List of political parties in Montenegro

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This article lists political parties in Montenegro.

Montenegro has a multi-party system with numerous political parties, in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.

Active parties

Parliamentary parties

Name Abbr. Ideology Leader MPs
Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro
Demokratska partija socijalista Crne Gore
Демократска партија социјалиста Црне Горе
DPS Big tent
Milo Đukanović
30 / 81
Democratic Front
Demokratski Front
Демократски фронт
DF Populism
Social conservatism
collective leadership
16 / 81
Socialist People's Party of Montenegro
Socijalistička narodna partija Crne Gore
Социјалистичка народна партија Црне Горе
SNP Social democracy
Social conservatism
Srđan Milić
7 / 81
Social Democratic Party of Montenegro
Socijaldemokratska Partija Crne Gore
Социјалдемократска партија Црне Горе
SDP Social democracy
Ranko Krivokapić
5 / 81
Demokratski savez
Демократски савез
DEMOS Liberal conservatism Miodrag Lekić
4 / 81
Positive Montenegro
Pozitivna Crna Gora
Позитивна Црна Гора
PCG Pro-Europeanism
Darko Pajović
3 / 81
Democratic Montenegro
Demokratska Crna Gora
Демократска Црна Гора
DCG Centrism Aleksa Bečić
3 / 81
Bosniak Party
Bošnjačka Stranka
Бошњачка странка
BS Bosniak minority interests
Rafet Husović
3 / 81
Social Democrats
Socijaldemokrate Crne Gore
Социјалдемократе Црне Горе
SD Social Democracy
Ivan Brajović
2 / 81
United Reform Action
Ujedinjena reformska akcija
Уједињена реформска акција
URA Social liberalism Žarko Rakčević
2 / 81
Liberal Party of Montenegro
Liberalna Partija Crne Gore
Либерална Партија Црне Горе
LPCG Liberalism
Montenegrin nationalism
Andrija Popović
1 / 81
New Democratic Power – FORCA
Forca e Re Demokratike
Nova Demokratska Snaga - FORCA
FORCA Albanian minority interests Nazif Cungu
1 / 81
Albanian Alternative
Alternativa Shqiptare
Albanska alternativa
AA Albanian minority interests Vasel Sinishtaj
1 / 81
Croatian Civic Initiative
Hrvatska građanska inicijativa
HGI Croatian minority interests Marija Vučinović
1 / 81

Parties without seats

Historical and defunct parties

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