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Maggie's Dream was an alternative funk rock band formed by Raf Hernandez, Danny Palomo, Lonnie Hillyer, Tony James and former Menudo member and future solo musician, Draco Rosa. The band’s stridency earned them a spot with Fishbone and Faith No More during their tours. Maggie's Dream was signed to Capitol Records and released only one album.

Their lone album was a hybrid of funk, soul and rock with Latin twists on some songs. It featured many guest appearances. It was rumored that Lenny Kravitz, sang chorus in the song "Father Mother" but this is not true. Lenny did however sing on a few of the band's early demos before they were signed to Capitol.[1]

The band shortly disbanded after the album in which Draco Rosa continued on his solo career.


  • Maggie's Dream (1990 album)

Track listing

  1. "Change for the Better" − 3:45
  2. "Father Mother" − 4:58
  3. "Love & Tears" − 4:49
  4. "Human" − 4:26
  5. "Living for the Times" − 4:02
  6. "It's a Sin" − 4:35
  7. "One in Six" − 5:08
  8. "Between Fear and Desire" − 4:54
  9. "I Can Take You" - 5:15
  10. "Dear Simone" - 4:20
  11. "Fly" - 5:41

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