Mere Anarchy

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Mere Anarchy
File:Mere Anarchy by Woody Allen.jpg
Hardcover edition
Author Woody Allen
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Fiction
Publisher Ebury Press
Publication date
5 July 2007
Media type Print
Pages 176 pp.
ISBN 978-0091920210 hardcover edition
OCLC 85897685

Mere Anarchy is an anthology of short essays written by Woody Allen. The book was initially published on 5 July 2007 by Ebury Press.[1][2][3]


  1. To Err Is Human; To Float, Divine
  2. Tandoori Ransom
  3. Sam, You Made the Pants Too Fragrant
  4. This Nib for Hire
  5. Calisthenics, Poison Ivy, Final Cut
  6. Nanny Dearest
  7. How Deadly Your Taste Buds, My Sweet
  8. Glory Hallelujah, Sold!
  9. Caution, Falling Moguls
  10. The Rejection
  11. Sing, You Sacher Tortes
  12. On a Bad Day You Can See Forever
  13. Attention Geniuses: Cash Only
  14. Strung Out
  15. Above The Law, Below the Box Springs
  16. Thus Ate Zarathustra
  17. Surprise Rocks Disney Trial
  18. Pinchuck's Law


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