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Population replacement, sometimes also called race replacement,[1] is a political term describing a possible result of international migration by peoples from the Third World into Western countries. These may be refugees claiming asylum, migrant workers doing jobs the local population can't perform due to sub-replacement fertility[2], and illegal immigrants. This has caused a rise in mostly online anti-immigration activism.


Critics[3][4] of population replacement claim the original populations of many Western countries may be partially replaced by these migrants and their offspring. They wish to reduce the amount of non-Western immigration. Otherwise people of northern European origin may become a minority in Europe and North America.
The critics claim this would cause social problems, as the newcomers may have incompatible cultures, religions and even genetically determined personality traits. In the USA, the number of non-white children under the age of 5 exceeded the number of white children for the first time in 2014[5][6]. However, only a minority of these children were immigrants or the offspring of post-1965 immigrants.[7]

People[8] who state they oppose population replacement have often been accused of racism.[9][10][11]


Immigration opponents point out the newcomers contain a significant majority of young men, sometimes referred to as lost boys, or less innocently as fighting age migrants, a population movement which they claim has aspects of an invasion.[12] The extent of the male surplus is somewhat hidden by classifying all under-18 migrants as children.[13] Opponents worry the resulting male-heavy gender imbalance may make it harder for some local men to find wives, and alter European demographics.[14][15]

Leo Hohmann's 2017 book "Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration And Resettlement Jihad" claims that Muslims of many ethnicities are conspiring with American left-wing groups (ranging from Antifa to mainstream churches) to import refugees to the USA. The alleged goal is to create numerous "settlement areas" where Muslims will form a local majority, and from there increase their influence over the country as a whole, including through further immigration. This process is allegedly supported by both major parties.[16]

Purported fact-checking website Snopes.com has been accused of liberal bias in attempting to minimize the impact of migration.[17][18]


By 2015, population replacement had become the subject of many critical English-language blogs with diverse but generally right-wing viewpoints, such as iSteve, Vox Popoli, Chateau Heartiste, Kakistocracy, Lion of the Blogosphere, Return of Kings, Jim's Blog[19], and Outside In. These blogs assert population replacement may be a deliberate policy to import low-cost labor and new voters for the politicians who allowed the migration.

They claim that once this process has begun, it may become irreversible[20]. It may already be too late to avoid violent chaos.[21]

The Great Replacement

Since 2010 French writer Renaud Camus has been warning of the danger of a "Grand Remplacement",[22] the colonization of France and the rest of Europe mostly by Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, but also by other Third World peoples, which through their higher birth rates and cultural domination threaten to make Europe into an extension of these lands.[23][24][25]

The term has been used in anti-immigration protests and political debates, but has been denounced by mainstream politicians, and Camus has been prosecuted for condemning the claimed effects of the Replacement. In Italy the politician Enza Bruno Bossio has welcomed partial Replacement in areas with a declining local population.[26][27]

Electoral politics

President Donald Trump has not mentioned population replacement, but some of his proposed policies might slow this trend, if it exists. These include his stated aim of deporting all undocumented immigrants, building border fortifications to make it harder to illegally enter the USA, and temporarily suspending immigration from Muslim countries as a security measure.

In European politics several right-wing parties like the Front National and Golden Dawn wish to reduce immigration.

Non-political meanings

A more neutral term is replacement migration.[28] In demographics[29], population replacement may also mean the ratio between the birth and death rates, and the time it takes for a given population to be completely replaced by its own offspring.

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