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Mayor of Colombo
A. J. M. Muzammil

since 17 October 2011
Colombo Municipal Council
Style His Worship
Residence Sirinivasa
Seat Town Hall, Colombo
Constituting instrument Municipal Council Ordinance No. 17 of 1865
Formation 1866
First holder Charles Peter Layard
Deputy Titus Perera

The Mayor of Colombo is the Mayor of (and head of) the Colombo Municipal Council. The post was created in 1866 when the Colombo Municipal Council established by the Legislative Council of Ceylon. The officers of the mayor are at the Colombo Town Hall and the official residence is Sirinivasa. The mayors legal title is His Worship the Mayor of Colombo.



      United National Party       Sri Lanka Freedom Party       Independent

Name Portrait Took office Left office Refs
Layard, Charles PeterCharles Peter Layard January 1866 June 1877 [1]
Saunders, F. R.F. R. Saunders July 1877 December 1883
Wright, W. D.W. D. Wright January 1884 July 1886
Williams, G. S.G. S. Williams August 1886 August 1887
O'Brien, G. T. M.G. T. M. O'Brien September 1887 September 1887
Lee, L. F.L. F. Lee October 1887 November 1887
Cameron, H. H.H. H. Cameron November 1887 September 1893
Pennyquick, C. E. D.C. E. D. Pennyquick October 1893 April 1895
Price, F. H.F. H. Price May 1895 March 1901
Pagden, A. S.A. S. Pagden April 1901 February 1905
Short, E. M. de C.E. M. de C. Short March 1905 May 1910
McLeod, K. W. B.K. W. B. McLeod May 1910 April 1912
Cumberland, C. R.C. R. Cumberland May 1912 November 1912
Thorpe, W. E.W. E. Thorpe December 1912 January 1913
Alexnader, E. B.E. B. Alexnader February 1913 October 1913
Byrde, R. W.R. W. Byrde November 1913 September 1919
Reid, T.T. Reid October 1919 July 1924
Newnham, H. E.H. E. Newnham August 1924 July 1931
Stace, Walter TerenceWalter Terence Stace July 1931 March 1932
Murphy, William LindsayWilliam Lindsay Murphy March 1932 March 1935
Murphy, William LindsayWilliam Lindsay Murphy November 1935 May 1937
Name Portrait Party Took office Left office Refs
Saravanamuttu, RatnasothyRatnasothy Saravanamuttu May 1937 December 1937 [2][3][4]
Schockman, V. R.V. R. Schockman January 1938 December 1939 [5][6]
Goonesinghe, A. E.A. E. Goonesinghe January 1940 December 1940 [7]
Saravanamuttu, RatnasothyRatnasothy Saravanamuttu January 1941 December 1942
de Silva, George R.George R. de Silva January 1943 December 1943
de Mel, R. A.R. A. de Mel January 1944 December 1944
de Mel, R. S. F.R. S. F. de Mel January 1945 December 1945
de Mel, R. A.R. A. de Mel January 1946 December 1946
de Mel, R. S. F.R. S. F. de Mel January 1947 December 1949
Ratnam, KumaranKumaran Ratnam January 1950 December 1950
Sellamuttu, S.S. Sellamuttu January 1951 December 1951 [8][9][10]
Grero, C. T.C. T. Grero January 1952 11 August 1953 [11]
Rudra, T.T. Rudra 21 September 1953 13 August 1954 [12][13]
Perera, N. M.N. M. Perera Lanka Sama Samaja Party 13 August 1954 28 February 1956 [14][15][16]
Sugathadasa, V. A.V. A. Sugathadasa United National Party 6 March 1956 1 December 1957 [17][18][19]
Mohamed, M. H.M. H. Mohamed United National Party 12 January 1960 10 January 1963
Sugathadasa, V. A.V. A. Sugathadasa United National Party 10 January 1963 10 April 1965
Perera, VincentVincent Perera United National Party 10 April 1965 1966 [20][21]
Cader, Jabir A.Jabir A. Cader United National Party 1966 1969 [22]
Perera, VincentVincent Perera United National Party 1970 1973
Fowzie, A. H. M.A. H. M. Fowzie 100x100px United National Party 1974 1977 [23][24][25]
Cooray, B. SirisenaB. Sirisena Cooray United National Party 1979 1989 [26][27][28]
Mohamad, M. HussainM. Hussain Mohamad United National Party 1989 1991 [29][30]
Rajapakse, RatnasiriRatnasiri Rajapakse United National Party 1991 1994 [31][32][33]
Ganeshalingam, K.K. Ganeshalingam United National Party June 1996 March 1997 [34][35][36]
Jayasuriya, KaruKaru Jayasuriya Karu Jayasuriya.jpg United National Party 1997 1999 [37][38][39]
Kamil, OmarOmar Kamil United National Party 1999 2002 [40][41][42]
Gunawardena, PrasannaPrasanna Gunawardena United National Party 3 June 2002 2006 [43][44]
Imitiyas, Uvais MohamedUvais Mohamed Imitiyas Independent UNP-backed 2 June 2006 2010 [45][46][47]
Muzammil, A. J. M.A. J. M. Muzammil United National Party 17 October 2011 [48][49]


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