List of mosques in Jerusalem

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This is a list of mosques in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, considered the holiest city for Christians and Jews, was one of the earliest cities conquered by the Muslim Arabs. The Dome of the Rock is the oldest preserved Islamic structure in the world. Today the city still contains several mosques, including the Al-Aqsa mosque which served as the first qibla for about a year.


Rashidun (632–661)

For what is known as the Mosque of Omar, see here below under "Ayyubids".

Umayyads (661–750)

Abbasids (750–1258)

Fatimids (909–1171)

Ayyubids (1171–1341)

Mamluks (1250–1517)

Ottomans (1516–1918)

  • al-Maulawiya Mosque, older mosque transformed by the Crusaders into the Church of St Agnes and turned back into a mosque after their defeat

Modern (1918-present)


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