Londrina Esporte Clube

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Full name Londrina Esporte Clube
Nickname(s) Tubarão (Shark)
Founded April 5, 1956; 63 years ago (1956-04-05)
Stadium Estádio do Café,
Londrina, PR, Brazil
Ground Capacity 31,019
President Cláudio Canuto
Head coach Claudio Tencati
League Campeonato Brasileiro Série C
2014 Série D, 4th (promoted)
Website Club home page

Londrina Esporte Clube, usually shortened to Londrina, is a Brazilian football team from Londrina in the southern state of Paraná. The club was founded on April 5, 1956 and originally played at the Vitorino Gonçalves Dias stadium. Their current stadium, the Estádio do Café was built for Londrina's participation in the 1976 Brazilian league championship.

The most successful period for Londrina came between 1976 and 1982 when Londrina competed in Brazil's top league for 6 seasons. They were relegated for the 1980 season but claimed their only national league title by becoming champions of the second division. They have also won the state championship four times, as well as claiming 12 Campeonato do Interior Paranaense titles.

In 2013, Londrina finished in top place in the general classification of the Campeonato Paranaense. Although they did not qualify for the state championship final they won the Interior final and thereby qualified for a place in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série D, the fourth tier of the Brazilian league system and will also be placed in the draw for the First Round of the Copa do Brasil.


Londrina was founded by a group of sportsmen who, after watching a friendly match between Nacional and Vasco da Gama in Rolândia, decided that they did not want to go to Rolândia to watch football. Instead, they founded a club in Londrina, their own city. The club, named Londrina Futebol e Regatas, was founded on April 5, 1956. They chose blue and white to be Londrina's colors.[1]

In 1969, Londrina Futebol e Regatas merged with Paraná Esporte Clube, founded in 1942, forming Londrina Esporte Clube.[2] Red and white, the colors for the city of Londrina, became the new club's colors. In 1972, Carlos Antônio Franchello returned to the presidency of the club, and restored blue and white as the club's colors.[3]

In 2008, Londrina won the Copa Paraná for the first time, after beating Cianorte in the final.[4] The club also competed in the same season's Recopa Sul-Brasileira.[4] Londrina was eliminated in the Recopa Sul-Brasileira in the semifinals after a penalty shootout, by Brusque.[5]


1962, 1981, 1992, 2014
Runners-up (1): 2015

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A participations

The club competed in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982,[1] and in 1986.[6] Londrina's best campaign was in 1977, when the club finished in the fourth place.[1]


Londrina's stadium is Estádio do Café,[1] inaugurated in 1976,[7] with a maximum capacity of 45,000 people.[1] However, Vitorino Gonçalves Dias stadium, with a maximum capacity of 13,000 people is owned by Londrina, and sometimes is also used by the club.[8]


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