Makrifat Cinta

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Makrifat Cinta is a Malaysian movie written and directed by Kamal G and released in 2017. The movie is produced by Lady G. It features Syamsul Yusof, Nora Danish, Nabila Huda, Ady_Putra, Puteri_Balqis in lead roles, and Aznil Nawawi, Sabrina Ali in supporting roles.

The movie marks the first feature film from Dhananwoodd Films. A Cooke Optics S5 lens was used for filming. The story is inspired from a real life incident.[1][2][3][4][5]


Mahathir is apparently an ordinary person, belonging to a lower middle class family. But the fire inside him to become a millionaire makes him different. A person may have some problems in life. But if life itself becomes a problem? With his wife Zara's extravagant life style, his only solace is his daughter Aisha, who stands by him during the most difficult times.

With his income insufficient due to the extravagant expenses of his wife, the days are very difficult for Mahathir. Then he learns his schoolmate Sofea has grown to be a very beautiful and smart woman. Their acquaintance develops into sincere affection, but the friendship is mistaken by Mahathir’s wife Zara, and she leaves him. She seeks her brother Rizal’s help to take revenge.

Mahathir’s daughter also develops deep affection towards Sofea. Poor Aisha is feeling bad about the financial troubles faced by her father and is not able to concentrate on her studies. After Sofea’s visits she seems to become cheerful. Sofea’s encouragement gives strength to Mahathir, and the unique mobile app he is developing comes to the finishing stage. It could make Mahathir a millionaire.

What is so unique about the app? Is it just friendship or love that blossoms between Mahathir and Sofea? What is the revenge plan construed by Zara? After all the hurdles, has Mahathir succeeded in fulfilling his dreams?[6][7][8][9][10]

Cast and Crew:


Syamsul Yusof as Mahathir

Nora Danish as Sofea

Nabila Huda as Zara

Adi Putra as Rizal

Puteri Balqis as Aisha

Datuk Aznil bin Haji Nawawi as TV Host

Sabrina Ali as Faridah Teacher.


Directed by: Kamal G

Written by: Kamal G

Produced by: Lady G

Cinematography: K Dhill Raj

Editing: Praveen K L

Music: Naren Balakumar

Technical Advisor: Aadithya

Lyrics: Dr. Mohd Rizal

VFX: Prasad Studios VFX, DW VFX, Digi9 VFX teams.


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