Marina Hyde

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Marina Hyde
Born Marina Elizabeth Catherine Dudley-Williams
(1974-05-13) May 13, 1974 (age 47)
Residence London
Nationality British
Alma mater Christ Church, Oxford
Employer The Guardian
Spouse(s) Kieran Clifton
Parent(s) Sir Alastair Edgcumbe James Dudley-Williams (father)
Relatives Sir Rolf Dudley-Williams (grandfather)

Marina Hyde (born 13 May 1974 as Marina Elizabeth Catherine Dudley-Williams) is an English columnist who writes on current affairs, politics, celebrity and sport for The Guardian newspaper. She is the daughter of Sir Alastair Edgcumbe James Dudley-Williams and the granddaughter of aviation pioneer and Conservative politician Sir Rolf Dudley-Williams.

Early life and career

Hyde is the daughter of Sir Alastair Edgcumbe James Dudley-Williams and Diana Elizabeth Jane Duncan.[1] She attended Downe House School.[2] She read English at Christ Church, Oxford.[3]

Hyde began her career in journalism as a temporary secretary on the showbiz desk at The Sun newspaper.[3][4] She was later sacked by Sun editor David Yelland after it emerged she had been exchanging emails with Piers Morgan, editor of rival newspaper the Daily Mirror.[5]

At The Guardian

Since 2000, Hyde has worked at The Guardian and wrote the newspaper's Diary column. She now writes three columns a week: one on sport, one on celebrity, and one which is typically about politics. Her sport column appears on Thursday, her celebrity column is entitled Lost In Showbiz and appears in the G2 supplement each Friday. She has a regular serious column in the main section of The Guardian on Saturday, as well as a column in the "Weekend" supplement, in which she parodies a celebrity diary entry. This is entitled A Peek at the Diary of..., which ends in the sign-off, "As seen by Marina Hyde".

A libel action brought by Elton John against The Guardian, in reaction to Hyde's spoof diary column "A peek at the diary of... 'Sir Elton John'", published in July 2008, was rejected. The judge, Mr Justice Tugendhat, said that in this case "irony" and "teasing" do not amount to defamation.[6]

Hyde's book about celebrity, Celebrity: How Entertainers Took Over the World and Why We Need an Exit Strategy, was published in 2009. She has appeared from time to time as a reviewer on the BBC's Newsnight Review, and was nominated as Columnist of the Year in the 2010 British Press Awards.

In November 2011 The Guardian was forced to apologise to rival newspaper The Sun for an article in which Hyde had falsely alleged the newspaper had visited the home of a member of the legal team of the Leveson Inquiry. In the front page story Hyde had accused The Sun of "blowing a giant raspberry at Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry".[7][8]

The Sun's then[9] managing editor Richard Caseby sent a toilet roll accompanied by "a squalid note" to Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger after Hyde's false story.[10] A few months later, Caseby once again objected to an article by Hyde in which, according to Roy Greenslade, she was "employing irony",[11] in a reference to Page 3 models following a comment on Twitter by Rupert Murdoch and the use by The Sun of a photograph of model Reeva Steenkamp in a bikini, on the day after her murder.[12] Caseby objected to the article,[13] and complained to The Guardian, but his was the only such response the newspaper received.[14]

Personal life

In 1999 Hyde married Kieran Clifton, head of strategy for Future Media & Technology at the BBC.[15] They had a child in 2010 and live in London.[1][16] Between September 2012 and February 2013 Hyde was on maternity leave from her work at the Guardian.[17]


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