List of people from Fort Wayne, Indiana

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The following is a list of notable natives, residents, or former residents of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Notable natives and former residents

Artists, designers, and architects


Manager of the Cleveland Indians from 2003–2009, Fort Wayne native Eric Wedge
Pro Football Hall of Famer and Fort Wayne native Rod Woodson

Authors and writers

Business leaders

Inventors and scientists

File:Philo T Farnsworth.jpg
Farnsworth, inventor of the modern television, lived in Fort Wayne from 1948–1967.


File:Carole Lombard still.jpg
Fort Wayne native and screen legend Carole Lombard


File:Nyzzy Nyce at DOPE on Fairfax.png
Fort Wayne native and national recording artist DeAngelo Samuel, aka Nyzzy Nyce

Physicians and medical researchers

Public servants

Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and first Comptroller of the Currency, Hugh McCulloch

Religious leaders

John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, is believed to have died in Fort Wayne.



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