List of Martin B-26 Marauder operators

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List of Martin B-26 Marauder operators
B-26B Marauder in flight

This is a list of Martin B-26 Marauder operators. The main user of the Martin B-26 Marauder was the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) (and its predecessor the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC), renamed in 1941); it would operate for the USAAF and other US military air arms until the end of World War II. During this period the B-26 Marauder in its many variants was also operated by the Free French Air Force, the South African Air Force and the Royal Air Force; serving with many units and in many different theaters of conflict on several continents.



French Air Force

All six squadrons below were operating under command of 42d Bombardment Wing of the US Twelfth Air Force.

File:Downed 319th aircraft.jpg
A B-26 from GBM 1/22 shot down somewhere in the desert of North Africa during World War II.

 South Africa

South African Air Force

 United Kingdom

Royal Air Force

 United States

United States Army Air Corps/Army Air Forces
File:B-26 taking flak.jpg
B-26s of the 323d Bomb Group taking flak over France in 1944
File:B-26 over England.jpg
B-26 Marauder of the 555th Bomb Squadron returning to England after a raid over Germany 1944
File:B-26 pre-D-Day.jpg
B-26 of the 397th Bomb Group conducting pre D-Day strikes over Normandy
File:Aircraft 0012lrg.jpg
The first and second flights of a squadron of the 320th Bomb Group taken from a third flight wing ship.
File:Aircraft 0200 lrg.jpg
Belle Ringer, #22 (42-107534) of the 441st Squadron, in the lead of this flight, she flew over 100 missions and survived the war
  • Thirteenth Air Force
  • Training/support units
    • 21st Bombardment Group (Operational Training Unit) at MacDill Field, Florida, included the 313th, 314th, 315th, 398th Bomb Squadrons.
    • 38th Bombardment Group (Operational Training Unit) included the 69th, 70th, 71st Bomb Squadrons and the 15th Reconnaissance Squadron based in the United States and South-west Pacific.
    • 40th Bombardment Group (Operational Training Unit) included the 25th, 44th, 45th Bomb Squadrons based in the Caribbean.
    • 335th Bombardment Group (Replacement Training Unit) included the 474th, 475th, 476th, 477th Bomb Squadrons based in California, United States.
    • 336th Bombardment Group (Replacement Training Unit) included the 478th, 479th, 480th, 481st Bomb Squadrons based in Louisiana, United States.
  • Tow target squadrons
    • 1st Tow Target Squadron
    • 2d Tow Target Squadron
    • 6th Tow Target Squadron
    • 7th Tow Target Squadron
    • 12th Tow Target Squadron
    • 13th Tow Target Squadron
    • 15th Tow Target Squadron
    • 17th Tow Target Squadron
    • 19th Tow Target Squadron
    • 20th Tow Target Squadron
    • 21st Tow Target Squadron
    • 23d Tow Target Squadron
    • 27th Tow Target Squadron
    • 28th Tow Target Squadron
    • 29th Tow Target Squadron
United States Navy
United States Marine Corps
  • VMJ-1 Commissioned 21 March 1945 at Barking Sands, Kauai, Hawaii as VMTD-1 and on 1 May 1945 was redesignated as VMJ-1 and assigned to the 3rd Marine Division, towing targets for Marine AA batteries over the Hawaiian Islands. The squadron was deactivated on Kauai in October 1945.[18]
  • VMJ-2 Commissioned 10 October 1944 at Marine Corps Air Station Ewa, Hawaii as VMTD-2 to train in towing aerial targets and tracking missions for Marine AA batteries. After two months in Hawaii towing for the 5th Marine Division, the entire detachment of 6 JM-1s (Navy Version of the B-26) left 24 November 1944 for Agana, Guam. They daily towed targets and carried out tracking for Army AA units on Guam, Tinian and Saipan. It was redesignated VMJ-2 on 1 May 1945. Following the war, the squadron returned to the West Coast and was deactivated on 6 March 1946.[19]
  • VMJ-3 Commissioned 1 October 1944 at the Marine Corps Air Station Ewa, Hawaii as VMTD-3 to provide towing and tracking for Marine AA battalions which had been formerly performed by Navy Squadrons attached to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and operated in practice beach assaults with the 4th Marine Division. The squadron was redesignated VMJ-3 on 1 May 1945 at Ewa. In August 1945 the detachment was sent to Midway to tow for Marine defense battalions. Following the end of the war, the squadron returned to MCAS Ewa and was deactivated in October, 1945.[20]


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