List of former state roads in Florida

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SR C-229 sign still standing in 2012

In the mid-1970s, the Florida Department of Transportation (formerly the State Road Department) started a sequence of events that eventually resulted in the transferral of hundred of miles of roadway from State of Florida maintenance to county control. The first step was the addition of an "S-" or "C-" prefix onto the original FDOT designation ("S" represented "secondary"; "C" represented "county"). State Road signs started disappearing from the "C" roads and were replaced by blue pentagonal county road signs in the early 1980s; the transition of "S" roads to county control took a bit longer (some state road signs with S-prefixes remain standing two decades after the transfer to county control). Many roads that were decommissioned in later years skipped the prefix step.

While the transition occurred throughout the State of Florida, the area most dramatically affected by this process was Florida south of State Road 70 (SR 70) (which runs from Bradenton to Fort Pierce). While other state roads had portions turned into county control (for example, SR 29, SR 31, SR 78, SR 707, SR 780, SR 880, SR 884, and SR 951), entire state roads in southern Florida disappeared from the FDOT lists. Many decommissioned roads in the Treasure Coast and Space Coast occurred in sparsely-populated areas, including orange groves and wetlands.

Some state road numbers (like SR 609) were reused after decommissioning. Lettered state road numbers (like SR 15A) are sometimes used for several discontinuous sections of state roads.


SR 15A, SR 15B, and SR 15C


  • State Road A19A

SR 141

SR 150

SR 152

SR 167

  • State Road 167 (now County Road 2301 and County Road 167) – two sections: one from US 231 in Bayou George north of Panama City to SR 20 west of Fountain, now CR 2301; another from US 231 in Betts through the northwest corner of Calhoun County then into Jackson County where it eventually joins SR 267 south of Marianna. After I-10, the road branches off to South Street and runs east until joining SR 73, where it turns north until the intersection with US 90. Here SR 73 turns west, and CR 167 joins SR 166, until it turns onto "Old US Road" and runs north toward the Alabama State Line.

SR 259

SR 402

SR 406A

SR 502

SR 505 and SR 505A

SR 509

SR 511

SR 512

SR 514

SR 515

SR 520A

SR 603

SR 605

SR 606

SR 607A

SR 609 and SR 609A

SR 611, SR 611A, and SR 611B

SR 612

SR 613

SR 617

SR 630

SR 632

SR 700A

SR 702

SR 704A

SR 707A

SR 708

SR 709

SR 712

SR 720

SR 721 and SR 721A

SR 723

SR 724

SR 731

SR 765 and

SR 767

SR 771

SR 773

SR 775

SR 777

SR 782

SR 798

SR 811A

SR 812

SR 832

SR 833

SR 846

SR 850

SR 854

  • State Road 854 (now County Road 854) – from State Road 823 to US 1

SR 858

SR 869

SR 886

SR 888

SR 901

SR 905 and SR 905A

SR 931

SR 939, SR 939A, and SR 939B

SR 940

SR 941

SR 942

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