Maritime Forces Pacific

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Maritime Forces Pacific
Active 1910–present
Country Canada
Branch Royal Canadian Navy
Size 6200 personnel
Garrison/HQ Esquimalt
RAdm Gilles Couturier
Commander of Canadian Fleet Pacific Cmdre Jeff Zwick

In the Canadian Forces, Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) is responsible for the fleet training and operational readiness of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Pacific Ocean. It was once referred to as Canadian Pacific Station.

The Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific (COMMARPAC) is also the Commander of Joint Task Force Pacific (COMMJTFP), holding the rank of Rear Admiral. Reporting to the Commander is the Commander of Canadian Fleet Pacific (COMCANFLTPAC), holding the rank of Commodore. This individual commands Canadian Fleet Pacific (CANFLTPAC), and is responsible for the operation and readiness of all warships, auxiliaries and support vessels.

MARPAC facilities

MARPACHQ is located at CFB Esquimalt in Esquimalt, British Columbia, near Victoria.

Whiskey 601 is the regularly used name for an often used naval weapons exercise area off the west coast of Canada. The area's official title was "W-601". The name was usually shortened to "Whiskey"[1] by sailors in the Royal Canadian Navy. Whiskey 601 was notorious for rough seas and bad weather. Whiskey 601 was decommissioned as an exercise area in the 1990s.

MARPAC ships


Coastal defence vessels


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