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The Manson Medal, named in honour of Sir Patrick Manson, is the highest accolade the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene awards. It is awarded trennially to an individual whose contribution to tropical medicine or hygiene is deemed worthy by the Council[1]


Source: RSTMH

Year Recipient[2]
1923 David Bruce
1926 Ettore Marchiafava
1929 Ronald Ross, FRS
1932 Theobald Smith[3]
1935 John William Watson Stephens, FRS
1938 Leonard Rogers
1941 Emile Brumpt
1944 Rickard Christophers, FRS
1947 Charles Morley Wenyon
1950 Neil Hamilton Fairley
1953 Jerome Rodhain
1956 John Alexander Sinton, FRS
1959 Henry Edward Shortt, FRS
1962 Edmond Sergent
1965 Cyril Garnham, FRS
1968 John Smith Knox Boyd, FRS
1971 Gordon Covell
1974 Cecil Hoare
1977 James H S Gear
1980 Richard J W Rees
1983 Ralph Lainson
1986 William Trager
1989 David F Clyde
1992 Leonard Goodwin
1995 Philip Edmund Clinton Manson-Bahr
1998 David Weatherall
2001 Brian Greenwood
2004 Wallace Peters
2007 Herbert M Gilles
2010 Nicholas White
2013 David H Molyneux

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