List of lakes of China

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The five largest saltwater (Red ones are the largest five, orange ones are the dried ones) and fresh water lakes (Blue ones are the traditional five-large-lakes, cyan ones are those that are supposed to be in the largest five) in China

Lakes of China include:

Lake Region Area (km2) Water
Aibi Lake Xinjiang 36 Saline
Ailik Lake Xinjiang 50 Saline
Ayding Lake Xinjiang Dried Salt Bed
Bosten Lake Xinjiang 1000 Fresh
Chaiwopu Lake Xinjiang 28 Fresh
Chao Lake Anhui 760 Fresh
Dian Lake Yunnan 298 Fresh
Dagze Lake Tibet 245 Saline
Dianshan Lake Shanghai Fresh
Dongqian Lake Zhejiang 20 Fresh
Dongting Lake Hunan 2691 Fresh
Erhai Lake Yunnan 256.5 Fresh
Gaoyou Lake Anhui and Jiangsu 674.7 Fresh
Hongze Lake Jiangsu 1663.32 Fresh
Hulun Lake Inner Mongolia 2339 Fresh
Lumajangdong Tibet
Lugu Lake Sichuan, and Yunnan 48.5 Fresh
Luoma Lake Jiangsu Fresh
Manas Lake Xinjiang salt
Nansi Lake Shandong 1266 Fresh
Pangong Tso Tibet 700 Saline
Poyang Lake Jiangxi 3206.98 Fresh
Qiandao Lake Zhejiang 573 Fresh
Qinghai Lake (Koko Nor) Qinhai 4340 Saline
South Lake Wuhan, Hubei 5 Fresh
South Dongting Lake Hunan Fresh
Taihu Lake Jiangsu, and Zhejiang 2537.17 Fresh
Tianchi Lake Jilin and North Korea 4.9 Fresh
West Lake Zhejiang Fresh
Xingkai Lake Heilongjiang and Russia 4070 Fresh
Yangcheng Lake Jiangsu 20 Fresh

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