List of sovereign states and dependent territories in the Caribbean

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This a list of sovereign states and dependent territories in the Caribbean Region.

The Caribbean Region can be taken to mean all the countries in and around the Caribbean Sea that lies within an area that stretches from Grand Bahama Island in the north to Curaçao in the south, and French Guiana in the east to Belize in the west.This is an expanse (mostly of ocean) which measures about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) from north to south, and over 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometres) from east to west.

Ignoring the Central and South American nations that border the Caribbean Sea (whose cultural and linguistic heritage sets their history out of the scope of the region) there is a total of sixteen independent or sovereign states and nine island groupings that remain dependencies in one form or another, to the nations of the United Kingdom, United States, France, and the Netherlands.[1]

Sovereign states

Most sovereign states in the Caribbean (and one British dependency) are members of the Caribbean Community which is an international organisation formed to promote regional integration and collaboration among member states.

  Member of the Caribbean Community only
Name (official name) Flag Capital Currency[2] Official languages Area (km2) Population GDP per capita (PPP) (US$)
Antigua and Barbuda[3] Antigua and Barbuda St. John's East Caribbean dollar English 440 91,295 18,400
The Bahamas (The Commonwealth of The Bahamas)[4] The Bahamas Nassau Bahamian dollar English 13,878 321,834 32,000
Barbados [5] Barbados Bridgetown Barbadian dollar English 431 289,680 25,100
Belize [6] Belize Belmopan Belizean dollar English 22,966 340,844 8,800
Costa Rica [7](Republic of Costa Rica) Costa Rica San José Costa Rican colón Spanish 51,100 4,755,234 12,900
Colombia [8](Republic of Colombia) Colombia Bogotá Colombian peso Spanish 1,138,910 46,245,297 11,100
Cuba[9] (Republic of Cuba) Cuba Havana Cuban peso Spanish 109,886 11,047,251 10,200
Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica) [10] Dominica Roseau East Caribbean dollar English 754 73,449 14,300
Dominican Republic [11] Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Dominican peso Spanish 48,442 10,349,741 9,700
Grenada [12] Grenada St. George's East Caribbean dollar English 344 110,152 13,800
Guatemala[13] (Republic of Guatemala) Guatemala Guatemala City Guatemalan quetzal Spanish 108,890 14,647,083 5,300
Guyana [14] (Co-operative Republic of Guyana) Guyana Georgetown Guyanese dollar English 214,970 735,554 8,500
Haiti[15](Republic of Haiti) Haiti Port-au-Prince Haitian gourde French, Creole 27,750 9,996,731 1,300
Honduras [16](Republic of Honduras) Honduras Tegucigalpa Honduran lempira Spanish 112,492 8,598,561 4,800
Jamaica [17] Jamaica Kingston Jamaican dollar English 10,991 2,930,050 9,000
Nicaragua [18](Republic of Nicaragua) Nicaragua Managua Nicaraguan córdoba Spanish 130,373 5,848,641 4,500
Panama [19](Republic of Panama) Panama Panama City Panamanian balboa, United States dollar Spanish 75,517 3,608,431 16,500
Saint Kitts and Nevis (Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis) [20] Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre
East Caribbean dollar English 261 51,538 16,300
Saint Lucia [21] Saint Lucia Castries East Caribbean dollar English 616 163,362 13,100
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [22] Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown East Caribbean dollar English 389 102,918 12,100
Suriname (Republic of Suriname) [23] Suriname Paramaribo Surinamese dollar Dutch 163,821 573,311 12,900
Trinidad and Tobago [24](Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago dollar English 5,131 1,223,916 20,300
Venezuela [25](Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) Venezuela Caracas Venezuelan bolívar Spanish 916,445 28,868,486 13,600

Dependent territories

Montserrat is a member of both the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States and the Caribbean Community despite being a dependent nation of the United Kingdom. Some islands such as Martinique and Bonaire are not included here because they are not dependent territories of the countries mentioned, instead fully integrated.

Name Country Flag Capital Currency Official languages Area (km2) Population GDP per capita (PPP) (US$)
Anguilla[26] United Kingdom Anguilla The Valley East Caribbean dollar English 91 16,086 12,200
Aruba[27] Netherlands Aruba Oranjestad Aruban Florin Dutch 180 112,162 25,300 (2011 est)
British Virgin Islands[28] United Kingdom British Virgin Islands Road Town United States dollar English 153 32,680 42,300
Cayman Islands[29] United Kingdom Cayman Islands George Town Cayman Islands dollar English 264 54,914 43,800
Curaçao[30] Netherlands Curaçao Willemstad Netherlands Antillean guilder Dutch 444 146,836 15,000 (est)
Montserrat[31] United Kingdom Montserrat Plymouth (de jure)
Brades (de facto)
East Caribbean dollar English 102 5,215 8,500
Navassa Island[32] United States Navassa Island Lulu Town (de facto) United States dollar English 5 0 0
Puerto Rico[33] United States Puerto Rico San Juan United States dollar Spanish, English 9,104 3,620,897 27,384
Saint Barthélemy[34] France Saint Barthélemy Gustavia Euro French 22 7,267 37,000
Collectivity of Saint Martin[35] France Collectivity of Saint Martin Marigot Euro French 54 31,530 19,300
Sint Maarten[36] Netherlands Sint Maarten Philipsburg Netherlands Antillean guilder Dutch, English 34 39,689 15,400
Turks and Caicos Islands[37] United Kingdom Turks and Caicos Islands Cockburn Town United States dollar English 616 49,070 29,100
United States Virgin Islands[38] United States United States Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie United States dollar English 346 104,170 14,500

The phrase "Caribbean countries"

Depending on the speaker and the context, the phrase "Caribbean countries" has a variety of meanings:[39]

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