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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE) was first published by Longman in 1978. The dictionary is available in various formats: paper only; paper with a bundled premium website; online access only or a free online version. LDOCE is an advanced learner's dictionary, providing definitions by using a restricted vocabulary, helping non-native English speakers to understand meanings easily.

The latest version of Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is the sixth edition. The premium website has been thoroughly revised during 2014 and 2015 and offers over a million corpus examples. The website has more — and sometime longer — entries than the paper version, as well as digital resources including a study centre; sound files for every word and 88,000 example sentences; exam practice; grammar guidance; videos; a vocabulary checker; and worksheets for teachers. Frequency information has been added, in the form of the Longman Communication 9000 which guides the user to the 9000 most important words to learn in English using coloured circles to highlight relevant entries.

The free LDOCE online was updated to its current layout in 2008 and offers a search (with spelling assistance), definitions; collocations; many examples and pictures.

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