Manitoba Métis Federation

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The Manitoba Métis Federation is an aboriginal organization in Manitoba, Canada. Its current president is David Chartrand. MMF is an affiliate of the Métis National Council.


In 1967, at the annual meeting of the Indian and Métis Conference, sponsored by the Winnipeg Community Welfare and Planning Council, a number of Métis attending the meeting realized that they could only make their concerns heard if they had an independent voice.

They subsequently met in private and decided to form a Federation of Métis people. Thus the Manitoba Métis Federation was founded on October 1, 1967 and incorporated as a non-profit association under the Companies Act of Manitoba in December 1967. Those present at the first meeting, who can be called the founders of MMF, were Reverend Adam Cuthand, Elizabeth Isbister, Edward "Ed" Simard, Tom Eagle and Angus Spence. Dr. Adam Cuthand was appointed as the first voluntary non-paid president.


The first non-elected Board of Directors was Reverend Adam Cuthand, Joe Keeper and Alfred Disbrowe.

The successive presidents of the MMF have been:

President From To
Dr. Adam Cuthand 1967 1970
Angus Spence 1970 1973
Connie Eyolfson 1973 1974
Ferdinand Guiboche 1974 1975
Edward Head 1975 1976
John Morrisseau 1976 1981
Don McIvor 1981 1984
Yvon Dumont 1984 1993
Ernie Blais 1993 1994
Billyjo DeLaRonde 1994 1997
David Chartrand 1997 present

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