Magda Aelvoet

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Magda Aelvoet
Born Magdalena Godelieve Hilda Aelvoet
(1944-04-04) 4 April 1944 (age 74)
Steenokkerzeel, Belgium
Nationality Belgium
Occupation politician

Magdalena Godelieve Hilda "Magda" Aelvoet (born 4 April 1944) is a Belgian, Flemish politician. She is a former president of the Greens in the European Parliament.

From 1999 to 2002 she served as Deputy Prime Minister in the Verhofstadt I Government, but resigned because of a Belgian arms delivery to Nepal that she opposed.

In 1995 she was made a Minister of State for her part in the negotiations of the Saint Michael's Accords



  • 28 October 1985 – 17 October 1991: Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Senator [provincial] (constituency Antwerp)
  • 24 November 1991 – 19 July 1995: Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Representative (constituency Leuven)
  • 12/06/1994 – 13 June 1999: Flag of Europe.svg Member of European Parliament (president EG-EFA)
  • 06/07/1999 – 12/07/1999: Flag of Flanders.svg Flemish Representative (constituency Leuven)
  • 1999 – 28 August 2002: Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Federal minister for Consumer Affairs, Public Health and Environment (replaced by Jef Tavernier)
  • 30 January 1995 – : Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Minister of State



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