M. Rosaria Piomelli

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M. Rosaria Piomelli
Born M. Rosaria Piomelli (Agrisano)
(1937-10-24) October 24, 1937 (age 81)
Naples, Italy
Nationality United States
Occupation Architect, Professor

M. Rosaria Piomelli (born Agrisano on October 24, 1937)[1][2] is an Italian architect.[1] She became the first woman to hold the position of dean at any architectural school in the United States when she was appointed dean of the CCNY School of Architecture in 1980.[1][3][4]

Early life

Piomelli was born in Naples, Italy.[1][2] She received her education in Naples, where she finished her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in 1955.[1][2] She also obtained her Bachelor of Architecture in 1960.[1][2] She has a daughter, Fosca Francesca Piomelli.[4]


Piomelli worked as a project architect in several offices in Italy, the United States and the Netherlands from 1971 to 1974.[1] She has worked as a professor[4] and also served many terms at various positions in the United States.[1][5] Piomelli has also devoted herself to promoting the work of women in the architecture field.[1][2] She has also written books about the work of women in American architecture.[1][2]


  • Canary Wharf. March 1991, London[1]
  • Vitta in Citta. 1992[1]


The M. Rosaria Piomelli Architectural Papers, 1960-1995, are held in Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va, under the collection number MS1995-007.[6]

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