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A friction hitch is a kind of knot used to attach one rope to another in a way that is easily adjusted. These knots are commonly used in climbing as part of single rope technique, doubled rope technique and as 'ratchets' to capture progress on a moving rope, most typically in a mechanical advantage system such as a Z-drag. These hitches are a simple and cheap alternative to mechanical ascenders.

List of friction hitches

Knot Description Image
Adjustable grip hitch A simple and useful friction hitch which may easily be shifted up and down the rope while slack. 100px
Bachmann knot 100px
Blake's hitch A friction hitch commonly used by arborists and tree climbers as an ascending knot. Blake's hitch is known by some climbers as a Swicero (Suicero) knot or Verones knot. Blakes hitch knot retouched.png
Distel Hitch 100px
Farrimond friction hitch A quick release adjustable friction hitch for use on lines under tension. 100px
Autoblock (French Prusik) A friction hitch tied around a thicker rope that can slide while unloaded, but locks when loaded. Commonly used to back up belays. Similar to the Prusik only in function. French Prusik is equivalent to bi-directional Machard.
Machard Tresse A well-known friction knot, usually presented as an Autobloc or French-Prusik. Some climbers refer to it with its Machard alias, a "bi-directional Machard"
Valdotain Tresse Friction knot used to be fixed on a tautline (a taut-rope), also known as a "Valdostano".
Icicle hitch A knot that is excellent for connecting to a post when weight is applied to an end running parallel to the post in a specific direction. 100px
Pile hitch The pile hitch is easier to tie than the icicle hitch, and can be tied in the bight without access to either end of the rope. 100px
Klemheist knot A friction hitch tied around a thicker rope that can slide while unloaded, but locks when loaded. Similar to the Prusik. Klemheist knot is a full equivalent to uni-directional Machard. 100px
Knute hitch A knot used to attach a lanyard of small stuff to a marlingspike or other tool.
Martin hitch
Prusik or Prussik A friction hitch or knot used to put a loop of cord around a rope, applied in climbing, canyoneering, mountaineering, caving, rope rescue, and by arborists. Prusik.jpg
Rolling hitch (Taut-line hitch) 100px
Schwabisch hitch
TK hitch

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