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Mária Bajzek Lukács (Slovene: Marija Bajzek Lukač, January 24, 1960) is a Hungarian Slovene language writer and university professor.[1][2]

She was born was in Szentgotthárd and spent her childhood in Felsőszölnök. Between 1974 and 1978, she attended the Serbo-Croatian High School in Budapest. In 1978, she started her studies in Ljubljana, and in 1983 received a Slovene and Serbo-Croatian teaching diploma. Until 1988, Bajzek Lukács was the editor of the Narodne Novine. In 2004, she earned her doctorate in Budapest.

Mária Bajzek today is an adjunct professor of the Department of Slavic philology at ELTE and a visiting teacher in Maribor. She speaks Hungarian, Slovene, Prekmurian, Serbian and Croatian languages. One area of her research the Prekmurian language (the Raba March dialect). In 2009, she wrote the dictionary of the Felsőszölnökian dialect, and in 2010 she translated a book on the history of Prekmurian and Slovene languages.

Her husband István Lukács is also a professor at ELTE.

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