Men's Roller Derby Association

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Men's Roller Derby Association
Sport Roller derby
Founded 2007 (as Men's Derby Coalition)
Country  Canada
 United Kingdom
 United States
Most recent champion(s) St. Louis GateKeepers
Most titles Your Mom Men's Roller Derby (3)
Official website

The Men's Roller Derby Association (MRDA) is the international governing body of men's flat track roller derby. It was founded in 2007 under the name Men's Derby Coalition (renamed to Men's Roller Derby Association in 2011[1]), and currently has 60 men's leagues under its jurisdiction.[2] MRDA member leagues play using the rules of Flat-Track Roller Derby originally designed by the WFTDA.[3]

Member leagues

The association has 58 member leagues:[4][5]

League Metro area Admitted Notes
Arizona Men's Derby Phoenix, AZ 25 July 2012[6]
Austin Anarchy Austin, TX 9 March 2015[4]
Barrow Infernos Barrow-in-Furness, UK
Big O Roller Bros Omaha, NE 12 October 2013[7]
Bisman Bomberz Bismarck, ND
Brisbane City Rollers Brisbane, QLD
Capital City Hooligans Springfield, IL 25 February 2014[8]
Capital District Trauma Authority Albany, NY 15 February 2012[9]
Carolina Wreckingballs Columbia, SC 25 July 2012[6]
Chicago Bruise Brothers Chicago, IL 12 October 2013[7]
Cincinnati Battering Rams Cincinnati, OH 12 October 2013[7]
Collision Men's Derby Raleigh, NC 25 February 2014[8]
Connecticut Death Quads Waterbury, CT 2008[10]
Cowtown Butchers Kansas City, MO 4 August 2011[11]
Crash Test Brummies Birmingham, UK
Denver Ground Control Denver, CO 9 March 2015[4]
Drive-By City Rollers Los Angeles, CA 24 December 2012[12]
Glenmore Reservoir Dogs Calgary, AB 12 October 2013[7]
Green Bay Smackers Green Bay, WI 25 July 2012[6]
Harm City Roller Derby Baltimore, MD November 2007[13]
Hitmen of Manatee County Sarasota, FL 16 July 2013[14]
The Inhuman League Sheffield, England 12 October 2013[7]
Jersey Boys Roller Derby Springfield, NJ
Lane County Concussion Eugene, OR 15 February 2012[9]
Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder Lincoln, England
Magic City Misfits Jacksonville, FL 1 September 2010[15]
Manchester Roller Derby Manchester, England 24 December 2012[12] New Wheeled Order (travel team) and Chaos Engine
Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby Lancaster, MA 25 October 2011[16]
Milton Keynes Quads of War Milton Keynes, UK
Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg Milwaukee, WI 24 December 2012[12]
Minnesota Men's Roller Derby Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 25 October 2011[16] Twin Cities Terrors (travel team)
Montréal Men's Roller Derby Montreal, QC 24 December 2012[12] Mont Royals (travel team), La Poutine de Montréal
Mountain State Cutthroat Mafia Salt Lake City, UT 16 July 2013[14] Formerly known as Uinta Madness
New York Shock Exchange New York, NY November 2007[13]
OKC Wolfpack Oklahoma City, OK
Ottawa Slaughter Squad Ottawa, ON
Panam Squad Paris, France
Philadelphia Hooligans Philadelphia, PA 14 July 2014 Affiliate of Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Pioneer Valley Roller Derby Northampton, MA November 2007[13] Has a female team as well
Portland Men's Roller Derby Portland, OR 28 December 2011[17] Travel team known as Bridgetown Menace.[18]
Puget Sound Outcast Derby Tacoma, WA 5 July 2010[19]
Quadfathers Men's Roller Derby Utica, NY 27 June 2011[20]
Race City Rebels Indianapolis, IN 10 September 2010[21]
Red Deer Dreadnaughts Red Deer, AB 1 December 2013[22]
Rock City Riot Fargo-Moorhead, ND 27 June 2011[20]
Roller Derby Toulouse Toulouse, France 1 December 2013[22] Team known as Quad Guards
San Diego Aftershocks San Diego, CA
St. Louis GateKeepers St. Louis, MO 1 September 2010[15]
Sioux City Korn Stalkers Sioux City, IA 11 July 2011[23]
South Wales Silures Cardiff, UK
Southern Discomfort Roller Derby London, UK 24 December 2012[12]
Star City Offense Salem, OR
Sydney City SMASH Sydney, NSW 9 March 2015[4]
Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby Tampa Bay, FL 25 July 2012[6]
Texas Outlaws Denton, TX 25 February 2014[8] Formerly the Denton County Outlaws
Toronto Men's Roller Derby Toronto, ON 9 March 2015[4]
Tulsa Derby Militia Tulsa, OK 1 December 2013[22]
Tyne and Fear Roller Derby Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England 12 October 2013[7]
Vancouver Murder Vancouver, BC
Vermont Men's Roller Derby Burlington, VT 3 October 2011[24] Formerly the Burlington Bomb Quads
Your Mom Men's Derby Des Moines, IA 27 June 2011[20]


The MRDA organises annual championships.

Year Date Venue Champion Second Third
2010 17 October Hagerstown, Maryland New York Shock Exchange Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen Harm City Homicide
2011 22 October Old Bethpage, New York New York Shock Exchange Puget Sound Outcast Derby Magic City Misfits
2012 20–21 October Ballwin, Missouri Your Mom Men's Derby St. Louis GateKeepers New York Shock Exchange
2013 19–20 October Sioux City, Iowa Your Mom Men's Derby New York Shock Exchange St. Louis GateKeepers
2014 19–20 October Seattle, Washington Your Mom Men's Derby St. Louis GateKeepers New York Shock Exchange
2015 17–18 October St. Louis, MO St. Louis GateKeepers Your Mom Men's Derby Texas Men's Roller Derby

The first Championship was held on 17 October 2010, New York Shock Exchange defeating the Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen in the final.[25] The second installment, the first to be held under the MRDA name, was contested on 22 October 2011 by the six top-ranked men's leagues,[26] New York managing to defend their title with a narrow win over Puget Sound.[27]

The 2012 Championships were won by Your Mom Men's Derby, who beat St. Louis by a single point, 136-135 in the final, having trailed for almost the entire bout.[28] They won the 2013 tournament by a larger margin, beating New York 249 to 130 in the final.[29] The 2014 final was again won by Your Mom Men's Derby, this time beating St. Louis GateKeepers. The 2015 Championship once again saw Your Mom Men's Derby vs. the St. Louis GateKeepers. The GateKeepers won by a score of 188 to 121.


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