Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim award winners and league leaders

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This is a list of award winners and league leaders for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim professional baseball team.



Most Valuable Player

Cy Young

Rookie of the Year

AL Manager of the Year

See footnote[1]

Gold Glove Award

Silver Slugger Award

World Series MVP Award


See: League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award

All-Star Game MVP Award

Note: This was re-named the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award in 2002.

All-Star Game—Home Run Derby champion

See: Home Run Derby

DHL Hometown Heroes (2006)

  • Rod Carew — voted by MLB fans as the most outstanding player in the history of the franchise, based on on-field performance, leadership quality and character value

Baseball America Major League Player of the Year

Baseball America All-Rookie Team

See: Baseball America#Baseball America All-Rookie Team

Topps All-Star Rookie teams

Branch Rickey Award

The Sporting News Manager of the Year Award

See footnote[1]

Baseball America Manager of the Year

See: Baseball America#Major League Baseball awards
See footnote[1]
  • Mike Scioscia (2002, 2009)

Associated Press Manager of the Year

See: Associated Press#AP sports awards
See footnote[1]
  • Bill Rigney (1962) (in AL)

Team award

Team records (single-season and career)

Minor-league system

Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award

Minor League Baseball Yearly (MiLBY) Awards Hitter of the Year

Sporting News Minor League Organization of the Year

  • 2003 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim[7]

Minor League News Farm System of the Year

  • 2007 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim[7]

Other achievements

Hall of Famers

See: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim#Baseball Hall of Famers

Angels Hall of Fame

See: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim#Angels Hall of Fame

Retired numbers

See: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim#Retired numbers

Gene Autry Trophy

The Gene Autry Trophy, named for former Angels owner Gene Autry, is given to the team most valuable player. The award is voted on by the players.[8]

Year Winner
1990 Finley, ChuckChuck Finley
1991 Abbott, JimJim Abbott
1991 Harvey, BryanBryan Harvey
1992 Polonia, LuisLuis Polonia
1993 Langston, MarkMark Langston
1993 Salmon, TimTim Salmon (1)
1994 Davis, ChiliChili Davis
1995 Salmon, TimTim Salmon (2)
1996 Percival, TroyTroy Percival
1997 Salmon, TimTim Salmon (3)
1998 DiSarcina, GaryGary DiSarcina
1999 Anderson, GarretGarret Anderson (1)
2000 Erstad, DarinDarin Erstad
2001 Anderson, GarretGarret Anderson (2)
2002 Anderson, GarretGarret Anderson (3)
2003 Anderson, GarretGarret Anderson (4)
2004 Guerrero, VladimirVladimir Guerrero
2005 Figgins, ChoneChone Figgins
2005 Colón, BartoloBartolo Colón

American League statistical leaders (batting)

Batting Average

Slugging Percentage


At Bats



Total Bases



Home Runs




Stolen Bases

  • Mickey Rivers 70 (1975)
  • Mike Trout 49 (2012)


Hit By Pitch

Sacrifice Hits

Sacrifice Flies

Intentional Walks

Grounded into Double Plays

At Bats per Strikeout

At Bats per Home Run


Runs Created

Adj. On-Base Plus Slugging

Adj. Batting Runs

Adj. Batting Wins

Power-Speed Number

Offensive Win Perc.

Win Probability Added

Wins Above Replacement (Baseball Reference)

Wins Above Replacement for Position Players (Baseball-Reference)

Offensive Wins Above Replacement (Baseball Reference)

American League statistical leaders (pitching)




Hits Allowed/9IP

  • Andy Messersmith 6.08 (1969)
  • Andy Messersmith 6.66 (1970)
  • Nolan Ryan 5.26 (1972)
  • Nolan Ryan 5.98 (1974)
  • Nolan Ryan 6.11 (1976)
  • Nolan Ryan 5.96 (1977)
  • Nolan Ryan 6.83 (1979)
  • Jered Weaver 7.01 (2012)


  • Nolan Ryan 10.43 (1972)
  • Nolan Ryan 10.57 (1973)
  • Nolan Ryan 9.93 (1974)
  • Frank Tanana 9.41 (1975)
  • Nolan Ryan 10.35 (1976)
  • Nolan Ryan 10.26 (1977)
  • Nolan Ryan 9.97 (1978)
  • Nolan Ryan 9.01 (1979)




  • Nolan Ryan 329 (1972)
  • Nolan Ryan 383 (1973)MLB RECORD
  • Nolan Ryan 367 (1974)
  • Frank Tanana 269 (1975)
  • Nolan Ryan 327 (1976)
  • Nolan Ryan 341 (1977)
  • Nolan Ryan 260 (1978)
  • Nolan Ryan 223 (1979)
  • Jered Weaver 233 (2010)

Games Started

Complete Games


Home Runs Allowed

Walks Allowed

  • Bo Belinsky 122 (1962)
  • Dean Chance 114 (1966)
  • Nolan Ryan 157 (1972)
  • Nolan Ryan 162 (1973)
  • Nolan Ryan 202 (1974)
  • Nolan Ryan 183 (1976)
  • Nolan Ryan 204 (1977)
  • Nolan Ryan 148 (1978)

Hits Allowed

Strikeout to Walk


Earned Runs Allowed

Wild Pitches

Hit Batsmen

Batters Faced

Games Finished

Oldest Player

Youngest Player

See also


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