List of fictional primates in video games

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This is a list of fictional primates in video games and this list is a subsidiary to the list of fictional primates.

Character Species Origin Platform(s) Notes
Agent 9 Monkey Spyro: Year of the Dragon PlayStation A space monkey introduced as a brief playable character, who was trapped by the Sorceress. He has a laser and can eliminate rhynocs with ease.
AiAi Monkey Super Monkey Ball GameCube Encased in transparent ball.
Andross Star Fox SNES The archenemy of the Star Fox team.
Conga the Gorilla Gorilla Banjo-Kazooie N64 · Xbox Live Arcade A giant gorilla who first appears in Mumbo's Mountain.
Donkey Kong Gorilla Donkey Kong Arcade · Atari 2600 · Amstrad CPC · Apple II · Atari 7800 · Atari 8-bit · C64 · ColecoVision · GBA · Intellivision · MSX, NES · 3DS · MS-DOS · TI-99/4A · TRS-80 · VIC-20 · Wii · ZX Spectrum
Donkey Kong Jr. Gorilla Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade · Atari 2600 · Atari 7800 · Atari 8-bit · ColecoVision · GBA · Intellivision · NES · 3DS · Wii Donkey Kong's son
Diddy Kong Tailed-Chimpanzee Donkey Kong Country SNES · GBC · GBA · Wii Donkey King's sidekick.
Dixie Kong Chimpanzee Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest SNES · GBA · Wii Diddy Kong's girlfriend.
Gorilla Gorilla Gekido PlayStation · Game Boy Color An unlockable character
Specter Monkey Ape Escape PlayStation · PlayStation Portable Rules over lesser apes known as Piposaru.
Ukiki Monkey Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 Steals Mario's hat.
Wukong Monkey League of Legends PC A playable champion inspired by Sun Wukong, the main character in the Chinese epic Journey to the West.

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