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Mystery Writers of America (MWA) is an organization of mystery and crime writers, based in New York City.[1]

The organization was founded in 1945 by Clayton Rawson, Anthony Boucher, Lawrence Treat, and Brett Halliday.

It presents the Edgar Award, a small bust of Edgar Allan Poe, to mystery or crime writers every year. It presents the Raven Award to non-writers, who contribute to the mystery genre. The category of Best Juvenile Mystery is also part of the Edgar Award, with such notable recipients as Barbara Brooks Wallace having won the honor twice, for The Twin in the Tavern in 1994 and Sparrows in the Scullery in 1998, and Tony Abbott for his novel The Postcard, which received critical accolades in 2009.

Grand Master Award

The Grand Master Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Mystery Writers of America. It recognizes lifetime achievement and consistent quality. (The award was presented irregularly up to 1978; with the exception of 2009, 2013, 2014, and 2015, it has been given to one writer annually since then.)

Year Recipient(s) Year Recipient(s) Year Recipient(s) Year Recipient(s)
1955 Agatha Christie 1978 Daphne du Maurier
Dorothy B. Hughes
Ngaio Marsh
1994 Lawrence Block 2011 Sara Paretsky
1958 Vincent Starrett 1995 Mickey Spillane 2012 Martha Grimes
1959 Rex Stout 1996 Dick Francis 2013 Ken Follett
Margaret Maron
1961 Ellery Queen 1979 Aaron Marc Stein 1997 Ruth Rendell
1962 Erle Stanley Gardner 1980 W. R. Burnett 1998 Elizabeth Peters 2014[2] Carolyn Hart
Robert Crais
1963 John Dickson Carr 1981 Stanley Ellin 1999 P. D. James
1964 George Harmon Coxe 1982 Julian Symons 2000 Mary Higgins Clark 2015 Lois Duncan
James Ellroy
1966 Georges Simenon 1983 Margaret Millar 2001 Edward D. Hoch
1967 Baynard Kendrick 1984 John le Carré 2002 Robert B. Parker
1969 John Creasey 1985 Dorothy Salisbury Davis 2003 Ira Levin
1970 James M. Cain 1986 Ed McBain 2004 Joseph Wambaugh
1971 Mignon G. Eberhart 1987 Michael Gilbert 2005 Marcia Muller
1972 John D. MacDonald 1988 Phyllis A. Whitney 2006 Stuart M. Kaminsky
1973 Judson Philips
Alfred Hitchcock
1989 Hillary Waugh 2007 Stephen King
1990 Helen McCloy 2008 Bill Pronzini
1974 Ross Macdonald 1991 Tony Hillerman 2009 James Lee Burke
Sue Grafton
1975 Eric Ambler 1992 Elmore Leonard
1976 Graham Greene 1993 Donald E. Westlake 2010 Dorothy Gilman

Raven Award

The Raven Awards are recorded in the Edgars Database of the Mystery Writers of America. [3]

Year Recipient Notes
1953 E.T. Guymon Jr. "For his outstanding library of mystery literature"
1954 Harrison Stanford Martland Retiring medical examiner, Essex County, New Jersey
1954 Tom Lehrer "For his mystery parodies"
1954 Dr. Thomas A. Gonzales Retiring medical examiner, New York City
1957 Dorothy Kilgallen Reader of the Year
1959 Franklin D. Roosevelt Reader of the Year, accepted by Eleanor Roosevelt
1959 Frederic G. Melcher On his retirement after 35 years with Publishers Weekly
1959 Lawrence G. Blochman "For long and distinguished service"
1960 Phyllis McGinley Mystery Fan of the Year
1960 Gail Patrick Jackson Executive producer, Perry Mason
1960 Alfred Hitchcock "For his contributions to the mystery genre"
1960 David C. Cook Best Detective Stories of the Year
1960 Ray Brennan "For crime reporting"
1961 Ilka Chase Reader of the Year
1962 The Defenders TV series
1965 Philip Wittenberg "For his long years of voluntary service"
1965 Dr. Milton Helpern "For his work in forensic medicine"
1967 Richard Watts, Jr. Reader of the Year
1967 Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine "On its 26th anniversary and as the best showcase for mystery stories"
1968 Joey Adams Reader of the Year
1971 Judith Crist Reader of the Year
1975 CBS Radio Mystery Theater Produced by Himan Brown
1975 Royal Shakespeare Company Revival production
1975 Wide World Mystery ABC-TV
1976 Leo Margolies Editor, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine
1976 Eddie Lawrence Reader of the Year
1978 Richard N. Hughes "I Am My Brother's Keeper"
1978 Edward Gorey For the sets he designed for Dracula on Broadway
1978 Danny Arnold Executive producer, Barney Miller
1979 Alberto Tedeschi Publisher of the Mondadori mysteries
1980 The Muppet Show Episode, "Muppet Murders"[4]
1983 Isaac Bashevis Singer Reader of the Year
1983 Sylvia Porter Reader of the Year
1985 Eudora Welty Reader of the Year
1986 Suzi Oppenheimer Reader of the Year
1988 Vincent Price
1988 Angela Lansbury
1989 Shear Madness Longest running off-Broadway play
1989 Bouchercon Annual World Mystery Convention
1991 Sarah Booth Conroy Reader of the Year
1991 Carol Brener "For her skill in selling books to the public"
1992 Harold Q. Masur "For his years of service to MWA as general counsel"
1993 Bill Clinton Reader of the Year
1995 Paul LeClerc President, New York Public Library
1996 Library of America "For their publication of the collected writings of Raymond Chandler"
1997 Marvin Lachman
1998 Sylvia K. Burack Editor, The Writer magazine
1999 Steven Bochco
2000 Harold Augenbraum Director, The Mercantile Library
2001 Enid Schantz, Tom Schantz The Rue Morgue Press
2002 Barbara G. Peters The Poisoned Pen mystery bookstore
2002 Anthony Mason, Douglas Smith Correspondent and producer of "The Fine Print", CBS Sunday Morning profiles of mystery writers[5]
2002 Charles Champlin Book critic, Los Angeles Times
2003 Edgar Allan Poe Museum Richmond, Virginia
2003 Pat Thomas, Ed Thomas Book Carnival mystery bookstore, Orange, California[6]
2003 Otto Penzler The Mysterious Bookshop
2004 Graydon Carter and Vanity Fair "In recognition of their coverage of true crime"
2004 Bowling Green State University Ray and Pat Browne Library for Popular Culture Studies,"in recognition of its long-standing work in collecting and preserving detective fiction"
2005 Martha Farrington Murder by the Book bookstore, Houston, Texas
2005 Diane Kovacs, Kara Robinson Founders, DorothyL listserv
2005 Steve Oney Founder, Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theatre
2006 Joan Hansen Creator, Men of Mystery Conference
2006 Bonnie Claeson, Joe Guglielmelli Black Orchid Bookshop
2007 Kathy Harig, Tom Harig Mystery Loves Company Bookstore
2007 Mitchell Kaplan Books & Books
2008 Center for the Book Library of Congress
2009 Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum Baltimore, Maryland
2009 Edgar Allan Poe Society Baltimore, Maryland
2010 Richard Goldman, Mary Alice Gorman Mystery Lovers Bookshop, Oakmont, Pennsylvania[7]
2010 Zev Buffman International Mystery Writers Festival
2011 Pat Frovarp, Gary Shulze Once Upon a Crime Mystery Bookstore, Minneapolis, Minnesota[8]
2011 Augie Aleksy Centuries and Sleuths Bookstore
2012 Molly Weston Meritorious Mysteries
2012 Ed Kaufman M is for Mystery
2013 Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore San Diego, California
2013 Oline Cogdill Mystery fiction columnist and critic[9]
2014 Aunt Agatha's Bookstore Ann Arbor, Michigan
2015 Kathryn Kennison Magna Cum Murder
2015 Ruth and Jon Jordan Crimespree magazine

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