Mehmed Riza Pasha

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Serasker Mehmed Riza Pasha

Mehmed Riza Pasha or Serasker Riza Pasha (Modern Turkish: Serasker Rıza Paşa; 1844–1920)[1] was a military personnel of the Ottoman Empire. He reached the rank of Serasker that was the highest military rank of the empire.[2]

Fought in the 93 Harbi or better known as the 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War[3]

Was promoted to Serasker by Sultan Abdul Hamid II. The house owned by the Pasha can still be found on the Bosphorous.[4]

Was exiled to live in France following the end of the Ottoman Dynasty, had three sons. Sureyya Pasha[5] and Ziya Bey and Sukru Bey. Ziya Bey went with his father to France, where they lived in Nice. The home in Nice still bears a plaque to show his habitation of the property.

Had a grip upon the Ottoman Empire as the Sultan by all accounts was weak, having inherited the title from his brother Abdul Aziz.

Is buried in the courtyard of the tomb for Mamut II as well as other notable gentlemen on the period

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