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Marie Therese Jane Cassidy is the state pathologist for the Republic of Ireland.[1]


Marie Cassidy was born in Rutherglen, Glasgow, United Kingdom, in 1959, the granddaughter of emigrants from Donegal.[2] She presently lives in Dublin and is married with two children.


Cassidy became a forensic pathologist in 1985, the first female full-time forensic pathologist in the United Kingdom. She held a professorship of forensic medicine at the University of Glasgow before moving to Ireland in 1998 to take up the position of Deputy State Pathologist.[3] She was appointed to the position of State Pathologist in January 2004, succeeding Prof. John Harbison to become the first female State Pathologist in Ireland.[4] She is also Professor of Forensic Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and Trinity College, Dublin.

Cassidy has also worked as a consultant for the United Nations, helping to identify the remains of victims of war-crimes in Bosnia.[5]

She has acted as a consultant to the television crime series Taggart. A character in the book The Human Body is based on her.

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