Magyar Nemzet

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Magyar Nemzet
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Founder(s) Sándor Petheő
Founded 1938; 84 years ago (1938)
Political alignment Conservative
Language Hungarian

Magyar Nemzet is a major Hungarian newspaper published in Hungary. Its name literally means "Hungarian nation".

History and profile

Magyar Nemzet, a moderate conservative daily, was founded by Sándor Petheő in 1938.[1] The paper fused with the other conservative daily Napi Magyarország in April 2000.

Magyar Nemzet is regarded as part of conservative media which intensified in the country in 2010.[2] The newspaper is often considered to be close to Fidesz, and often voices support for this party, led by Viktor Orbán. Its editorials often speak out against the socialist and liberal parties, Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) and Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ).

Magyar Nemzet is published in broadsheet format.[3] Its major rival is Népszabadság, the former communist party newspaper, mostly supported the former socialist MSZP/SZDSZ government. Magyar Nemzet's editorials often complain about bias of the more readily available Népszabadság and the former government's de facto censorship by cutting off funds for conservative news [4]


The circulation of Magyar Nemzet was 132,000 copies in January 1989 and 121,000 copies in January 1991.[5] The paper had a circulation of 70,000 copies in July 1992 and 55,000 copies in March 1993.[5] Its circulation was 41,000 copies in 1998.[6] The paper had a circulation of 64,209 copies in 2009, making it the fifth best-selling daily in the country.[1] However, the paper lost one-third of its readers between 2005 and 2010.[7] During the same period the visitors of its website also declined.[7]


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