List of free software project directories

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This article is about free software as defined by the sociopolitical free software movement. For information on software distributed without charge, see freeware. For other uses, see Free software (disambiguation).

A list of websites with their own Wikipedia articles that list free software projects. These directories and repositories of free software differ from software hosting facilities (or software forges) in the number of features they offer and they type of collaboration they are designed to promote. For a listing of free software hosting projects, see Comparison of open source software hosting facilities.

General directories

Name Website Description/focus
Apache Software Foundation Mostly Java
Nevon Projects C#,VB,, Java, Android
Open Source Scripts
Free Software Directory
Open Hub (Formerly: Ohloh)
Libre Projects Web platforms & software as a service
jWork.Org List of general software programs organized by categories
Open Source Software Directory Provides a list of open source software organized by categories.
HTML Free Codes Provides many html codes for free.
SyntaxSeed Small collection of open source code, themes & plugins.
Bala Swecha Free software initiative by the Swecha for the Indian government school education Provides a various free software education tools.

Programming language specific directories

Name Website Description/focus
OpenSymphony Java
JBoss Enterprise Java
Node Packaged Modules Node.js
Python Package Index Python
JSAN JavaScript
Hackage Haskell
Planet Racket
RubyGems Ruby

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