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Malmfred of Kiev (between 1095 and 1102 – d. after 1137), was a Russian princess and a medieval Norwegian and Danish queen consort, wife first to King Sigurd I of Norway and second to king Eric II of Denmark.


Malmfred was born to Grand Prince Mstislav I of Kiev and Princess Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden, paternal granddaughter of Gytha of Wessex and maternal granddaughter of King Inge the Elder of Sweden. She was born between 1095 and 1102.[1]

Snorre Sturlasson called her Malmfred Haraldsdotter of Holmgard, which was a Norwegian version of her name. Her sister, Ingeborg of Kiev, was married to the Danish Prince Canute Lavard. Malmfred was married to Sigurd between 1116 and 1120. She had a daughter, Kristin Sigurdsdatter, mother of king Magnus V of Norway. Tradition say the marriage was unhappy. Her husband repudiated her in 1128 and remarried certain Cecilia.

In 1130 her ex-husband's illegitimate son became king and she left for Denmark, where she married Prince Erik Emune. In 1131, she arranged the marriage between her former stepson Magnus IV of Norway to her sister's daughter, Princess Christine of Denmark; they were married in 1133. Christine's husband king Magnus supported the struggle of Malmfrid, Erik and Christine's father, Canute, against King Niels of Denmark. In 1133, Erik and Malmfrid fled Denmark for Norway and the protection of Magnus. After Queen Christine, however, found out that Magnus had plans to betray them, she warned them and Erik and Malmfrid allied themselwes with the rival of king Magnus, king Harald IV Gille of Norway. King Magnus then separated from Queen Christine.

In 1134, Eric became king, and she Queen of Denmark. She had no more children. In 1137, her second husband was murdered. Malmfred is not mentioned after this date.



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Malmfred of Kiev
Born: 1105 Died: after 1137
Royal titles
Preceded by
Ingebjørg Guttormsdatter
Queen consort of Norway
Succeeded by
Christine of Denmark
Preceded by
Queen consort of Denmark
Succeeded by
Lutgard of Salzwedel