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Medullia was a town in ancient Latium, Italy.

In Rome's early semi-legendary history, Medullia was one of a number of cities of the Latins who went to war with ancient Rome in the 7th century BC, during the reign of the Roman King Ancus Marcius.[1] The town was the focus of the main part of the war when it was besieged by the Roman army. According to Livy it had a strong garrison and was strongly fortified. The Romans were eventually victorious in the war in a pitched battle outside the town.[2]

Livy also records the town was part of the Latin League which went to war with Rome during the reign of Rome's king Lucius Tarquinius Priscus. Medullia was one of a number of towns captured by Tarquinius Priscus.[3][4]


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