Louis Charles Armand Fouquet

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Louis Charles Armand Fouquet, known as Chevalier de Belle-Isle (19 September 1693 in Agde - 19 July 1747 at the Battle of Assietta) was a French general and diplomatist. He was the younger brother to Marshal Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, duc de Belle-Isle.

He served as a junior officer in the War of the Spanish Succession and as brigadier in the campaign of 1734 on the Rhine and Moselle, where he won the grade of marchal de camp. He was employed under his brother in political missions in Bavaria and in Swabia in 1741-1742, became a lieutenant-general, fought in Bohemia, Bavaria and the Rhine countries in 1742-1743, and was arrested and sent to England with the marshal in 1744. On his release he was given a command in the Army of Piedmont. He fell a victim to his romantic bravery at the battle of Assietta.[1]


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