Medardo Fantuzzi

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Medardo Fantuzzi (Bologna, 1906 - Modena, 1986) was an Italian automotive engineer, known for his Carrozzeria Fantuzzi body workshop.[1]

He and his brother, Gino Fantuzzi were famous for their affiliation with Maserati, where they got involved in building the Maserati A6 GCS (44 built 1953-55),[2][3] Maserati 350S and Maserati 200S.[4] Later, Medardo worked for Ferrari (until 1966), known for building the Pininfarina-penned Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Spyder Fantuzzi (1961);[5] the workshop also did one-of Ferrari 250 GTE and a Ferrari 330.[6] Fantuzzi also built early "60" a OSCA Barchetta 1500cc 372FS for one of their mechanics.

Medardo's Carrozzeria Fantuzzi designed the bodywork for the one-off Ferrari that Terence Stamp drove in Federico Fellini's "Spirits of the Dead" motion picture.

He also worked for De Tomaso, Scuderia Serenissima, AMS and Techno. His son is Fiorenzo Fantuzzi of Modena.[7] The body workshop is still in existence.


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