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This article lists political parties in Spain.

Spain has a multi-party system at both the national and regional level. Nationally there are two dominant political parties, (the left-leaning PSOE and conservative PP) which makes it extremely difficult for any other formation or coalition to achieve an electoral majority in the bicameral Cortes Generales (consisting of both the national Congress of Deputies and regional representation in the Senate).

Regional parties can be strong in autonomous communities like Catalonia and the Basque Country and are often essential for national government coalitions.

National political formations of Spain

Most voted political parties in the 2015 Spanish general election

Party Position Ideology Results (2015) Seats in Congress (Total: 350) Coalition partners
People's Party (PP)
Partido Popular
Centre-right to right-wing Conservatism, liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, economic liberalism, unionism 7,236,965 votes, 28.71% of the electorate 123 PP (120)
UPN (2)
FAC (1)
Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)
Partido Socialista Obrero Español
Centre-left Progressivism, social democracy, federalism, pro-Europeanism 5,545,315 votes, 22.00% of the electorate 90 PSOE (81)
PSC (8)
NC (1)
We Can
Left-wing Democratic socialism, social democracy 5,212,711 votes, 20.68% of the electorate 69 Podemos (42)
Independents (8)
Barcelona en Comú (4)
Compromís (4)
Equo (3)
ICV (3)
Anova (2)
EUiA (2)
EU (1)
Centre-left to centre-right Liberalism, social democracy, secularism, autonomism, pro-Europeanism, republicanism, Spanish unionism, postnationalism 3,514,528 votes, 13.94% of the electorate 40
Popular Unity (IU-UPeC)
Unidad Popular
Left-wing Democratic socialism, communism, republicanism, secularism, green politics, anti-atlanticism, soft euroscepticism 926,783 votes, 3.68% of the electorate 2 PCE (1)
Independents (1)
Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC)
Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya
Left-wing Catalan separatism, left-wing nationalism, democratic socialism, republicanism, progressivism 601,782 votes, 2.39% of the electorate 9
Democracy and Freedom (DiL)
Democràcia i Llibertat
Centre-right Catalan separatism, Liberalism 567,253 votes, 2.25% of the electorate 8 CDC (7)
DC (1)
Basque Nationalist Party (PNV)
Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea
Partido Nacionalista Vasco
Parti National Basque
Centre-right Basque nationalism, liberal conservatism, Christian democracy 302,316 votes, 1.20% of the electorate 6
Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA)
Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal
Centre-left Animal welfare 220,369 votes, 0.87% of the electorate 0
Basque Country Unite (EHB)
Euskal Herria Bildu
Far-left Basque nationalism 219,125 votes, 0.87% of the electorate 2 Sortu (2)
Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD)
Unión, Progreso y Democracia
Centre Progressivism, social liberalism, secularism, centralism, radicalism, reformism, constitutionalism, European federalism, radical centrism, monarchism, Spanish patriotism 155,153 votes, 0.62% of the electorate 0
Canarian Coalition (CC-PNC)
Coalición Canaria
Centre to centre-right Canarian nationalism, conservatism 81,917 votes, 0.32% of the electorate 1

Other political parties represented in regional parliaments

Party Position Ideology Regional parliament Seats
Aragonese Party
Partido Aragonés
Centre-right Conservatism, Regionalism Aragonese Corts 6/67
Asturias Forum
Foro Asturias
Centre-right Conservatism, Christian democracy, Regionalism General Junta of the Principality of Asturias 3/45
More for Majorca-Agreement-Initiative Greens
Més per Mallorca
Left wing Democratic socialism, Majorcan nationalism, Green politics Parliament of the Balearic Islands 9/59
Proposal for the Islands
Proposta per les Illes
Centre Liberalism, Centrism, Balearic regionalism Parliament of the Balearic Islands 3/59
Cantabrian Regionalist Party
Partido Regionalista de Cantabria
Centre Progressivism, centrism, Cantabrian regionalism Parliament of Cantabria 12/35
Leonese People's Union
Unión del Pueblo Leonés
Centre Centrism, Leonese regionalism Cortes of Castile and León 1/83
Together for Yes
Junts pel Sí
Big tent Catalan independence Parliament of Catalonia 62/135
Catalonia Yes We Can
Catalunya Sí que es Pot
Left wing Social Justice, Catalan right of self-determination, Left-wing populism, Environmentalism Parliament of Catalonia 11/135
Popular Unity Candidacy
Candidatura d'Unitat Popular
Far-left Catalan nationalism, Libertarian socialism, Catalan independentism, Euroscepticism, Environmentalism Parliament of Catalonia 10/135
Galician Left Alternative
Alternativa Galega de Esquerda
Left wing Socialism, anti-capitalism Parliament of Galicia 7/75
Galician Nationalist Bloc
Bloque Nacionalista Galego
Left wing Galician nationalism, socialism, euroscepticism Parliament of Galicia 7/75
Left wing Galician nationalism, direct democracy, feminism, anti-capitalism, independentism Parliament of Galicia 1/75
Navarrese People's Union
Unión del Pueblo Navarro
Centre-right Conservatism, Regionalism Parliament of Navarre 15/50
Yes to the Future
Geroa Bai
Centre-left Basque nationalism Parliament of Navarre 9/50
Left-wing Socialism Parliament of Navarre 2/50
Commitment Coalition
Coalició Compromís
Left wing Valencian nationalism, democratic socialism, progressivism, green politics Corts Valencianes 19/99

Political parties running for the Spanish general election, 2011[1]

Political parties without any representation

Social conservatism parties

Communist parties

Nationalist parties

Illegal parties

(* Note: Batasuna is legal in France; it is however an association and not a political party) Batasuna is in the list of terrorist organisations of US and EU.

Defunct major parties

Defunct parties

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