Maria Anna of Savoy, Duchess of Chablais

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Maria Anna of Savoy
Duchess of Chablais
File:Maria Ana Carlota Gabriela di Savoia (1757-1824).jpg
Maria Anna of Savoy, Duchess of Chablais.
Born (1757-12-17)17 December 1757
Royal Palace of Turin
Died 11 October 1824(1824-10-11) (aged 66)
Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi, Turin
Burial Basilica of Superga, Turin, Italy
Spouse Benedetto, Duke of Chablais
Full name
Maria Anna Carlota Gabriela di Savoia
House House of Savoy
Father Victor Amadeus III of Savoy
Mother Maria Antonietta of Spain

Maria Anna of Savoy (Maria Anna Carlota Gabriela; 17 December 1757 – 11 October 1824) was a Princess of Savoy by birth, and Duchess of Chablais by marriage.


Born to the Duke and Duchess of Savoy at the Royal Palace of Turin, she was the couples sixth child and fourth daughter. Her sisters included the future "grand daughters in law" of Louis XV of France, Princess Maria Giuseppina, who married the future Louis XVIII of France in 1771 and Princess Maria Teresa, wife of the future Charles X of France, married in 1773. Her sisters brother in law was Louis XVI of France. Another sister Maria Carolina married Anthony of Saxony.

Her brothers included the last three kings of Sardinia from the mainline; the future Charles Emmanuel IV, Victor Emmanuel I and Charles Felix of Sardinia. After the marriages of her older sisters to French Princes, Maria Anna was herself married to her uncle, Prince Benedetto of Savoy, Duke of Chablais, son of Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia and his last wife, the French Elisabeth Therese of Lorraine. She had good relationships with her sisters-in-law, the French Princess Clothilde, Princess of Piedmont and the Austrian Maria Theresa, Duchess of Aosta.[citation needed]

The marriage produced no children even though uncle and niece had a happy marriage. Though the couple were close, she respected him but always saw him as her uncle.[1] Noted as a good soldier[2] Chablais was given control of the Army of Italy which contained French troops and intended on restoring the monarchy in France after the execution of Louis XVI in 1793.[3] He took part in the Battle of Loano.[citation needed]

Her husband died in 1808. As a widow, she lived at the Palazzo Chiablese which she later willed to her brother Charles Felix of Savoy. In 1820 Maria Ana bought the Villa Rufinella in Frascati having bought the property from Lucien Bonaparte.

She died in Turin at the Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi in 1824 aged 66 during the reign of her childless brother Charles Felix of Sardinia. She was buried at the Basilica of Superga overlooking Turin.


Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

  • 17 December 1757 – 19 March 1775 Her Royal Highness Princess Maria Anna of Savoy
  • 19 March 1775 – 4 January 1808 Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Chablais
  • 4 January 1808 – 11 October 1824 Her Royal Highness the Dowager Duchess of Chablais

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