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Limited Liability Company
Industry Telecommunications
Founded February 12, 1996
Founder Dr. George (Gia) Jokhtaberidze
Headquarters Tbilisi, Georgia
Number of locations
  • 49 Customer Sales Offices
  • 5 Mobile (Minibus) Offices
  • 25 Outlets in Justice Centers
Area served
98% of the populated territory of Georgia
Key people
David Lee (President)
Owner Telcell Wireless LLC & ITC LLC
Number of employees

MagtiCom Ltd. (commonly known as Magti) is a telecommunications company, headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia. Magticom was founded in 1996 and today is the largest telecommunications company in Georgia. Magticom operates under five main brands Magti, Bali, MagtiFix, Bani, MagtiSat, and delivers various telecom services to more than 3 million customers nationwide. Magticom has more than 300 roaming partners in more than 150 countries. Magticom is the largest contributor to the economy of the country. As of March 30, 2016, the Company has contributed over one billion five hundred ten million (1.510.458.348) Lari to the economy of Georgia.[1]


Magti GSM logo 1997

The company was established in 1996 and became operational by the beginning of 1997. In 1999 MagtiCom became first GSM operator in Georgia to move to the GSM 900/1800 MHz dual-band system.

The same year the first edition of MagtiCom's quarterly magazine "The world of constant connection" was published. In 2000 MagtiCom was the first mobile operator in Georgia who offered to its subscribers Dual-subscribtion SIM cards and introduced the first card based pre-paid billing system in Georgia. In 2001 Magticom launched mobile internet based on WAP and GPRS services.

In 2005 MagtiCom launched its second brand Bali which is narrowly focused on the youth population of Georgia. The same year MagtiCom started building of the first Third Generation network in Georgia. As a result, in 2006 MagtiCom introduced 3G network with HSDPA support. Company introduced a range of services including Video call, Mobile TV and High-speed Mobile Internet.[2]

In 2007 Georgian government announced a tender to build so called GGN (Georgian Governmental Network) across the whole Georgia. MagtiCom participated and won the tender. in 2008 Magticom prematurely fulfilled its obligations and as a result more than 408 ministries and governmental offices were connected with each other by means of secure and stable IP network.

In 2008 MagtiCom started to offer fixed-Wireless telephone and Internet service to its subscribers by means of its third brand Magti Fix. The network used for Magti Fix service is based on CDMA-450 1x standard and represents separate network with its own network elements which was rolled-out in a record short time. Later in 2009 MagtiCom offered to its Magti Fix subscribers wireless broadband Internet by means of EV-DO technology which operates the same frequency as CDMA 1x but represents different network.

In January 2012 MagtiSat, the first operator of satellite broadcasting, was launched to provide the top-quality TV broadcasting to any place of the country;

In February 2015 Magticom launched 4G network using FDD-LTE 1800 MHz frequency. 4G network now covers most territory of country.

Today MagtiCom is the only telecommunications company in Georgia with the ability to offer the quad play: mobile and fixed telephony, internet and television.

Brands & Products

Magti Logo 
Bali Logo 
Bani Logo 
MagtiFix Logo 
MagtiSat Logo 

Magti, Bali, Bani

File:Bali Bichi (Bali Boy).png
Bali Bichi (Boy) launched along Bali brand in 2005. In 2009, Bali Bichi was sent to retirement.
MagtiSat and SES Satellites.

Magticom offers mobile services via three brands: Magti, Bali, Bani. These three brands target various segments in the Georgian population.

First brand offered by Magticom was "Magti GSM". As the technology evolved, Magticom rebranded Magti GSM as "Magti". Nowadays, Magti offers premium services including Voice Call, Video Call, Roaming, Mobile Broadband and Mobile Internet.

Bali was launched in 2005 and targeted the millennials. Bali brand was launched with "Bali Bichi" (translated to Bali Boy) character. Bali Boy was sent to retirement in 2009, however the Bali brand is still in use targeting youngest segment of the population.

Bani brand was launched in 2010 with most cost-efficient services.


In 2008, Magticom launched MagtiFix, a wireless home phone service. MagtiFix is based on a CDMA technology. MagtiFix became widely popular, especially in remote and mountainous areas throughout Georgia. Magticom added wireless broadband Internet by means of EV-DO technology.


Magtisat is the first operator of toll satellite television in Georgia and in the South Caucasus. MagtiSat launched in January 2012. MagtiSat effects broadcasting from Astra 5B satellite and covers the entire territory of Georgia.[3][4]


Magticom launched MagtiFun portal to allow users to send 50 free SMS per day. Users can create and remember their favorite numbers via Contact Book. MagtiFun portal is synced with Facebook.

MyMagti Portal

Magticom launched portal in 2014. MyMagti is based on iOS, Android and web apps. MyMagti allows users to take full control over their accounts at Magticom at any time. MyMagti users can purchase additional packages: SMS, Voice Call, Internet.

Network and Technology

To deliver diversity of telecommunication services to its subscribers MagtiCom operates number of different networks and uses big variety of contemporary technologies. To deliver mobile voice and data communication MagtiCom operates 2.5G and 3.5G networks. 2.5G network is based on GSM 900/1800 standard and uses GPRS technology to deliver mobile data services with up to 96 kbit/s speed. MagtiCom also delivers 3G services to its customers by means of WCDMA (UMTS) network which operates in 2.1 GHz frequency range and uses HSPA+ technology for even faster mobile internet and data services (up to 21.6 Mbit/s).

For Wireless-Fixed telephony and Data service MagtiCom operates CDMA-450 1x/EV-DO networks. Magticom’s CDMA signal covers more than 75% of populated territory of Georgia.

To deliver wireless internet service, in addition to EV-DO technology MagtiCom also uses WiMax and Wi-Fi networks in a number of cities and regional centers of Georgia.

For cable (fixed) internet service Magticom uses Active optical network technology which supports internet connection with up to 100 Mbit/s speed.

Customer Support

Magticom has 13 customer sales offices in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The company also has 36 regional offices.

For remote areas, Magticom launched the minibus-based mobile offices, so-called Magtimobiles. Five minibuses are equipped with all necessary office equipment and they regularly visit all the populated points where there are no permanent Magti offices.[5]

The company is also represented in 25 outlets in Justice Centers nationwide.


The world of constant connection

Since 1999, MagtiCom publishes its quarterly magazine “The World of Constant Connection”[6] which is distributed to the Georgian population for free. The magazine contains information about new services and technologies introduced by MagtiCom, coverage maps with company’s sales offices, and list of company’s roaming partners. Also magazine offers a reader various articles about latest telecommunication technologies and other cognitive materials.

Magti Club

Magticom opened Magti Club to host Magticom-sponsored book and art catalogue presentations, live music shows and charity events.

Marketing Events and Places


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