Macau Peninsula

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Macau Peninsula
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 澳門半島
Simplified Chinese 澳门半岛
Portuguese name
Portuguese Península de Macau

Macau Peninsula is the oldest and most populous part of Macau. It has an area of 8.5 square kilometres (3.3 sq mi) (4 by 1.8 kilometres (2.5 mi × 1.1 mi)) and is geographically connected to Guangdong province, at the northeast, through an isthmus 200 metres (660 ft) wide. The peninsula, together with the city centre of Zhuhai, sits on an island separated from the continent by distributaries of the Pearl River. The Border Gate (Chinese: 關閘; Portuguese: Portas do Cerco) was built on the northern isthmus. At the south, the peninsula is connected to Taipa Island by three bridges, the Friendship Bridge (Ponte de Amizade); the Macau-Taipa Bridge (Ponte Governador Nobre de Carvalho); and the Sai Van Bridge (Ponte de Sai Van). The longest axis extends 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from the Border Gate to the southwestern edge, Barra (媽閣嘴). There is a western Inner Harbour (內港), and an eastern Outer Harbour (外港). The 93 metres (305 ft) Guia Hill (松山) is the highest point on the peninsula, which is, on an average, 50 to 75 metres (164 to 246 ft). Many coastal places are reclaimed from sea. The Historic Centre of Macau, which is entirely in the Macau Peninsula, became a World Heritage Site in 2005.


The peninsula corresponds to the historical Concelho de Macau, which is divided into five regions, nominally parishes, with no authority:

Freguesia / Parish 2013 Area (km²)[1] 2013 Area (mi²) 2013 Population[2] Density (/km²) Density (/mi²)
Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fatima.PNG Nossa Senhora de Fátima (花地瑪) 3.2 1.2 237,500 74,218 197,917
Freguesia de Santo Antonio.PNG Santo António (花王 / 聖安多尼) 1.1 0.4 129,800 118,000 324,500
Freguesia de Sao Lazaro.PNG São Lázaro (望德) 0.6 0.2 33,100 55,166 165,500
Freguesia da Se.PNG (大) 3.4 1.3 52,200 15,352 40,154
Freguesia de Sao Lourenco.PNG São Lourenço (風順 / 聖老愣佐) 1.0 0.4 51,700 51,700 129,250
Total 9.3 3.6 504,300 54,226 140,083
Panoramic view of the 4.7 km long Ponte de Amizade (Friendship Bridge) from the Macau Peninsula (left) to the Taipa Island (right), Macau

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