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The members' bar at the Savile Club, London W1

This is a list of gentlemen's clubs in London, United Kingdom, including those no longer in existence or merged, with an additional section on those which appear in fiction.

Current clubs

Name Est. Location Located Since Affiliation Standards Relaxed on Female Members, Year Website
Alpine Club 1857 8 St Martin's Place, near Trafalgar Square (19th century); 55-56 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch 1991 Mountaineering 1975 [1]
Army and Navy Club ("The Rag") 1837 36-39 Pall Mall 1963 Army and Navy officers 1995 [2]
Arts Club 1863 17 Hanover Square (19th century); 40 Dover Street 1896 The Arts, Literature, Science 1946 [3]
The Athenaeum 1824 107 Pall Mall 1830 The Arts, Literature, and the Church 2002 [4]
Authors' Club 1891 Whitehall Court, (1891-1966); 1 Whitehall Place, sharing the premises of the National Liberal Club (1966-1976); 40 Dover Street, sharing the premises of the Arts Club (1976-2011); 47 Dean Street, sharing the premises of Black's (2011-4); 1 Whitehall Place, sharing the current premises of the National Liberal Club 2014 Literature  ? [5]
Beefsteak Club 1876 9 Irving Street, near Leicester Square 1876 Social No women members or visitors -
Boodle's 1762 28 St James's Street 1782 Aristocratic; Tory No women members [6]
Brooks's 1764 60 St James's Street 1778 Aristocratic; Whig No women members [7]
Buck's Club 1919 18 Clifford Street, Mayfair 1919 Social No women members [8]
Caledonian Club 1891 Charles II Street, near St James's Square (1891–1917); 33 St James's Square (1917–1946); 9 Halkin Street, Belgravia (current) 1946 Scottish 2011 [9]
Canning Club (formerly the Argentine Club) 1911 4 St James's Square (sharing premises of the Naval and Military Club) 1999 Social; Latin America, Spain, Portugal  ? [10]
Carlton Club 1832 Carlton House Terrace, 94 Pall Mall (1835–1941); 69 St James's Street 1943 Political; Tory, latterly Conservative 2008 [11]
Cavalry and Guards Club (The merged Cavalry Club and Guards Club) 1810 (Guards' Club); 1890 (Cavalry Club); 1976 (merged club) 127 Piccadilly 1908 Cavalry and Guards, latterly officers of other British Army regiments No women members [12]
Chelsea Arts Club 1891 143 Old Church Street, Chelsea 1990 The Arts 1976 [13]
City Livery Club 1914 Victoria Embankment (1914–1923); Bow Lane, Cheapside, (1923–1927); The Chapter House, St Paul's Churchyard (1927–1940); Butchers' Hall, Bartholomew's Close (1941–1944); Sion House, Victoria Embankment (1944–1996); Insurance Hall, Aldermanbury (1996–2003); 38 St Mary Axe (2003–2010); Bell Wharf Lane, Upper Thames Street (current) 2010 The City  ? [14]
City of London Club 1832 19 Old Broad Street, London (now EC2) (since 1834) 1834 City professions 2011 [15]
City University Club 1895 50 Cornhill 1895 The City, Oxbridge graduates 1994? [16]
Civil Service Club 1953 13-15 Great Scotland Yard 1964 Civil servants 1953? [17]
East India Club (in full: The East India, Devonshire, Sports and Public Schools' Club) 1849 16 St James's Square 1866 Originally for East India Company, since 1972 merger with the Public Schools' Club primarily aligned with public schools No women members [18]
Eccentric Club 1781 (original Eccentric Club); refounded in 1858, 1890, and 2008 69 Brook Street (sharing premises with the Savile Club) 2009 Social; eccentricity and philanthropy 1984 [19]
Farmers Club 1842 3 Whitehall Court 1942 Agriculture and landowning ? [20]
Flyfishers' Club 1884 69 Brook Street (sharing premises of the Savile Club) 1995 Flyfishing No women members [21]
Garrick Club 1831 35 King Street, Covent Garden (early in its history); 15 Garrick Street, Covent Garden 1864 The Arts and Theatre No women members [22]
Hurlingham Club 1869 Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham 1869 Sports; tennis and crocquet  ? [23]
Lansdowne Club 1935 9 Fitzmaurice Place, Berkeley Square 1935 Social 1935 [24]
London Sketch Club 1898 7 Dilke Street, Chelsea 1957 Sketch artists No women members [25]
Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) 1787 Lords Cricket Ground, St John's Wood 1814 Cricket and Real tennis; formerly headquarters of ICC (before relocation to Dubai for tax reasons in 2005) 1998 [26]
National Liberal Club 1882 Northumberland Avenue (1882–87, and 1916-19 while the clubhouse was requisitioned in World War I); 1 Whitehall Place (current) 1887 Political; Liberal 1976 [27]
Naval Club (formerly RNVR (Auxiliary Patrol) Club (1919–1946), RNVR Club (1946–1969)) 1919 38 Hill Street, Mayfair 1946 Royal Navy reservists, and later all RN officers ? [28]
The In & Out

(Naval and Military Club)

1862 94 Piccadilly (1870s-1999; so-named from its prominent "In" and "Out" signs on the gateposts);

4 St James's Square (current)

1999 Originally officers in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the British Army 1966 [29]
Den Norske Klub 1887 4 St James's Square (sharing premises of the Naval and Military Club) 1999 Norway ? [30]
Oriental Club 1824 18 Hanover Square (1824–1962); Stratford House, Stratford Place 1962 Founded for members of the East India Company; now social 2010 [31]
Oxford and Cambridge Club (called the United Oxford and Cambridge Club, 1971–2001) 1821 (United University Club); 1830 (Oxford and Cambridge Club); 1971 (merged club) 71-76 Pall Mall 1837 Members of Oxford and Cambridge Universities 1996 [32]
Portland Club (formerly the Stratford Club until 1825) 1815 (circa) 94 Piccadilly (sharing the premises of the Naval and Military Club between 1969 and the 1990s); 69 Brook Street (current, sharing premises of the Savile Club) 1990s Cards No women members -
Pratt's 1857 14 Park Place, St James's 1857 Aristocratic No women members -
Queen's Club 1886 Palliser Road, West Kensington 1892 Sports  ? [33]
Reform Club 1836 104-105 Pall Mall 1841 Originally political (Liberal), now social. Members still sign a declaration agreeing to the principles of the 1832 Reform Act. 1981 [34]
Roehampton Club 1901 Roehampton Lane, Roehampton 1901 (site); 1960s (buildings) Sports  ? [35]
Royal Air Force Club 1918 128 Piccadilly 1922 RAF officers  ? [36]
Royal Automobile Club 1897 89-91 Pall Mall 1911 Social and automobile enthusiasts  ? [37]
Royal Ocean Racing Club 1925 20 St James's Place, St James's Street 1942 Yachting enthusiasts  ? [38]
Royal Over-Seas League (formerly the Over-Seas Club) 1910 4 Park Place, St James's (and 100 Princes Street, Edinburgh) 1921 Commonwealth citizens, affiliate membership available for other nationalities; Music and the Arts; Travellers. 1910 [39]
Royal Thames Yacht Club 1775 7 Albemarle Street (19th century); 60 Knightsbridge 1952 Yachting enthusiasts  ? [40]
Savage Club 1857 Crown Tavern, Vinegar Yard, Drury Lane (1857–1858); Nell Gwynne Tavern, Bull Inn Court, Strand (1858); Catherine Street, Covent Garden (1858–1859); Lyceum Tavern, 354 Strand (1859–1862); Gordon Hotel, Covent Garden (1862–1866); Ashley's Hotel, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden (1866–1869); Gordon Hotel, Covent Garden (1869–1873); Evans's Hotel, Covent Garden (1873–1876); Haxell's Hotel, Strand (1876–1879); Caledonian Hotel, Robert Street, Adelphi (1879–1881); Lancaster House, Savoy (1881–1889); 6-7 Adelphi Terrace (1889–1936); 1 Carlton House Terrace (1936–1963); 1 Whitehall Place (1963–1965, sharing premises of the National Liberal Club); 37 King Street, Covent Garden (1965–1968); 86 St. James's Street (1968–1975, sharing premises of the Constitutional Club); 9 Fitzmaurice Place (1975–1990, sharing premises of the Lansdowne Club); 1 Whitehall Place (current, sharing premises of the National Liberal Club) 1990 The Arts, Science and The Law No women members [41]
Savile Club 1868 9 Spring Gardens (1868–1871); 12 Savile Row (1871–1882); 107 Piccadilly (1882–1927); 69 Brook Street (current) 1927 Conviviality, from the Arts to the Sciences No women members [42]
Special Forces Club 1945 Knightsbridge 1945 Members of Special Operations Executive, British intelligence and UK Special Forces; foreign special forces, intelligence agencies and senior military officers 1945 [43]
Travellers Club 1819 12 Waterloo Place, near Pall Mall (1819–1821); 49 Pall Mall (1821–1827); 106 Pall Mall (current) 1827 Social and business travellers - members must have travelled more than 500 miles distant from (the clubhouse in) London in a direct line No women members [44]
Turf Club 1861 Bennett Street, Piccadilly (1861–1965), 5 Carlton House Terrace (current) 1965 Aristocratic; social, equestrianism, sports & cards - -
University Women's Club (originally the University Club for Ladies) 1887 31 New Bond Street (1887–1909); 34 George Street, near Hanover Square; South Audley Street, Mayfair; 2 Audley Square, Mayfair (current) 1921 University graduates No men members [45]
Victory Services Club 1907 63-79 Seymour Street, Fitzrovia 1948 Army, Navy and Air Force personnel  ? [46]
The Walbrook Club 2000 37a Walbrook EC4N 8BS 2000 City Professions 2000 [47]
White's Club 1693 37 St James's Street 1778 Aristocratic; Tory No women members or visitors -

Defunct or merged clubs

Name Established Clubhouse location(s) Affiliation Status
1920 Club 1920 2 Whitehall Court Political; Liberal Closed in 1923
Albemarle Club (Ladies and Gentlemen) 1874 13 Albemarle Street (from 1874); 37 Dover Street (by the 1910s); 21 Curzon Street (by the 1940s) Social Closed in 1941
Almack's Club (Ladies and Gentlemen) 1765 King Street, St James's (1765–1867) Social; especially card games Closed in1867; a 'refounded' Almack's operated from 1908 to 1961
American Club 1919 95 Piccadilly American Closed in the 1980s
Argentine Club 1910 1 Hamilton Place, near Piccadilly Social Later became the present-day Canning Club
Arthur's 1827 69 St James's Street Social; non-political Closed in 1940. Building later taken over by the Carlton Club; ironic, given its avowedly non-political membership.
Bachelors' Club c.1881 106 Piccadilly Bachelors Closed in late 1940s
Badminton Club 1875 100 Piccadilly Sports; driving (horses and coaches were owned by the club) Dissolved in 1938, as by then horse transport was becoming anachronistic; Clubhouse taken over by the Public Schools Club
Bath Club 1894 34 Dover Street (1894–1941); 74 St James's Street (1950–1959); 43 Brook Street (1959–1981) Sports; the club offered a swimming pool Original clubhouse bombed in the Blitz. Relocated club closed in 1981 - members dispersed to other Clubs including the Oriental Club
Beaconsfield Club 1880 66-68 Pall Mall (1880–1887) Political; Conservative Closed circa 1887/1888; Clubhouse taken over by the Unionist Club
Beefsteak Club 1705 Imperial Phiz public house, Old Jewry Social; Whig closed 1712; current premises near Leicester Square
Burlington Fine Arts Club 1866 177 Piccadilly (1866–1869); 17 Savile Row (1869–1952) The Arts Closed in 1952
Cavalry Club 1890 127 Piccadilly Cavalry officers Merged with the Guards' Club in 1976 to form the present Cavalry and Guards Club
Cobden Club 1866 ? Political; Free Trade doctrine Closed in the 1970s
Commonwealth Club 1868 25 Northumberland Avenue formerly headquarters of the Royal Commonwealth Society Closed June 2013. The RCS still exists as a charity.
Conservative Club 1840 88 St James's Street (1841–1845); 74 St James's Street (1841–1950) Political; Conservative Merged with the Bath Club in 1950, taking on the name of the Bath Club, but moving to the Conservative Club's premises.
Constitutional Club 1883 28 Northumberland Avenue (1886–1959); 40 Pall Mall, sharing the premises of the Junior Carton Club (1962–1964); 116 Pall Mall, sharing the premises of the United Service Club (1964-late 1960s); St. James's Street (1970s) Political; Conservative Closed in 1979; membership merged with the St. Stephen's Club
Crockford's 1828 50 St James's Street Social; especially card games Closed in 1845; clubhouse taken over by the Military, Naval and County Service Club, and then the Devonshire Club. Re-founded in 1928, closed in 1970.
Devonshire Club 1874 50 St James's Street Political; initially Liberal but later largely apolitical Closed in 1976; membership merged with the present East India Club
Eccentric Society Club (1) 1781 Various addresses around Covent Garden Social Closed in 1846
Eccentric Society Club (2) 1858 Leicester Square Social Closed in 1881
Eccentric Club (3) 1890 9 Ryder Street, St James's Social Closed in 1984 for refurbishment, went into liquidation in 1986; in 1985 most members were elected to the present East India Club, and still meet there to this day. In 2008 a group started an endeavour to re-establish the Eccentric Club [48]
Eighty Club 1880 ? Political; Liberal Closed in 1900s
Green Room Club 1877 10 Adelphi Terrace (1877–1883); 22 King Street, Covent Garden (1883); 20 Bedford Street, near Strand (1883–1903); 46 Leicester Square (1903–1940); Whitcomb Street, near Leicester Square (1940–1954); 8-9 Adam Street, near Strand (1955–2000) The Arts and theatre Closed in 2000 [49]
Gresham Club 1843 1 King William Street (1844-1910s); Gresham Place (early 1910s); 15 Abchurch Lane, near King William Street (1915–1991), The City; Merchants and bankers Closed in 1991; members accepted into the City University Club
Guards' Club 1810 70 Pall Mall Officers of the Household Cavalry and Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish, and Welsh regiments of Foot Guards. Closed in 1976, and merged with the Cavalry Club to form the present Cavalry and Guards Club
Gun Club Late 19th century? ? Pigeon hunters Closed
Hogarth Club 1858 84 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia Artists Closed in 1861
Irish Club 1952 Eaton Square, and latterly Blackfriars Closed in 2012
Isthmian Club 1882 105, Piccadilly Rowing, cricket
Jockey Club 1750 Pall Mall Horse racing; primarily for racehorse owners Still exists today, but has moved out of London to Newmarket
Junior Athenaeum 1864 116 Piccadilly The Arts, science, or the clergy Closed
Junior Carlton Club 1866 30 Pall Mall (1868–1968); 94 Pall Mall (1968–1977) Political; Conservative Closed in 1977; membership merged with the present Carlton Club
Junior Constitutional Club 1887 101 Piccadilly Political; Conservative Closed
Junior Naval and Military Club 1870 19 Dover Street (1870–1875); 66-68 Pall Mall (1875–1979) Army and Navy officers The cost of the club's elaborate, purpose-built Pall Mall clubhouse bankrupted the club, and it closed in 1879. The building was then acquired by the Beaconsfield Club.
Kennel Club 1873 29a Pall Mall Dog lovers Still exists today as a society, but no longer provides club facilities.
King of Clubs 1798- ?1830 Crown & Anchor; Freemasons' Tavern; Grillions; Clarendon Hotel High Whig
Marlborough Club 1868- 1945 No. 52 Pall Mall 'a convenient and agreeable place of meeting for a Society of Gentlemen' On 31 December 1945 the Windham, Orleans and Marlborough Clubs amalgamated to form the Marlborough-Windham Club. Rising costs and lack of candidates for admission compelled this club to close in December 1953.[1]
Military, Naval and County Service Club Nov. 1848 50 St James's Street active & retired military officers, including East India Company, Militia and Yeomanry. Founded as the Military and County Service Club, renamed St James's Club c.1850 and dissolved in July 1851. The club used the premises of the former Crockford's Club. Later on the premises were used by the Wellington Dining Rooms, the St George's Club and the Devonshire Club.
National Sporting Club 1891 43 King Street, Covent Garden Sports; Boxing Closed
National Union 1887 ? Political; Unionist Closed in 1890s
New Cavendish Club 1920 44 Great Cumberland Place Social Closed in 2014
New University Club 1864 57 St James's Street; later 6 St James's Street Graduates of Oxford and Cambridge Merged with the United University Club in 1938, which itself merged with the Oxford and Cambridge Club in 1971.
Palace Club 1882 ? Political; Conservative Closed in 1900s
Portland Club c1815 as the Stratford Club; renamed 1825. Originally, 1 Portland Place Card-playing game club Now co-located with the Savile Club
Press Club 1882 Wine Office Court, near Fleet Street Journalism Clubhouse closed in 1986. Press Club still exists today as a society, but no longer offers club facilities [50]
Primrose Club 1886 4&5 Park Place, St James's Street[2] Political; Conservative Closed in 1910s
Prince's Club 1853 Hans Place (1853–1886); 197 Knightsbridge (1888–1940s) Sports Closed in 1940s
Public Schools Club 1909-1915; 1918-1972 134 Albermarle Street (1909–1913); 19 Berkeley Street (1913–1915); Curzon Street (1920–1938); 100 Piccadilly (1938–1972) Alumni of the British public schools Merged with the present East India Club on 1 May 1972, now providing the bulk of their membership
Raleigh Club Late 19th century? Regent Street Members had to have served a year in the armed forces, or be an existing member of another club Closed
Road Club Late 19th century? 4 Park Place, St James's Enthusiasts for the revival of coaching Closed
Royal Aero Club, formerly the Aero Club (1901–1909) 1901 119 Piccadilly (1901–1961); 9 Fitzmaurice Place (inside the Lansdowne Club, 1961–1968); 94 Pall Mall (inside the Junior Carlton Club, 1968–1970); 116 Pall Mall (inside the United Service Club, 1970–1977) "the encouragement of aero-automobilism and ballooning as a sport" Merged into the British Gliding Association in 1977 - no longer provides club facilities.
Royal Anglo-Belgian Club 1942 6 Belgrave Square (1942–1978); 60 Knightsbridge (sharing premises of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, 1978–2010); 8 Northumberland Avenue (2010-2012) Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands Closed in 2012.
St James's Club (1) c.1850 50 St James's Street ? Closed in 1851, late the Military, Naval and County Service Club, formerly the Military and County Service Club.
St James's Club (2) 1857 106 Piccadilly Members of the British diplomatic service, and foreign diplomats in Britain Closed in 1978, and membership merged with Brooks' .
St Stephen's Club 1870 Bridge Street, Westminster (19th century); 34 Queen Anne's Gate, near St James's Park (1962-2013) Political; Conservative Closed 31 December 2012
Sports Club 1893 8 St James's Square Sports Merged with the present East India Club in 1938
Union Club 1800 Trafalgar Square Social Closed in 1949, was then at 86 St James's Street until 1960s merging with the United Service Club; clubhouse is now Canada House
Unionist Club 1886 66-68 Pall Mall Political; Liberal Unionist Closed in 1892; clubhouse acquired by the New Oxford and Cambridge Club
United Club Late 19th century? Charles Street, near Berkeley Square Linked to the United Hotel, with additional facilities for members Closed
United Empire Club 1904 101 Piccadilly Global Reform; Closed
United Service Club

("The Senior")

1815 116 Pall Mall Senior officers (Major/Commander and above) in the army and navy Closed in 1978; clubhouse is now the Institute of Directors
United University Club 1821 1 Suffolk Street, near Pall Mall (1826–1971) Graduates of Oxford and Cambridge Merged with the present Oxford and Cambridge Club in 1971. Clubhouse is now the London centre of the University of Notre Dame
Watier's ? 81 Piccadilly ? Closed
Wellington Club Early 20th century? ? ? Closed
York Club Mid/late 19th century 8 St James's Square (1886–88) ? Closed. Building later acquired by the Junior Travellers' Club, then the Sports Club.

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