Maadiran Group

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Maadiran Group
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1962
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Products Technology
Office equipment
Number of employees

The Maadiran group is an Iranian group of companies that handles the sales, support, and manufacturing of office equipment, banking, and electrical consumer products within Iran. The group is totally private and not affiliated to the Iranian government, or any Iranian NGOs.

It is currently regarded as the largest private electronics solution provider within Iran with a distribution channel of over 1800 direct sales dealers and over 6000 sales sub-dealers.

The group was established in 1964 and was formerly known as Iran Office Machines Company Ltd. It is an exclusive distributor for Sharp Corporation, LG Group, AOC, Dell, Asus, Acer, CTS Electronics, Optoma, Wacom, Olivetti, and Epson as well as a number of other brands. Maadiran also has several own brand product lines including a range of PC accessories (Brand name Meva) and a range of AV products being sold under X-Vision brand.

In 2004 the group began to export its locally manufactured products to the Middle East. This trend increased dramatically in early 2005 when LG Electronics began to buy Iranian-produced LG-Maadiran monitors for its own exports to the Persian Gulf markets. Maadiran also markets its Meva and X-Vision brands to regional markets.

Maadiran's after-sales support subsidiary, has 21 regional branches through which it provides support all over Iran. These 21 branches in turn support a larger network of over 500 authorized service dealers across the country.

Maadiran is the number one manufacturer of DVB-T Set-top and mobile devices within Iran with a total output of 710,000 units in 2013. Its X-Vision brand is also the third most popular television brand within the country.

The original Maadiran logo consisted of two bars with the company name written in both Persian and English inside the bars.

The Maadiran Group logo was created by Iranian calligrapher and logo-designer Mr. Chehreh-Pardaz. This logo was first used by the group in 2000 and was the first logo in which the company's new name, 'Maadiran', appeared.

Product Range

Maadiran distributes a broad range of products including:

  • IT products
Monitors Consumables Tablets
Data Storage Printers Speakers
Projectors Scanners PC Accessory
Notebooks Digital Signage Interactive whiteboards
Video walls Thin Clients All-in-one PCs
  • Office Equipment products
Copiers Facsimiles Calculators
POS systems Consumables
  • Renewable Energies
Solar Panels
  • Consumer Electronics
LCD Televisions LED televisions DVB-T Set top Boxes
Air Purifiers Digital TV Converters Home Theatre Systems
  • Banking Equipment
Cheque Printers Cheque Scanners Passbook Printers
Cheque Sorting Slip Printers Kiosks

Company Slogan

Since 2003, the Group's slogan has been "Nemaad Etminaan" which translates to "Symbol of Reliability". This goes back to the core values of the Maadiran Group as an organization that provides, in its opinion, the best products, deliverability, and service to its customers. This is exemplified by its after-sales service which is unmatched in Iran. Previous to this the group carried no slogan.

Maadiran Service (Maadiran Guarantee)

Maadiran is the only company within Iran that offers nationwide after-sales support on all of its consumer electronics products.

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