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This article lists political parties in Venezuela. Historically, Venezuela has had two major parties, along with numerous other minor parties. That system imploded at the 1998 elections into a multi-party system. In the 2005 parliamentary elections, the Fifth Republic Movement emerged as a dominant party. Its position was continued by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (into which it merged on 20 October 2007), although it is not certain at all if this party system is going to remain stable through the following elections.

The parties

Major parties

Name Ideology Deputies
United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela
PSUV Socialism of the 21st century 52
Justice First
Primero Justicia
PJ Social liberalism 33
Democratic Action
Acción Democrática
AD Social democracy 25
A New Era
Un Nuevo Tiempo
UNT Social democracy 18
Popular Will
Voluntad Popular
VP Centrism 14
The Radical Cause
La Causa Radical
LCR Democratic Socialism 4
Progresist Movement of Venezuela(es)
Movimiento Progresista de Venezuela
MPV Progressivism 4
Project Venezuela
Proyecto Venezuela
ProVen Christian democracy 2
Communist Party of Venezuela
Partido Comunista de Venezuela
PCV Communism 2
Progressive Advance
Avanzada Progresista
AP Progressivism 2
Clear Accounts(es)
Cuentas Claras
CC Progressivism 1
Fearless People's Alliance
Alianza Bravo Pueblo
ABP Social democracy 1
Come Venezuela
Vente Venezuela
VV Centrism 1
Emergent People(es)
Gente Emergente
GE Humanism 1
Bicentennial Republican Vanguard(es)
Vanguardia Bicentenaria Republicana
VBR Bolivarianism 1

Other parties

Parties with no representation in the National Assembly but recent electoral activity:

Regional parties

Major regional parties:

Defunct parties

Parties with no legal status and parties with no recent electoral activity:

Historical parties

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