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Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'strict' not found. Marcie Blane (born Marcia Blank, May 21, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American singer who recorded pop music. The Seville record label issued a demo performed by the high school student as a favor for a friend. The song was "Bobby's Girl", which was followed by "What Does a Girl Do".Released in the fall of 1962, "Bobby's Girl" made #2 on the Cash Box chart and #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was later recorded for the German market in their language. It sold over one million copies by 1963, and was awarded a gold disc.[1] In the United Kingdom the song was covered by Susan Maughan who had the hit.[1] "What Does A Girl Do?", the follow-up single, rose to #82 on the Hot 100 list in early 1963, and was Blane's only other appearance on any Billboard chart. Around 1965 Marcie retired from the music business and, as of the early 1990s, was a music and arts educator in New York. Marcia has two kids, four grandchildren. Soon after she left her husband, CFO Xerox, Retired controller IBM, Larry Zimmerman.


  • 1962. Bobby's Girl, / A Time To Dream. Seville Records 120.
  • 1963. What Does A Girl Do? / How Can I Tell Him. Seville Records 123.
  • 1963. Little Miss Fool / Ragtime Sound. Seville Records 126.
  • 1963. You Gave My Number To Billy / Told You So. Seville Records 128.
  • 1963. Why Can't I Get A Guy / Who's Going To Take My Daddy's Place. Seville Records 130.
  • 1964. Bobby Did / After The Laughter. Seville Records 133.
  • 1965. The Hurtin' Kind / She'll Break The String. Seville Records 137.

CD release

Bobby's Girl: The Complete Seville Recordings (2004, President Records)

  1. "Bobby's Girl" (Mono) 2:18
  2. "A Time to Dream" 2:03
  3. "What Does a Girl Do?" 2:18
  4. "How Can I Tell Him?" 2:59
  5. "Little Miss Fool" 2:23
  6. "Ragtime Sound" 2:18
  7. "You Gave My Number to Billy" 2:08
  8. "Told You So" 2:00
  9. "Why Can't I Get a Guy" 2:08
  10. "Who's Going to Take My Daddy's Place?" 2:26
  11. "Bobby Did" 2:17
  12. "After the Laughter" 2:19
  13. "The Hurtin' Kind" 2:42
  14. "She'll Break the String" 2:22
  15. "Wer Einmal 'A' Gesagt (What Does a Girl Do?)" 2:16
  16. "So Ist Das Leben (How Can I Tell Him?)" 3:01
  17. "Guessin' Games" (Previously Unreleased Demo) 2:00
  18. "Thank You" (Previously Unreleased Demo) 2:14
  19. "Suddenly It's Over" (Previously Unreleased Demo) 2:08
  20. "I'm Just a Cute Little Girl" (Previously Unreleased Demo) 1:51
  21. "A Time to Dream" (Previously Unreleased Demo)2:08
  22. "Bobby's Girl" (Previously Unreleased Demo - Stereo) 2:23


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