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Meninism is a semi-satirical gender equality and men's rights movement. Its followers are known as Meninists.


The term Meninism was first used in the early 2000s to describe men who opposed sexism and supported women's right for equality in society, politics and at work.[1][2][3] By the next decade, the term was then used by users of social media to make jokes which mocked and criticised radical feminism.[4][5]

Current meaning

The term has partially evolved into a movement promoting awareness of issues the movement perceives are affecting men, opposition to the perceived oppression men face in the 21st century, opposition to the way some perceive that men are victimised by modern-day feminism, and occasionally violence against men.[4][5][6][7][8] Several women identify as meninists.[5][9]


Meninists believe that men are affected by issues such as:[5][10]


Victoria Richards of The Independent described it as "an attempt by some men to mock and undermine feminism".[11] In response to Meninism, Shephali Bhatt of The Economic Times stated "Dear men, are you suffering as much as the womenfolk? Are you a minority? Are you oppressed? Wasn't this world designed by you and for your comfort? So then, you don't really have a strong case here".[12] Siddharth Venkataramakrishnan of The Oxford Student claimed meninism is an euphemism for misogyny: "[Meninism is] misogyny by another name".[13]


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