
Geo Air Florida Cessna 402B Businessliner, Geo Air AN2150439.jpg 1995 2008
Georgia Skies Georgia GeorgiaSkies Cessna 208B N304PW ATL.jpg LI NMI TSUNAMI 2008 2013 A Pacific Wings subsidiary
Global International Airways Missouri Boeing 707-321B, Global International Airways - GIA AN1057583.jpg GX GAX 1981 1984
Go! (airline) Hawaii 425bd - Go! Canadair RJ200ER; N654BR@HNL;01.10.2006 (4949481061).jpg YV ASH AIR SHUTTLE 2006 2014
Go! Mokulele Hawaii Go-Mokulele.jpg 2009 2012
Golden Gate Airlines California Golden Gate Airlines Dash 7 Silagi-1.jpg 1980 1981 Merged with Swift Aire Lines
Golden Pacific Airlines (1969–1973) California 1969 1973
Golden Pacific Airlines Arizona 1981 1989
Golden West Airlines California DHC-6 N63128 G.West LAX 17.10.70 edited-3.jpg GW GWA Golden West 1967 1983
GP Express Airlines Nebraska GPE Regional Express 1975 1996
Grand Aire Express Ohio 1985 2003
Grand Airways Nevada McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32, Grand Airways AN0210808.jpg
Great American Airlines Nevada Great American Airways McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15 Silagi-3.jpg MV GRA 1979 1997
Great Plains Airlines Oklahoma Great Plains Dornier 328 Jet.jpg ZO OZR OZARK 2001 2004
Gulf Air Transport Louisiana Gulf Air Transport Lockheed L-188C Electra Silagi-1.jpg GAT 1979 2000 Renamed Trans Ocean Airways
Gulfstream International Airlines Florida N280AS Embraer Emb.120 Gulfstream International (7443170090).jpg 1990 2010
Guy-America Airways New York 1981 1984 See also American Overseas Airlines
Hageland Aviation Services Alaska 1981 2008 Merged with Frontier Alaska
Harbor Airlines Washington HB HAR HARBOR 1971 2001
Hawkins and Powers Aviation Wyoming N130HP Tanker 130.jpg
Heartland Airlines Ohio 1998 2001 Never started operations
Henson Airlines Maryland Allegheny Commuter (Henson Airlines) De Havilland Canada DHC-7 at BWI.jpg PI HNA 1962 1993 Rebranded as Piedmont Airlines
Holiday Airlines (United States) Florida Lockheed L-188 Holiday Airlines (4773645890).jpg 1960s 1970s
Hooters Air South Carolina Hooters Air.JPG 2003 2006
Houston Metro Airlines Texas 1969 1993 Renamed Metro Airlines
Hub Airlines Hub Airlines Beech 99 Airliner N1128H 2.jpg
Hughes Airwest California Hughes Airwest McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31 Silagi-1.jpg RW HUGHES-AIR 1968 1980 To Republic Airlines
Ilan Airways, Inc. New York 1984 1988 No flights
Imperial Airlines California Beech 65-B80 Queen Air.jpg 1964 1986
Independence Air Virginia Independence Air Airbus A319 Unterspann.jpg DH IDE INDEPENDENCE 1989 2006 Formed as Atlantic Coast Airlines
Independent Air Georgia Boeing 707-331B, Independent Air AN0493382.jpg ID IDN Independent 1966 1990
Indigo Airlines Illinois I9 IBU 1999 2001
Inland Empire Airlines California Inland Empire Airlines Swearingen SA-226TC Metro II Silagi-1.jpg
Interior Airways Alaska N921NA Lockheed L.100 Hercules Interior Aws LGW 21JAN70 (5941524510).jpg 1946 1972 To Alaska International Air
Intermountain Aviation Arizona 1969 1975 CIA front, to Evergreen International Aviation
International Cargo Xpress Michigan McDonnell Douglas DC-8-62(F), ICX - International Cargo Xpress AN0264410.jpg 2C 1989 1994 Merged into ATI – Air Transport International
Island Airlines Massachusetts Island Airlines Caravan Flight.jpg IS ISA 1991 2015 [10]
Island Pacific Air Hawaii To Air Hawaii
Jet 24 Florida Jet 24 Boeing 707-300 Manteufel.jpg TJ JTS 1979 1986
Jet America Airlines California McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (DC-9-82), Jet America AN0091526.jpg SI JET - 1980 1987 Merged into Alaska Airlines
JetAmerica Florida J1 BSK BISCAYNE 2007 2009 As Air Azul
JetWest 1969 1970 Absorbed by Frontier Airlines
KentuckySkies Kentucky 2009 2012 A Pacific Wings subsidiary
Key Airlines Idaho Boeing 727-228, Key Air AN0200743.jpg KWY KEYAIR 1969 1993 Founded as Thunderbird Airlines
Keyway Air Transport 1986 1992 Operated from Rhein-Main Air Base
Kitty Hawk Aircargo Indiana N6833 B727-223(F) Kitty Hawk Air Cargo AKL 08JAN99 (6080609301).jpg KR KHA KITTYHAWK 1985 2008 Formed as Kitty Hawk Airways
Kitty Hawk Airways Texas 1976 1990
Kitty Hawk International Michigan McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15RC, Kitty Hawk AN0208936.jpg CB CKS 1999 2000 To Kalitta Air
Kiwi International Air Lines New Jersey Boeing 727-225-Adv, KIWI International Airlines AN0192291.jpg KP KIA Kiwi 1992 1999
L.A.B. Flying Service Alaska Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six.jpg JA LAB LAB 1956 2008
L'Express Airlines Louisiana LEX LEX 1989 1992
Lake Central Airlines Indiana Nord 262 A F-WLHX Lake Cent LEB 19.06.65 edited-3.jpg 1950 1968 To Allegheny Airlines
Lake Union Air Washington Lake Union Air N86LU Victoria Harbor.jpg 1992 To Kenmore Air
Lakeland Airlines Wisconsin YQ 1980 1984
Legend Airlines Texas LC LGD Legendary 2000 2005
Leisure Air North Carolina Leisure Air Airbus A320 Maiwald.jpg L8 LWD LEISURE WORLD 1992 1995
Liberty Express Airlines Pennsylvania 1994 1997 To Air Midwest
Lone Star Airlines Texas Lone Star Airlines 1.jpg AD LSS LONESTAR 1984 1998 As Exec Express
Lorair Mississippi N902WC B737-247 Lorair MIA 23APR00 (6158492064).jpg LOR 1995 2001
Los Angeles Airways California Helicopter air mail, 1947 .jpg 1947 1971
Lynx Air International Florida Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III, Lynx Air International AN0237244.jpg LXF LYNX FLIGHT 1989 2009
Lynx Aviation Colorado De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Frontier Airlines (Lynx Aviation) AN1399585.jpg L3 SSX SHASTA 2006 2011
Mackey Airlines Florida Douglas DC-8-51, Mackey Airlines JP6377214.jpg 1946 1967 To Eastern Air Lines, restarted as Mackey International Airlines, shut down 1981
Maddux Air Lines California 1927 1929 Merged with Transcontinental Air Transport to form TAT - Maddux Air Lines
Mahalo Air Hawaii Mahalo Air ATR 42 Spijkers.jpg BM MLH MAHALO 1993 1997
Mall Airways New York FH 1973 1989 To Business Express Airlines
Marco Island Airways Florida Beech 99A N1922T Marco OPA 071073 edited-3.jpg 1973 1986 Merged into Provincetown-Boston Airlines
Marine Airways Alaska 1936 1939 To Alaska Coastal Airlines
MarkAir Alaska MarkAir Boeing 737-400 Silagi-1.jpg BF MRK MarkAir 1946 1995
Marquette Airlines 1938 1945 To Trans World Airlines
MAXjet Airways Virginia Maxjet.jpg MY MXJ MAX-JET 2003 2007
Mayflower Airlines Massachusetts 1936 1945 Absorbed by Northeast Airlines
McClain Airlines Arizona N101MU B727-95 McClain Airlines ORD 24DEC86 (12714462035).jpg 1984 1987
McGee Airways Alaska McGeeStinson01.jpg 1932 1934 Merged with Star Air Service
Mesaba Airlines Minnesota Saab 340B Mesaba Airlines N367PX DTW.jpg XJ MES MESABA 1944 2012 Merged into Pinnacle Airlines
MetJet Wisconsin 2013
Metro Airlines Texas Metro Airlines Shorts 330.jpg 1969 1993 Originally Houston Metro Airlines
Metroflight Airlines Texas 1993 Part of Metro Airlines
MetroJet (American airline) Virginia MetroJet Boeing 737-200 KvW.jpg US USA USAIR 1998 2001
MGM Grand Air California Boeing 727-191, MGM Grand Air AN0207924.jpg MG MGM Grand Air 1987 1995 To Champion Air
Mid Pacific Air Hawaii Mid Pacific Air Fokker F28 Groves-1.jpg HO MPA MID PAC 1981 1988
Mid-Continent Airlines Iowa Convair CV-240, Mid-Continent Airlines JP7769776.jpg 1938 1952 To Braniff International Airways
MidAtlantic Airways Pennsylvania BK PDC 2002 2006
Midstate Airlines Wisconsin IU MIS MIDSTATE 1964 1989 To Sentry Insurance
Midway Airlines (1976–1991) Illinois Douglas DC-9-15 N1065T Midway Als DCA 26.06.82 edited-2.jpg ML MDW MIDWAY 1976 1991
Midway Airlines (1993–2003) North Carolina Midway Airlines Boeing 737-700 KvW.jpg JI MDW MIDWAY 1993 2003
Midway Connection Illinois N265MC Dornier Do.228 (8979428570).jpg
Midwest Airlines Wisconsin Midwest Boeing 717 aka MD-95, liftoff (5652383143).jpg YX MEP MIDEX 1948 2010 As K-C Aviation, merged with Frontier Airlines
Midwest Airways Ohio
Midwest Aviation Minnesota 1973 1983 Operated as Air New Ulm (1973-1977), then as Lake State Airways (1977-1999)
Midwest Connect Wisconsin EM MIDWEST CONNECT CRJ-200 (2446908506).jpg 1994 2010 Regional airline associate of Midwest Airlines
Midwest Express Wisconsin N601ME MD-88 Midwest Exp LAX 18JAN99 (6917086103).jpg 1978 2002 To Midwest Airlines
Millon Air Florida Boeing 707-323C, Millon Air AN0199405.jpg OX OXO 1983 1998
Mississippi Valley Airlines Wisconsin MVA Shorts 330 at Minneapolis - 9 Sept 1983.jpg XV 1968 1985 Merged with Air Wisconsin
Modern Air Transport New Jersey Convair 990A N5624 Modern MIA 01.12.73 edited-2.jpg KV MODERN 1946 1975
Mohawk Airlines New York Fairchild FH.227B N7808M Mohawk JFK 17.09.70 edited-2.jpg MO Mohawk 1945 1972 As Robinson Airlines, to Allegheny Airlines
Monarch Airlines (1946–1950) Colorado 1946 1950 Merged with Arizona Airways and Challenger Airlines to form Frontier Airlines
Morris Air Utah Morris-737-EI-CHD.JPG KN MSS Wasatch 1948 1994 As Morris Air Service, to Southwest Airlines
Mountain Air Express Colorado MAX Pikes Peak 1996 1998 Sold to Air Wisconsin, formerly owned by Western Pacific Airlines
Mountain West Airlines-Idaho Idaho FX 1979 1981
Mountain West Airlines Arizona 1995 1996 To Mesa Airlines
Murray Air Michigan Douglas DC-8-63(CF), Murray Air JP6408553.jpg 5M MUA 2000 2008 Rebranded as National Airlines (N8)
Murray Aviation Michigan 2000 2008 Rebranded as National Airlines (N8)
Muse Air Texas Muse Air MD-82; N930MC@MSY, February 1984 (5067079218).jpg MC TST Muse Air 1981 1985 To Southwest Airlines which then changed the Muse Air name to TranStar Airlines
National Air Transport 1925 1934
National Airlines (1934–1980) Florida National Airlines 747 (6153752723).jpg NA NAL NATIONAL 1934 1980 Merged into Pan American World Airways
National Airlines (1983) Boeing 747-123, National Airlines AN1033234.jpg OV NAN Nation Air 1983 1986
National Airlines (1999–2002) Nevada National Airlines Boeing 757-200 Pashnin.jpg N7 ROK RED ROCK 1999 2002
National Airlines/Private Jet Expeditions Kansas 5J PJE Pee Jay 1994 1995
National Florida Airlines Florida 1981 1983
National Parks Airways Idaho 1927 1937 Bought by Western Airlines
Nations Air Pennsylvania Nations Air Express Boeing 737-200 JetPix.jpg 1995 1998
Nationwide Airlines Southeast Georgia 1969 1978 Name changed to Air South (Georgia)
New England & Western Air Transportation Co. Massachusetts 1930 1930
New England Air Transport Maine 2008 2009
New Mexico Airlines Arizona Los Alamos Cessna 208 2.JPG LW NMI TSUNAMI 2007 2015 A Pacific Wings subsidiary
New York Air New York New York Air DC-9 Detroit - 16 August 1983.jpg NY NYA APPLE 1980 1987 To Continental Airlines
New York Airways New York New York Airways helicopter at JFK airport after flying from the top of the Pan-Am building in downtown New York City (537379077).jpg 1949 1979 Helicopter services
New York Helicopter New York Sikorsky S-58BT N59330 NYH 34th NY 17.08.87 edited-3.jpg NYH 1980 1988
New York, Rio, and Buenos Aires Line New York 1929 1930 To Pan American World Airways
North American Airlines Georgia North American B763 F-GLOV.jpg NA NAO NORTH AMERICAN 1989 2014
North Central Airlines Minnesota Douglas DC-9-31 N960N N.Central TOR 26.03.71l edited-2.jpg NC NORTH CENTRAL 1944 1979 Merged with Southern Airways to become Republic Airlines
North Pacific Airlines Washington 1987 1991 Merged with WestAir Commuter Airlines
Northcoast Executive Airlines Ohio 5N NCE TOP HAT 1990 1991
Northeast Airlines Massachusetts Douglas DC-9-31 N981NE NE MIA 07.02.71 edited-2.jpg NE 1940 1972 Founded 1931 as Boston-Maine Airways, merged into Delta Air Lines
Northeast Express Regional Airlines New Hampshire De Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 Dash 8, Northwest Airlink (Northeast Express Regional Airlines) AN0255180.jpg 2V NEE 1974 1994
Northeastern International Airways Florida Northeastern International Airways Airbus A300 Haafke.jpg QS QSA NORTHEASTER 1982 1986
Northern Consolidated Airlines Alaska To Wien Air Alaska
Northwest Airlines Minnesota Airbus A330-323X, Northwest Airlines JP6694901.jpg NW NWA Northwest 1934 2010 Formed 1926 as Northwest Airways, merged into Delta Air Lines
Northwest Airlink Bombardier CRJ-900ER, Northwest Airlink (Mesaba Airlines) JP6304679.jpg
Northwest Orient Airlines Minnesota Northwest Orient Airlines Boeing 757-251; N504US, November 1985 AZR (6328165429).jpg
Oceanair Puerto Rico TJ 1970s 1980s To Trans Commuter Airline
Overseas National Airways New York Douglas DC-6A N630NA ONA RWY 20.04.58 edited-2.jpg OV ONA Onair 1950 1978
Ozark Air Lines (1998) Missouri 1998 2001 To Great Plains Airlines
Ozark Air Lines Missouri Douglas DC-9-31 N976Z Ozark ORD 28.07.75 edited-2.jpg OZ OZA OZARK 1950 1986 To Trans World Airlines
Pace Airlines North Carolina Pace Airlines Boeing 737-242; N159PL@MIA, June 1999 BVD (5288837462).jpg Y5 PCE PACE 1996 2002 To Hooters Air
Pacific Air Lines California Martin 4-0-4, Pacific Air Lines JP6984498.jpg PC PCA PACIFIC 1946 1968 As Southwest Airways, renamed 1958, merged with Bonanza Air Lines and West Coast Airlines to form Air West
Pacific Air Transport California Travel Air 3000.jpg 1926 1928
Pacific Alaska Airways Alaska 1932 1941 Merged into Pan American World Airways
Pacific American Airlines California 1976
Pacific Coast Airlines Convair CV-240.jpg
Pacific Corporation Delaware 1950 1979 A holding company that the Central Intelligence Agency used to control several aviation front organizations
Pacific East Airlines California Pacific East Air McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61CF Silagi-1.jpg 6P PCE 1983 1984
Pacific Express California Pacific Express BAC 111-201AC One-Eleven Silagi-1.jpg VB 1982 1984
Pacific Island Aviation Northern Mariana Islands 9J PSA PACIFIC ISLE 1988 2005
Pacific Northern Airlines Alaska PN 1967 Merged into Western Airlines
Pacific Skyway Pacific Skyway Jetstream 31 N653JX-SMX-Feb2000.jpg
Pacific Southwest Airlines California Pacific Southwest Airlines Boeing 727 01.jpg PS PSA 1949 1988 To US Airways
Pacific Wings Arizona Pacific Wings Caravan heads for gate - low crop (4930940715) (3).jpg LW NMI TSUNAMI 1974 2015 See also New Mexico Airlines, Georgia Skies, TennesseeSkies, and KentuckySkies
Pan Am Cargo New York 1963 1983 Subsidiary of Pan American World Airways
Pan Am Express DHC-7 N174RA Pan Am Ex KBOS 02.08.87R edited-3.jpg 1981 1991 A flight connection service including, Air Atlanta (1984 to 1987), Emerald Air (United States) (1981 to 1985), Empire Airlines (1981 to 1985), Presidential Airways (scheduled) (1987), Republic Airlines (1981 to 1986), see also Ransome Airlines
Pan Am Shuttle 1986 1991 To Delta Shuttle
Pan American Airways (1996–1998) Florida 1996 1998
Pan American Airways (1998–2004) New Hampshire Pan Am Boeing 727-222 N342PA 20071227.jpg 1998 2004 To Boston-Maine Airways
Pan American World Airways New York Pan Am Boeing 747-100 Manteufel.jpg PA PAA CLIPPER 1927 1991
Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra) Florida Pan American-Grace Airways Douglas DC-2.jpg PY Panagra 1929 1969 To Braniff International Airways
Paradise Island Airlines Florida De Havilland Canada DHC-7-102 Dash 7, Paradise Island Airlines AN0214437.jpg BK PDI Paradise Island 1989 1999
Parks College Airline Illinois 1935 1950 Purchased by Ozark Air Lines
Pennsylvania Central Airlines Pennsylvania DC-3 Pennsylvania Central LOC fsa 8a05486.jpg 1930s 1948 To Capital Airlines
People Express Airlines (1980s) New Jersey People Express Boeing 747 at London Gatwick in June 1983.jpg 1981 1987 To Continental Airlines
People Express Airlines (2010s) Virginia V2 RBY RUBY 2014 2014
Pet Airways Florida SUB SUB AIR 2009 2013
Piedmont Airlines (1948–1989) North Carolina Fairchild FH-227B N709U Piedmont DCA 13.04.72 edited-2.jpg PI PAI PIEDMONT 1948 1989 To US Airways
Pilgrim Airlines Connecticut Fokker F27-100 Friendship, Pilgrim Airlines JP5955450.jpg PM 1986 To Business Express Airlines
Pioneer Airlines Texas Douglas C-47-DL NC47968 Pioneer Als 1948 edited-2.jpg 1946 1955 Formed as Essair Airways (1939), merged with Continental Airlines
Planet Airways Florida Planet Airways Boeing 727.jpg PLZ Planet 1995 2006
Platinum Airlines Florida 1998 2006
Polar Airways Polar Airways Aero Commander N111PA 1.jpg
Premier Executive Transport Services Massachusetts Premier Executive Transport Services Boeing 737-700 KvW.jpg Alleged to be a front organization for the Central Intelligence Agency
Presidential Airways (scheduled) Virginia N408XV B.Ae 146-200 British Aw MAN APR89 (6042416703).jpg XV Washington Eagle 1985 1989
Pride Air Louisiana 1985 1985
Primaris Airlines Nevada Boeing 757-230, Primaris Airlines JP6043380.jpg FE WCP WHITECAP 2002 2009
Prinair Puerto Rico DH.114 Heron 2 mod N574PR Prinair 011273.jpg PQ COLORBIRD, PRU 1966 1985 As Aerolíneas de Ponce (Ponce Airlines)
Private Jet Expeditions Georgia McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83), Private Jet Expeditions AN0197451.jpg 5J PJE Pee Jay 1989 1995
Pro Air Washington P9 PRH Prohawk 1997 2000
Provincetown-Boston Airlines Massachusetts Provinceton-Boston Airline Douglas DC-3.jpg PT PBA 1949 1989
Puertorriqueña de Aviación Puerto Rico 1936 1941 Also known as Aerovías Nacionales de Puerto Rico
Quiet Skies Boeing 707-3J6B, Quiet Skies AN0192751.jpg
Ram Air Freight North Carolina 1982 2008
Ransome Airlines Pennsylvania Ransome Airlines Dash 7 at Trenton - Mercer County Airport.jpg RZ 1967 1995 Feeder flights for Allegheny Commuter (1970-1982), Delta Connection (1984-1987), Pan Am Express (1987-1991) and Trans World Express (1991-1995)
Rapid Air Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules (L-382G), Rapid Air Trans AN0197173.jpg
Red Baron Airlines Florida 1979 1980s
Red Carpet Airlines Florida 1981 Renamed Aerosun International[11]
Reeve Aleutian Airways Alaska Boeing 727-22C, Reeve Aleutian Airways AN2050507.jpg RV RVV REEVE 1932 2000
RegionsAir Tennessee 3C CEA CORP-X 1996 2007
Reliant Airlines Michigan Dassault Falcon (Mystere) 20DC, Reliant Airlines AN0252980.jpg RLT 1984 2002
Reno Air Nevada Reno Air N823RA.jpg QQ ROA RENO AIR 1992 1999 Merged into American Airlines
Republic Airlines (1979–1986) Minnesota Republic Airlines Convair 580 Silagi-1.jpg RC REP REPUBLIC 1979 1986 Merged into Northwest Airlines
Rich International Airways Florida Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 1, Rich International Airways AN0192270.jpg JN RIA Richair 1969 1996
Riddle Airlines Florida Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas, Riddle Airlines JP7357286.jpg 1945 1965 Rebranded as Airlift International
Rio Airways Texas Beech 99 B99 N17RA Rio Aws DFW 20.10.75 edited-3.jpg 1967 1986
Rocky Mountain Airways Colorado Rocky Mountain Airways Dash 7 at the Avon STOLport.jpg JC RMA Rocky Mountain 1965 1991 Merged into Continental Express
Royal American Airlines Arkansas Vickers Viscount.jpg 1980 1982
Royal Hawaiian Air Service Hawaii Royal Hawaiian Air Service Cessna 402C Utililiner Silagi-1.jpg 1987
Royal West Airlines British Aerospace BAE 146.jpg
Royale Airlines Louisiana 1968 1969
Russia Jet Direct Washington RD RYN 2005 2005
Ryan Airline Company California 1925 1926
Ryan International Airlines Kansas Boeing 757-2G5, Ryan International Airlines AN0997252.jpg RN RYN RYAN 1972 2013
Salmon Air Idaho S6 MBI 1968 2009 Merged into McCall Aviation
Samoa Air (1987–2003) American Samoa 1987 2003
San Francisco and Oakland Helicopter Airlines California SFO Helicopters Airlines S-61L N4606G.jpg 1961 1986
Saturn Airways California Douglas DC-8-61F N8956U Saturn ORD 24.04.71 edited-2.jpg KS 1961 1976 Absorbed by Trans International Airlines
Scheduled Skyways Arkansas Scheduled Skyways Swearingen Metro.jpg - 1953 1972 Fayetteville Flying Service
Seaboard World Airlines New York Seaboard World Airlines Boeing 747-245F-SCD Rose.jpg 1946 1980 As Seaboard & Western Airlines, merged with Flying Tiger Line
SeaCoast Airlines Florida SCC Sea-Coaster 2002 2012
Shavano Air 1960 2002
Shawnee Airlines Florida 1968 1975 Purchased by Florida Airlines[12]
Shuttle by United California UnitedShuttle737-corrected.jpg UA UAL 1994 2001 Subsidiary of United Airlines, renamed United Shuttle
Silver State Helicopters Nevada 1999 2008
Simmons Airlines Michigan N367MQ Shorts SD-360-100 Simmons Airlines ORD 24DEC86 (12609577553).jpg MQ SYM SIMMONS 1978 1998 Merged into American Eagle Airlines
Skagway Air Service Alaska 1964 2007 [13]
Sky King Florida Sky King Boeing 737-297; N147AW, July 2000 (5888000452).jpg 5K SGB 1990 2012 Rebranded as Songbird Airways
Sky Trek International Air Lines Virginia Sky Trek International Airlines Boeing 727-251 Silagi-1.jpg 1996 2000
Skybus Airlines Ohio 100px SX SKB SKYBUS 2004 2009
Skyfreight Skyfreight Douglas DC-3 Volpati-1.jpg
Skylink Airways Maryland 2003 2005 Rebranded as MAXjet Airways
Skyservice USA (airline) Colorado N571SC DC-10-10 Skysvc USA MAN 22SEP98 (5627029896).jpg 1998 2000
SkyValue Florida XP CXP RUBY MOUNTAIN 2006 2007
Skyway Airlines Wisconsin AL SYX SKYWAY-EX 1994 2008
Skyworld Airlines Colorado Boeing 707-323B, Skyworld Airlines AN0493771.jpg PC SPC 1986 1992 Formerly Denver Ports of Call
Slick Airways Texas Douglas DC-6A N6814C Slick Aws Burtonwwod 08.56 edited-2.jpg 1946 1966 To Airlift International
Smokers Express Florida 1993 1993 No flights
Song (airline) Georgia Song Boeing 757 Spijkers.jpg DL DAL DELTA 2003 2006 Merged back in with its parent company, Delta Air Lines
South Pacific Air Lines California 1960
South Pacific Island Airways Hawaii HK SPI SOUTH PACIFIC 1973 1987
South Winds Cargo Florida 374ba - South Winds Cargo DC-10-40(F); N140WE@MIA;31.08.2005 (5037077475).jpg WE 2002 2005
Southeast Airlines Florida Martin 202A N93206 South East MIA 19.10.70 edited-2.jpg SL SNK 1999 2004
Southeastern Airlines Georgia 1982 1983 Acquired by Atlantic Southeast Airlines
Southern Air Transport (1929) Texas 1929 1929 Came under the control of Avco, the company that organized American Airlines
Southern Air Transport Florida Lockheed L382E Hercules N923SJ Southern AT RWY 28.08.94 edited-2.jpg SJ SJM 1947 1998 To Southern Air
Southern Airways Georgia Southern Airways DC-9 (6146173132).jpg SO SOU SOUTHERN 1949 1979 Merged with North Central Airlines to become Republic Airlines (1979–1986)
Southern Skyways Georgia 1980 A virtual airline (economics) which markets air travel branding
Southwest Air Fast Express Oklahoma FordTrimotor DC.JPG 1928 1929 Purchased by American Airlines
Southwest Airways California Douglas DC-3, Southwest Airways JP7765769.jpg 1941 1958 Renamed Pacific Air Lines
St. Petersburg–Tampa Airboat Line Florida Benoist Type XIV first airline takeoff.jpg 1914 1914
Standard Air Lines California 1927 1930 Subsidiary of Aero Corporation of California, In 1930, bought by Western Air Express
Star Air Service Alaska Star Air Service CurtissRobinA.jpg 1932 1944 Renamed Alaska Airlines
StatesWest Airlines Arizona Short 360.jpg YW SWJ States 1986 1993
Stol Air Commuter California 1974 1979 Renamed WestAir Commuter Airlines
Stout Air Services Michigan 1925 1930 Purchased by National Air Transport
Streamline Air Massachusetts SRY Stingray 2010 2012
Suburban Airlines Short 330-200 AN0896033.jpg
Summit Airlines N315CR ATR.42 (7296835298).jpg
Sun Air International Florida Sun Air International.jpg 2011 2014 Rebranded as Sun Air Express
Sun Aire Lines California 1968 1984
Sun Jet International Florida McDonnell Douglas MD-81 (DC-9-81), Sun Jet International AN0140621.jpg JX SJI 1993 1997
Sun Land Airlines Sun Land Airlines Boeing 737-200 Volpati.jpg
Sun Valley Key Airlines Idaho 1968 1972 Formerly Sun Valley Airlines, to Key Airlines
Sun West Airlines Arizona 1980 1985
Sunbird Airlines North Carolina 1979 1987 Renamed CCAir
SunCoast Airlines 1988
Sunwest International Sunwest International Boeing 737-200 Spijkers.jpg
Sunworld International Airlines Kentucky Sunworld International Airways Boeing 737-3Q8; N891L, April 1986 (5067041830).jpg SM SWI SUNWORLD 1996 2004
Sunworld International Airways Nevada Sunworld International Airways DC-9-14; N9102, August 1988 DTQ (5163687455).jpg JK SWI Sunworld 1983 1988
Superior Airlines Indiana 1961 1962
Superior Airlines Arizona 1994 2003 To Mesa Airlines
Swift Aire Lines California Swift Aire Lines Riley N411SA.jpg WI 1969 1981 Merged with Golden Gate Airlines
TAG Airlines Michigan 1959 1970
Tahoe Air California Tahoe Air Boeing 737-200 Silagi-1.jpg XP CXP CASINO EXPRESS 1999 1999
Ted (airline) Illinois TedA320DCA20051230.jpg UA UAL UNITED 2004 2009 Merged back into parent company United Airlines
Tejas Airlines Texas 1976
Telair International Airbus A300B4-103, Telair International AN0489932.jpg
Tempelhof Airways Florida Tempelhof Airways USA Saab 340 Manteufel.jpg 1981 1990 Operated from West Berlin
Temple Airlines Convair 240 Temple Airlines N8326C (4762839346).jpg
Tennessee Airways Tennessee ZN TEN Tennessee 1978 1987
TennesseeSkies Tennessee 2009 2012 A Pacific Wings subsidiary
Texas Air Texas
Texas International Airlines Texas McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31, Texas International JP6256133.jpg TI TIA TEXAS 1944 1982 Formed as Aviation Enterprises, bcame Trans-Texas Airways (1969), merged into Continental Airlines
The Hawaii Express Hawaii The Hawaii Express Boeing 747-100 Quackenbush.jpg LP HEA 1982 1983
The Lord's Airline Florida Douglas DC-8-52, The Lord's Airline AN0493752.jpg 5Q 1986 1987
Tol Air Puerto Rico TI TOL Tol Air 1983 2006 Purchased by Four Star Air Cargo
Tower Air New York TA1.jpg FF TOW Tee Air 1983 2000
TPI International Airways Lockheed L-188C(F) Electra AN0199501.jpg
Tradewinds Airlines North Carolina Tradewinds Airlines Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11F LDS.jpg 1991 2008
Trans Caribbean Airways New York Trans Caribbean Airways Douglas DC-8 Volpati-1.jpg TC 1945 1971 Merged into American Airlines
Trans Continental Airlines Michigan Douglas DC-8-63, Trans Continental Airlines JP5844828.jpg TD TCN 1972 2000 Rebranded as Airlines
Trans East Airlines New Hampshire 1963 1972 Formed as Statewide Airlines
Trans International Airlines California Douglas DC-8-51 N8008D TIA LGW 23.07.66 edited-4.jpg TV TRANSAMERICA 1960 1986 Formed as Los Angeles Air Service (1946), rebranded as Transamerica Airlines
Trans International Express Trans International Express Boeing 747-300 TTT.jpg
Trans Ocean Airways Louisiana 1979 2000 Formed as Gulf Air Transport
Trans Tropic Airlines Florida
Trans World Airlines Missouri TWA Boeing 747-100 N93119 Marmet.jpg TW TWA 1925 2001 To American Airlines
Trans World Connection 2001
Trans World Express Saab-Fairchild SF-340A, Trans World Express (Chautauqua Airlines) AN0963612.jpg 1987 1995
Trans-Air-Link Convair 580(F), Trans-Air-Link - TAL AN0174907.jpg
Trans-Colorado Airlines Colorado TCE TRANS COLORADO 1980 1988 Formerly Trans International Airlines
Trans-Mo Airlines Missouri
Trans-Texas Airways Texas Convair CV-600, Trans-Texas Airways JP6982149.jpg 1969 To Texas International Airlines
Transamerica Airlines California Transamerica Airlines Boeing 747 at Zurich Airport in May 1985.jpg TV - 1979 1986
Transcontinental Air Transport EL-2002-00560.jpg 1928 1929 Merged with Maddux Air Lines
TransMeridian Airlines Georgia TransMeridian Airlines Boeing 757-200 Maharajh.jpg T9 TRZ Trans Meridian 1995 2005
Transocean Airlines California TL TALOA 1946 1960
TranStar Airlines Texas TranStar Airlines DC-9-51 at Houston Hobby.jpg MC TST Muse Air 1981 1987 Formerly Muse Air, merged with Southwest Airlines
Transwestern Airlines Utah Transwestern beech99.jpg WZ TRW Trans West 1977 1983 Acquired by Horizon Air
TriStar Air (United States) TriStar Air British Aerospace BAe-146-200A Silagi-1.jpg
Trump Shuttle New York Trump-air2.jpg 1989 1992 To US Airways Shuttle
UltrAir Boeing 727-225-Adv, UltrAir AN0215753.jpg
United Shuttle California Boeing 737 at Oklahoma City airport.jpg UA UAL 1994 2001 Subsidiary of United Airlines, formerly Shuttle by United
Universal Air Lines Corporation Missouri Fokker F.32.jpg 1928 1934 To American Airlines
Universal Airlines (United States) Michigan Lockheed L-188C Universal Airlines (4762839562).jpg 1966 1972 To Saturn Airways
Universal Aviation Corporation 1929 An airline holding company
US Airways Express Arizona USexCRJ-900.jpg 1967 2015 Merged with American Eagle
US Airways Shuttle Virginia 125bh - US Airways Shuttle Airbus A320-214; N112US@LGA;18.03.2001 (5183322917).jpg 1961 2015 Founded as Eastern Air Lines Shuttle, merged with American Eagle
US Airways Arizona US Airways Planes at Sky Harbor.jpg US USA US AIR 1997 2015 Formed as All American Aviation (1937), renamed All American Airways (1949), renamed Allegheny Airlines (1953), renamed USAir (1979), merged into American Airlines
US Helicopter New York UH USH US HELI 2004 2009
USA3000 Airlines Pennsylvania USA 3000.JPG US GWY GETAWAY 2001 2012
USAfrica Airways Virginia USAfrica MD-11, N1758B (8485777398).jpg 1994 1995
USAir Arizona USAir DC-9 CLT.jpg 1979 1997 Formed as All American Aviation (1937), renamed All American Airways (1949), renamed Allegheny Airlines (1953), renamed USAir (1979), merged into American Airlines
ValuJet Airlines Georgia ValuJet DC-9-32; N1266L@FLL, February 1994 (5423968471).jpg J7 VJA CRITTER 1993 1997 Merged into AirTran Airways
Vance International Airways Washington Douglas DC-7B N4882C Vance LGB 06.02.71 edited-2.jpg 1949 1970 Became McCulloch International Airlines
Vanguard Airlines Missouri Vanguard-N130NJ-SFO-Apr2001.jpg NJ VGD VANGUARD AIR 1994 2002
Varney Air Lines Idaho Swallow J-5 Seattle 05.89R.jpg 1926 1934 Merged into United Airlines
Vintage Airways N21 Douglas DC-3 Vintage Aws-Virgin EYW 03JUN94 (5550564317).jpg
Vintage Props and Jets Florida Vq ka1.JPG VQ VPP VINTAGE 1992 2008
Viscount Air Service Arizona Viscount Air Service Boeing 737-200 JetPix-2.jpg VCT 1992 1996
West Coast Airlines Washington 1941 1968 Merged with Pacific Air Lines and Bonanza Air Lines to form Air West, which became Hughes Airwest in 1970
WestAir Commuter Airlines California Embraer EMB-110P1A Bandeirante, WestAir Commuter Airlines AN1605448.jpg OE SDU 1978 1992 Formerly Stol Air Commuter, to Mesa Air Group
Western (airline) Washington XP CXP RUBY MOUNTAIN 2007 2007
Western Airlines California 100px WA WAL WESTERN 1941 1987 Merged into Delta Air Lines
Western Express Air Arizona 2007
Western Pacific Airlines Colorado Western Pacific Boeing 737-300 Silagi-1.jpg W7 KMR KOMSTAR 1995 1998
Westward Airways (Nebraska) Nebraska CN WWD Westward 2004 2005
Wien Air Alaska Alaska Wien Air Alaska Boeing 737-200 N493WC Marmet.jpg WC WAA 1927 1985 Several name changes over the years, final name Wien Airlines
WinAir Airlines Utah Winair 737-236 LGB N920WA.jpg WNA WinAir 1997 1999
Wings Airways Pennsylvania WQ WAW WING SHUTTLE 1977 1991
Wings West Airlines California Swearingen SA227AC N638AV Am Eagle ORC 16.10.86 edited-2.jpg RM WWM Wings West 1979 1998 Merged with Simmons Airlines
World Airways Georgia McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF, World Airways AN1305584.jpg WO WOA WORLD 1948 2014
Wright Airlines Ohio Convair CV-600, Wright Airlines JP7771695.jpg FW WRT WRIGHT 1966 1983
Zantop Air Transport Michigan 1962 1966 To Universal Airlines
Zantop Flying Service Michigan 1946 1962 Became Zantop Air Transport
Zantop International Airlines Michigan Lockheed L-188A(F) Electra, Zantop International Airlines JP6243812.jpg VK ZAN Zantop 1972 2005

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