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This is a list of things named after Barack Obama, the 44th and current President of the United States. This list includes proposed name changes.






  • Barack Obama Charter SchoolCompton, California – Qued Charter Elementary School renamed after Barack Obama in January 2009[2]
  • Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy – Los Angeles – Built in mid 2010[3]
  • Barack Obama AcademyOakland, California – Alternative Learning Community renamed after Barack Obama in March 2009[4]




New Jersey

  • Barack Obama AcademyPlainfield, New Jersey – Plainfield Academy for Academic & Civic Development renamed to Barack Obama Academy.[8]
  • Barack Obama Green Charter High SchoolPlainfield, New Jersey – Charter high school opened in September 2010.[9]

New York

  • Barack Obama Elementary SchoolHempstead, New York – Ludlum Elementary School renamed to Barack Obama Elementary School.[10]







United States


  • Obama WaySeaside, California – Seaside City Council approved the commemorative designation of Broadway Avenue as Obama Way effective 15 September 2010.[17]




Topographical features

Antigua and Barbuda

  • Mount Obama in Antigua and Barbuda – renamed from Boggy Peak on Obama's birthday, 4 August 2009.[26]

Proposed namings

  • Pembroke Park Road – Hollywood, Florida – portion of (or all of) road proposed to be renamed Barack Obama Boulevard[27]
  • Delmar Boulevard – St. Louis, Missouri – proposed to be renamed Barack Obama Boulevard[28]
  • Street currently named after José Antonio Primo de Rivera proposed to be renamed Calle Barack Obama, in Náquera, in the Spanish province of Valencia.[29]
  • Chicago Midway Airport proposed to be renamed "President Barack Obama Airport".[30]

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