Love, Honor and Behave

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File:Love, Honor and Behave (1938) 1.jpg
Scene from the film, starring Priscilla Lane, Wayne Morris and Stanley Logan.

Love, Honor and Behave is a 1938 American drama film directed by Stanley Logan and starring Wayne Morris and Priscilla Lane. The supporting cast includes John Litel, Thomas Mitchell, Dick Foran and Dickie Moore. Initially set in Meadowfield, Long Island in 1922, the picture's plot revolves around a timid husband who finally stands up for himself in the wake of being cuckolded by his ravishing wife.


Wayne Morris as Ted Painter

Priscilla Lane as Barbara Blake

Dick Foran as Pete Martin

Thomas Mitchell as Dan Painter

Barbara O'Neill as Sally Painter

John Litel as Jim Blake

Mona Barrie as Lisa Blake

Dickie Moore Ted Painter (as a child)

Audrey Leonard as Barbara Blake (as a child)

Minor Watson

Donald Briggs

Margaret Irving

Gregory Gaye

Crauford Kent

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