List of statues of Stalin

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Stalin's statues
Massive Stalin statue in Prague
Statue of Stalin in Stalinallee, Berlin, Germany.
Statue of Vladimir Lenin and Stalin at the Leipzig Trade Fair of 1954.
Penza, 1954. Lenin & Stalin near Penza Planetarium
Statue of Stalin and Klement Gottwald at the Gundelfingen stone-cutting company.
Statue of Stalin at the Joseph Stalin Museum, Gori

This is a list of known monuments dedicated to Joseph Stalin.


  • A statue of Joseph Stalin stood in Tirana but was taken down in December 1990.
  • A large statue of Stalin, along with one of Lenin, can be found behind the Art Museum in Tirana.

Czech Republic


  • A large statue of Stalin raising his right hand was in Riesa.
  • A statue of Stalin stood in the East German Stalinallee, 1951-1961.


  • Small bust in front of the Batumi Stalin Museum.
  • A statue of Stalin stood at the town hall in Gori until it was taken down in June 2010.[1]
  • A Bust and a statue of Stalin was displayed in the Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori, but it was destroyed.
  • A silver statue of Stalin still exists in Shovi.[2]




The Netherlands

  • A statue of Stalin is displayed in water in Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem.[6]





United States

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