Mandingo Wars

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Mandingo Wars
Part of the Scramble for Africa
Date 1883–98
Location West Africa
Result French victory
France France 24px Wassoulou Empire
Commanders and leaders
(unknown) Samori Ture
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Mandingo Wars were a series of conflicts from 1883 to 1898 between France and the Wassoulou Empire of the Mandingo people led by Samory Touré. The French were ultimately triumphant and established dominance over the Ivory Coast.

First Mandingo War (1883–86)

Samory opposed French ambitions to build an empire in West Africa. He went to war with the French in 1883. French troops occupied Bamako on the Niger River and settled the war after a successful offensive in 1886. Samory was forced to accept the Niger as his frontier.

Second Mandingo War (1894–95)

Samory defeated the French, putting a temporary end to the protectorate over the Ivory Coast.

Third Mandingo War (1898)

This final and decisive struggle in the Mandingo Wars saw French forces victorious over Samory, who was captured and sent into exile.